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challenge and solution.

Koberg + Tente started 70 years ago as a classic optics trade. Today, the Münster-based eyewear manufacturer sells its products all over Europe. The complex logistics must be managed optimally. In order to keep the current stock and the dispatch of the products in view at all times and thus enable an ideal customer support, a change of the system over time became unavoidable. In cooperation with anaptis, Koberg + Tente has optimized its business processes.


„We needed a specific version of the Dynamics NAV system because of specific features – such as the management of spectacles by color, model, collection and size. This is very good at coping with business processes and helps to optimize processes.

Even before working with anaptis, we have worked with Navision. We were satisfied with the system from the outset, but the support of the large software provider did not match our expectations. The company anaptis seemed to fit in well from the first impression, which has confirmed itself in hindsight, especially humanly.“


„Comprehensive support is essential, especially in the IT sector, as a layman is quickly thrown out, and the IT structure is the basis of logistics and administration. After switching to anaptis, we were able to benefit from a good service with which we feel well looked after.“

Project details

Koberg + Tente GmbH & Co. KG (seit 1946)

Eyewear manufacturer

Münster (in Westf.)

Support by anaptis since 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Upgrade project from Dynamics NAV 2009 to Dynamics NAV 2015,
Consulting & Support IT-Landscape


improvements in focus.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale - 01

Quick problem solving

Koberg + Tente now has an IT partner on site. The personal support and short paths enable a fast and uncomplicated problem solution – during the upgrade phase and even afterwards.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale - 02

Reliable partner

A system update in the current business always entails risks and above all uncertainties. With professional competence and high commitment, anaptis ensures a smooth transition.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale - 03

Industry-specific adaptations

Dynamics NAV makes it possible to customize the software on a branch-specific basis. This way, all business processes can be depicted and efficient workflows can be ensured.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale - 04

Better customer support

Koberg + Tente sends several packages to all of Europe every day. In order to avoid mistakes and to serve the customers ideally, a simple, reliable system is required. Dynamics NAV reduces error sources to a minimum. Koberg + Tente benefit from this just as much as their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale - 05

Better logistics

With Dynamics NAV Koberg + Tente keeps an eye on current stocks and the shipping status of the products at any time. This keeps the processes simple and the work-flows efficient.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale - 06

Better up to date

We attach great importance to getting to know our customers and their needs. Thanks to this proximity, we are always able to keep them up to date with new possibilities and useful system updates.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wholesale.