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challenge and solution.

Mönninghoff GmbH & Co. KG produces precast concrete parts for cable duct construction and water supply. The company is one of Europe’s leading providers of reinforced concrete cable ducts and manhole covers. In order to be able to react quickly to market demands and to drive forward product innovations, Mönninghoff GmbH & Co. KG decided on an integrated solution with anaptis as a partner by their side.


“We were using an outdated industry solution in combination with further software extensions. By using isolated solutions, we were unable to work efficiently. After all, it was difficult to get an overview of the article structure and the contribution margin calculation was unreliable. In addition, tools for production planning and a consistent storage management were missing.

Furthermore, our processes were not sufficiently or inter-divisional represented. Even if we expected resistance and lack of acceptance of the employees, it was time for us to use an integrated ERP solution. We had already considered some industry solutions. However, these could not be adapted to the extent we needed it.”


“Ultimately, we chose to partner with anaptis for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. The system is open and independently customizable, which was an important factor for us. In addition, the development plan is transparent by Microsoft, so you always know as a user, which renewals are pending.

As indicated earlier, we feared that our employees would not accept the new system. We counteracted this by initially introducing and checking the ERP solution only for individual key users of the specialist departments. This allowed us to ensure that all processes were reproduced in real-time. Ultimately, the benefits of the new software have convinced all employees. The scalability of Dynamics NAV always gives us the advantage of rethinking and adapting processes. All in all, with the use of Dynamics NAV, we have caught up with our innovation backlog and taken a new path. Dynamics NAV supports our daily work along our core and support processes.

Above all, the production planning and control including the production data collection has been extensively optimized. In addition, we now benefit in everyday life from a consistent inventory management and better cost calculation. In addition, a formal description language was developed for the maintenance of the master data in order to establish a standard for the description of articles, for example.”

Project details

Mönninghoff GmbH & Co. KG

Produktion von Betonfertigteilen



Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (davor: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009)


– Integration of artificial intelligence in the offer process
– Optimization of delivery date commitments
– Optimization of employee planning in production
– Predictive maintenance of the machinery
– Optimization of production processes

Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2017

– Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2009
– Support (continuous since 2010)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production
Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production


improvements in focus.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production - 01

Away from the innovation backlog

With the use of Dynamics NAV the innovation backlog could be caught up and an innovative way could be taken. The processes have been extensively optimized so that forward-looking topics such as artificial intelligence can now be tackled.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production - 02

Merging of all processes

With Dynamics NAV 2017 we are finally able to network our departments and work cross-divisionally.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production - 03

Production planning and control

By integrating production planning and control, processes could be optimized. We can control production centrally and detect bottlenecks at an early stage, for example.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production - 04

Connection of the production data acquisition

It is now possible to capture all data in one system so that we can perform our calculations correctly. Besides, we only work with real-time data from now on.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in production - 05

Continuous warehouse management

Knowing at any time what is to be found in which location in the warehouse and which stocks are exactly available simplifies daily work enormously. Other departments also benefit from being able to directly view stock levels in the system.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV in produktion.