Our Microsoft Dynamics bonus program.

NAVMiles™ by anaptis:
anaptis Bonusprogramm NAVMiles

What are NAVMiles™ and what are they good for?

As a customer of anaptis GmbH, you do not only benefit from our many years of experience in the ERP business, you also get the exclusive opportunity to get more out of your maintenance contract. We reward our loyal customers by giving them NAVMiles™ for every license or maintenance transaction. In this way we give you the opportunity to receive additional services for free and to make your company even better.

Use your

advantages with NAVMiles™.

Optimize your processes.

Use your NAVMiles™ to realize ideas and improvements. Optimize your processes with our NAVCheckUp™. Let yourself be inspired. Then everyone can work even better.

Take advantage of all new possibilities.

Use your NAVMiles™ to work mobile and independent. New tools and add-ons will inspire you. Benefit for example from our new service anaptis AI (artificial intelligence for companies).

Always the newest car but old software?

With your NAVMiles™, you’re not just out of the ordinary outside of your business. Use the latest technology to get even better. With our fixed price upgrade NAVFixUp™ you get the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics.


and how does it work.

  1. Switch to the Microsoft Gold Partner anaptis.
  2. Have your Dynamics license managed by anaptis.
  3. You have an active Microsoft enhancement plan.
  4. Take part in the bonus program for free.
  5. Earn points and get the score monthly with your bill.
  6. Redeem your points for services or licenses.
anaptis Bonusprogramm NAVMiles



1.000 € maintenance revenue
= 1.000 NAVMiles™

1.000 € licensing revenue
= 1.000 NAVMiles™

anaptis Bonusprogramm NAVMiles



2.000 NAVMiles™
= 1/2 hour of service

2.000 NAVMiles™
= 50 Euro license

anaptis Bonusprogramm NAVMiles


Be happy

Benefit from your NAVMiles™.

Put your ideas into action.

NAVMiles™ is an offer of anaptis GmbH in Münster and Würzburg and applies exclusively to customers who have their active Microsoft Maintenance Agreement (Enhancement Plan) managed by anaptis GmbH and who commission anaptis GmbH as a license-carrying Microsoft Partner. The offer is non-binding. Changes are possible at any time. Terms and Conditions

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General terms and conditions of NAVMiles™

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