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Are you looking for meaningful extensions and additional functions for your ERP solution? We consult, accompany and support you with the integration of your new Add-ons into Dynamics NAV.



With anaptis Configuration you can easily and flexibly expand Dynamics NAV assembly parts lists by variants and characteristics and to be able to configure them individually without having to create your own parts list in the system for all variations. They only deposit the different forms that are part of the individual variants.

Your advantages
  • assembly bills of materials are simply extended by characteristics of your choice
  • fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - anaptis


Cost Accounting

The add-on CKL cost and performance accounting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an intuitive cost control tool for in-house performance accounting that provides you with quick and clear information about your company’s revenues and costs. The add-on is “Certified for Dynamics” (CfMD).

Your advantages
  • breakdown of costs into fixed and variable components for a better overview
  • freely definable cost element plan
  • evaluability of your calculations in up to eight cross-module dimensions
  • integrated activity allocation and performance determination
  • automatic transfer of data from financial accounting and other systems via individual interfaces
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - CKL


Cost Accounting

As a holistic solution the add-on for Dynamics NAV NACO6 provides you a better overview and complete transparency in your cost and performance accounting. Quickly and easily determine the profitability of individual business units and find out which products and services are cost-effective.

Your advantages
  • fast capture, processing and evaluation of your company data
  • early identification of changes and deviations by accessing current numbers
  • simple calculation of contribution margins and profitable calculation of product prices
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - haveldata


Dynamo Payment Transactions

Akquinet offers with electronic payments an add-on for Dynamics NAV with which the users receive all necessary functions in the areas of bank transfer, direct debit as well as automated processing of account statements. SEPA-compliant implementation ensures smooth cooperation with all SEPA participating countries.

Your advantages
  • administration and history of mandates
  • reading & processing of electronic bank statements
  • integration of SEPA DK 3.0
  • creation of direct debit proposals including creation of the corresponding files
  • remittances to debtors
  • create payment advice notes
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - akquinet


EDI Connect

Optimized for companies using Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central for their operations, the add-on for Dynamics NAV Anveo EDI Connect automates almost all processes between you and your business partners using EDI. Anveo EDI Connect is an easy to understand, very powerful tool for Dynamics users and partners, making EDI implementation quick and easy.

Your advantages

electronic exchance …

  • with customers for the transmission of orders, invoices, credits, shipping notifications
  • with customers for the exchange of article data, availability and prices
  • with suppliers for order processing, confirmations, availability or delivery notes
  • with suppliers to plan the incoming goods and to simplify the processes in the warehouse
  • between locations and clients: For example, financial data and article information
  • with partners for better business relationships thanks to automated processes
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Anveo


Graphical planning board

The add-on for Dynamics NAV by Netronic helps you to take advantage of the opportunity to optimize the utilization of your resources and the planning of your production orders. To do this, simply expand the graphical planning board of the production module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV by individual functional areas.

Your advantages

visualization and planning of …

  • production orders, order lines, processes and resources with the Visual Production Scheduler
  • projects, project tasks, project planning lines and resources with the Visual Jobs Scheduler
  • service orders, service item lines, associations, and resources with the Visual Service Scheduler
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Netronic



The smart mail extension anaptis MailPlus allows you to make unique settings for recurring mails. For example, you can specify the addresses for a customer such as Bcc and Cc, the content of the mail and other attachments. Using our solution, you make all the settings centrally, rather than when composing an e-mail.

Your advantages
  • mail templates only need to be created once
  • error reduction, by fixed settings
  • simplified and automated processes
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - anaptis



You want to optimally manage your orders? The add-on for Dynamics NAV orderbase MegaBoard supports capacity and resource planning as a graphical planning board and provides you with an efficient heuristic as an APS system to optimize the sequence planning, e.g. for set-up time reduction.

Your advantages
  • transparent representation of complex relationships
  • better capacity planning thanks to an integrated operating calendar
  • integration of SEPA DK 3.0
  • availability display of materials and machines for specific times
  • intuitive operation of the graphical planning board
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Orderbase


Mobile App

Your employees should be able to work effectively on the go? With the add-on Mobile App from Anveo for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your technicians and sales representatives always have all the relevant data and functions from Dynamics NAV with them – on their tablet or smartphone.

Your advantages
  • working on the go is easily possible – even offline
  • immediate access to current stock data, offers and customer prices
  • easily find matching articles using a barcode scanner
  • easily record working hours and travel expenses
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Anveo


Mobile Logistics

Use all mobile devices to map the processes as they are created in Dynamics. The MDA solution anaptis Mobile Logistics uses the Dynamics NAV standard web client to enable real-time data collection on mobile devices.

Your advantages
  • better data security through real-time capture of all logistics information
  • time savings through simultaneous work of several employees on the NAV process
  • reduce errors by directly scanning items and storage locations on-site
  • paperless work throughout the warehouse
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - anaptis



The OPplus add-on for Dynamics NAV ensures the smart handling of open items with its basic module. Payments are organized optimally, which creates transparency in balanced items and allocated payments.

Your advantages
  • more transparency on balanced items and assigned payments
  • automatic compensation
  • automatic initial account assignment
  • import of customer advice note
  • easy manual assignment of remaining payments
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - gbedv



The add-on for Dynamics NAV of the company Tempras comprises the functional areas time registration, resource planning, production data acquisition as well as access control. It is designed for both national and international use.

Your advantages
  • simple further processing in cross-system modules
  • illustration of all wage-relevant calculation methods based on the respective collective agreements or company agreements
  • the add-on is compatible with the latest NAV version no later than 3 months after the release date
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Tempras



The time management add-on for Dynamics NAV enables the easy recording of personnel time and operating data, so that all information, which you need for evaluations and calculations, is promptly confirmed.

Your advantages
  • transmission to standard wage programs
  • immediate feedback to the running costing
  • timely feedback of status information
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Orderbase


Travel Expenses

Fully integrated into your Dynamics NAV solution, Comsol’s travel expense add-on provides simple and transparent travel expense tracking and evaluation. Relieve your financial accounting and save time and money.

Your advantages
  • easy recording of travel costs by employees
  • automatic calculation of statutory meal allowances & deductions
  • CfMD certified solution
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Comsol



Thanks to the tree structure, the add-on for Dynamics NAV TreeControl also enables you to quickly understand complex production orders, including the required components and production steps of your products.

Your advantages
  • simple overview of complex production orders
  • clear tree structure
  • fully integrated with Dynamics NAV
  • simplified representation of required components and dependencies of component groups
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Orderbase



The add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV by orderbase is a variant configurator which helps your staff reduce the number of BOMs and schedules. It is a fully Dynamics NAV-integrated and Microsoft certified add-on.

Your advantages
  • automatic plausibility check of combinations of articles and variants
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Orderbase


Wages & Salaries

The add-on Wages & Salary makes it easy to perform salary payments and provides easy access to data and payslips. It is also possible to fully integrate the recording of hours and business trips into your payroll accounting.

Your advantages
  • automation of financial accounting
  • setup and maintenance of master data in one system only
  • well-known user interface, logic and keyboard shortcuts from Dynamics NAV
  • integration with other Dynamics NAV modules
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Lessor


Web Portal

Using the add-on Anveo Web Portal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you, your employees, customers and suppliers can easily access your Microsoft Dynamics NAV over the Web – but of course only as much as you wish.

Your advantages
  • streamline your processes by directly involving customers, suppliers and employ-ees
  • assign freely definable access restrictions for your NAV system
  • individually adaptable, exactly matched to your structures
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Anveo



The add-on WebTerminal for Dynamics NAV is a cloud solution that allows you to easily capture time and order-related feedback offline.

Your advantages
  • direct communication with NAV database
  • ability to capture data in offline mode
Add-Ons for Dynamics NAV - Orderbase


individual add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.