ERP software for the trading sector.

Dynamics NAV im Handel

How do I cope with digitization in trade?

With the right ERP software in retail, you can optimize the entire value chain. Today’s customers demand a seamless shopping experience with digital services that make shopping even more convenient and transparent. In order to keep up with the competition, small and medium-sized companies also have to deal with the digitization of their processes. Improve customer relationships, business productivity and digital offerings.

ERP software in trade:

the most popular functions and add-ons.

  • digital asset management
  • document management
  • electronic data exchange
  • mobile App/Web Portal
  • mobile data acquisition
  • route planning
  • shipment tracking
  • web shop
  • payment transactions

Our trade customers.

At a glance:

Hans Christoph Schröder

“With Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can better plan, control and even optimize our production processes.”

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Michael Angenendt

“All departments, such as CRM and logistics, are interconnected and we are one step ahead of the competition!”

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Sven Reckmann

“With the implementation of the mobile solution of Anveo, we save valuable time and have more satisfied customers.”

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Egbert Thies

“We can always rely on anaptis, as a competent partner. We have definitely more than improved our it status.”

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Frank Tente

“With anaptis we have a very reliable local partner. We benefit from a very competent and personal support.”

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Marcus Schmitz

“We now benefit from a transparent system that provides us with more precise values and allows us to manage our inventory optimally.”

Lunux GmbH

create innovative experiences.

The current situation in the trading sector is tricky. There is a great desire to buy, although the competitive pressure is increasing. How do I deal with this development as a trader? Through digitization in the trading sector, meaning both wholesale and retail, it is possible to increase the profitability and efficiency of your business and to reach new customer groups and automate processes.

A digitized shipping system accelerates your logistics. A digital cash register system helps to analyze the buying behavior of your customers. By systematically collecting customer data, you can address and advise buyers more personally. Digitization in the trading sector also includes big data analytics that give you an all-encompassing view of your business in real time. Through real-time inventory analysis, for example, you can monitor the inventory of all products at all times, so there are no bottlenecks. You see, the possibilities of digitization through the use of ERP software in retail are versatile.

The advantages at a glance:

  • mobile use on all end devices
  • user-friendly interface (incl. Office integration)
  • flexibility and scalability (system grows with you)
  • expandable to third-party applications

to not use your potentials.

The majority of entrepreneurs are already aware of the importance of digitization in retail, but they lack the digital know-how to implement it. Where do I start? Which processes can be digitized and what advantage does that give me? Read our success stories on how we support and advise companies in the retail and wholesale sector on the implementation of ERP software in retailing.

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