Why anaptis? The top 5 reasons.

At a glance:

Microsoft’s partner network is pretty big. You’re spoiled for choice. So why choose anaptis? Why should you work with us of all people? What advantages do we offer that other Microsoft partners in the area of Dynamics 365 Business Central don’t? We’ll tell you about them below.

1 Code ownership

We know that other Microsoft partners retain ownership of the object code, making it impossible to change partners at a later date.

We do not support this way of thinking. You should come to us and stay with us because you want to. And not because you have to and have no other choice. When you become our customer, the developed object code is yours. When you install the software, we transfer ownership to you.*

*This refers only to the code that is created individually for your request. This does not affect Dynamics 365 Business Central code and add-ons.

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Change Management im ERP-Projekt

2 Close to standard, experienced and flexible

The core idea behind our founding was (and still is) not to commit to specific industries and to develop ready-made industry solutions. Why? Industry solutions are rigid, companies usually don’t even need some functions and they can only be updated to a limited extent.

What do we do instead? We implement solutions for a wide variety of industries. In doing so, we strive to stay close to the standard solution. Experience shows that we always find a solution for individual requirements: Either we implement them through apps or individual adaptations. In this way, the ERP solution remains updateable and you remain independent of your provider.

3 Personalized support

Your future anaptis project team will usually consist of a permanent project manager and additional consultants and developers. We are proud of our low fluctuation, which means that your contact person will most likely not change. Your advantage? Your contact person knows your company and its processes very well and can provide proactive advice.

What sets us apart is our unique project methodology. We take a structured but simple approach and aim to maximize transparency and minimize your costs. What also sets us apart is that we want to avoid technical jargon and explain even complex topics in a way you can understand. We are always available to provide our customers with advice and support – for both large and small ERP challenges. At the same time, our existing customers enjoy short response times.

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4 Honesty and fairness

We are the partner who …
  • … does not lure you with cheap offers and then charge you dearly in the end,
  • … does not give a blanket nod to all requirements without discussing them with you in detail,
  • … does not promise short-term implementation and then not have the capacity.
What you can always expect from us is absolute openness, honesty and fairness. We put all the cards right from the start on the table.

5 Consistency and innovation

Even if our young company as well as the casual interaction in the team could suggest a startup culture, we have already existed on the market for more than 15 years and have been able to gain experience in many customer projects.

We want to grow moderately, but we clearly prefer quality over quantity. We are not interested in becoming the largest Microsoft partner company as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, we want to improve and develop every day. We work with the most modern technologies and have even detached a team from the project business, which deals exclusively with innovative solutions.

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Satisfaction is silver, enthusiasm is gold:

Our testimonials speak for themselves.


Cloud-ready in agricultural consulting

Erzeugerring Westfalen e. G. has already worked with us to implement Navision 4.0, upgrade to Dynamics NAV and upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Vermietung

3D site plan of Frankfurt Airport

At Media Frankfurt GmbH we introduced Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 as well as implemented a complex individual programming of Frankfurt Airport.

Meistersinger anaptis Erfolgsgeschichte

Better service through Business Central

Meistersinger upgraded from Dynamics NAV 2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central, thereby helping to significantly improve business management, product development and sales in particular.

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