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challenge and solution.

Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist wholesale trade for food products. For almost a century, the company has been supplying the medium-sized companies and the manufacturing industry with individual offers. Here, the field service plays a decisive role. In order to better support the sales staff, Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG decided to make their ERP mobile – with anaptis and the intelligent software extension from Anveo.


„With our old solution, the field staff was still heavily dependent on printed documents and old offline data during customer visits. This said nothing about the actual delivery capacity and the actual daily price of our products. The orders could only be recorded if the data connection was available and then had to be transferred or even recorded in retrospect. Since we usually supply our customers the next day, this was a real problem.

We need to have all the relevant data in real time to serve our customers best. In addition, we also need the order data live to make our internal processes, especially in logistics, efficient. For the double processing effort and the associated delays, we simply lacked the time. That’s why we wanted to move away from our old notebook-based off-line databases, to a solution that gives us real-time data – online and offline.“


„Anveo convinced us with the offline capability of the app. This solution makes us independent of the mobile operator’s infrastructure. We can work offline just as online.“

Project details

Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG (seit 1924)

Specialist wholesale for food products



Warehouse stock
15.000 warehousing products

Product range
Professional and disposable clothing,
cleaning and disinfecting agents,
spices and additives,
own production of spice mixes

Anveo Dynamics NAV App

Implementation of the mobile Anveo app in Dynamics NAV 2013 | EDI-ZUGfERD Integration


how the mobile app by Anveo makes the retailer better.


improvements in focus.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 01

Mobile access to all data

The Anveo solution can be integrated deep into the ERP system. The mobile app eliminates manual job postprocessing. The user can work both on and offline and the interface is very easy to use.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 02

Reliable statements, easy handling

Thanks to real-time access, on-the-spot sales support can directly and reliably make statements about availability and prices. Orders are directly in the system so that short-term delivery times are also easily met.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 03

Increase in order values

The sales history can be called up at any time, so it is directly visible whether a customer needs additional items or not. This has a positive effect on the order values ​​and at the same time lowers the cost of the order intake.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 04

Better adaptability

The software-based processes of Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG run more reliably than ever before. Support from the IT department rarely necessary. In addition, Anveo offers the possibility to easily customize and optimize the system itself.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 05

Better processing

The Anveo solution eliminates the need for manual processing of order data or the post-recording of handwritten notes. This saves a lot of time and money.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 06

Better customer satisfaction

The fast data acquisition and transmission with the Anveo Mobile App increases the delivery accuracy and at the same time reduces the return rate. Customers receive the right goods at the right time.

Dynamics NAV in the specialist wholesale trade - 07

Better development potential

The project forms the basis for the further digitalization of Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co KG. For only those who are technically advanced can meet today’s demands of customers in all respects.


Dynamics NAV for the specialist wholesale trade.