experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in different industries.


In which sectors can we show experience?

Over the past few years we have been able to carry out successful projects in a wide variety of industries. These include projects in agriculture, construction materials, production, rental and trade. In doing so, we were able to gain experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) in very different specialist fields and to develop and integrate industry-specific modules with which we have made the most of the respective companies.

For example, retailers need tools such as tour planning and mobile data acquisition, agricultural customers connect to a webshop and tracking, producers a mobile app, and rental customers a 3D site plan, availability calculation, and rental forecast. Be inspired by our customers.

Experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

in various industries and areas.

ERP-Software in der Landwirtschaft


Our customers from the agricultural industry have many special features. Extras that we have integrated are, for example, temperature measurement or moisture identification to determine the need for irrigation. An improvement in animal welfare through smart climate control systems can also be implemented. Digitalisation measures save our customers valuable time, which they can use elsewhere.

ERP-Software in der Baustoffindustrie

Construction materials

For our customers in the construction materials industry, improved capacity and resource planning, which is also improved by graphic planning boards, is certainly a priority. Finally, core resources such as materials, personnel, logistics and deadlines are dovetailed so that data from warehousing, logistics and sales can converge. We frequently integrate add-ons such as route planning or a document management system.

ERP-Software in der Produktion


Digitalization does not stop at production either. People, machines and processes are networked by modern information and communication technology. This enables our customers to work more efficiently and productively. In addition, the use of real-time data improves cooperation between suppliers and customers. Finally, predictive maintenance can be used to monitor machines and predict anomalies.

ERP-Software in der Vermietung


In the area of rental, the main focus is on an overview of the properties. We map your rental objects as interactively as possible and create possibilities for integrated availability calculations and rental forecasts. Other exciting tools in this area are contribution margin accounting, individual reports and various forecasts.

ERP-Software im Handel


The dealers of our customer base strive for counteracting the increasing competitive pressure with an efficient software solution. At the core are real-time insights into data that allow an analysis of purchasing behavior and an individual customer approach (real-time reactions). In addition, the overview of product stocks is an advantage, so that production bottlenecks are a thing of the past.






years of experience

Experiences with Dynamics NAV:

Testimonials from our customers.


cool it

Hans Christoph Schröder

“We are very happy. The new ERP software now provides us with a suitable basis for precise planning, control and optimization of our production.”

Cool it - Logo

DAF Trucks

Thorsten Söth

“Anaptis has been successfully supporting us for years in the development of our homologation software and in the optimization of our processes.”

DAF Trucks - Logo

Fliesen Hüning

Michael Angenendt

“All departments, such as CRM and logistics, are interconnected and we are one step ahead of the competition!”

Fliesen Hüning - Logo

GFS Topgenetik

Meike Friedrichs

“Anaptis has helped us to be more efficient. We now manage our data company-wide, as well as inter-divisional, in one system.”

GFS - Logo

Gustav Ehlert

Sven Reckermann

“With the implementation of the mobile solution of Anveo, we save valuable time and have more satisfied customers.”

Gustav Ehlert - Logo

HIP Homann

Egbert Thies

“We can always rely on anaptis, as a competent partner. We have definitely more than improved our it status.”

HIP Homann - Logo

Koberg + Tente

Frank Tente

“With anaptis we have a very reliable local partner. We benefit from a very competent and personal support.”

Koberg + Tente - Logo


Marcus Schmitz

“We now benefit from a transparent system that provides us with more precise values and allows us to manage our inventory optimally.”

Lunux GmbH

Media Frankfurt

Benedikt Boldt

“If a customer rents our advertising space, thanks to anaptis, we can now book this directly in the airport’s 3D location map.”

Media Frankfurt - Logo
Construction materials


Lars Lindemann

“Without Dynamics NAV and anaptis we would not have been able to meet the increased demands of our customers.”

Mönninghoff - Logo

Soft & Cloud

Michel Helms

“We use the Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard. In addition, anaptis has developed customized reports for us.”

Soft & Cloud - Logo

Top Animal Service

Josef Brüninghoff

“Our warehouse logistics are now much more efficient. We retrieve real-time-data at any time in the warehouse.”
GFS Top Animal Shop - Logo


Topigs Norsvin

André Bock

“Our field staff now rely on real-time data! In addition, the tour planning and order processing is optimized.”

Topigs Norsvin - Logo

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