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Transparent inventory for a better product availability and sales planning.

Software introduction at Fliesen Hüning

As a wholesaler and retailer, Fliesen Hüning has been a reliable partner for many private and business customers for more than 50 years. The requirements for the ERP software had risen steadily over the years, so that the previous solution had reached its limits. New paths had to be created with Dynamics NAV and anaptis.

“The investment was necessary and we expect synergy potential in the medium and long term. NAV is an excellent tool with which CRM, controlling, logistics and purchasing can be handled very well. We hope that we will be able to react faster to changes in the market in the future, and always be a step ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency and innovation.”

Michael Angenendt

Project manager IT, Fliesen Hüning OHG

The improvements for Fliesen Hüning in focus


Clear stock levels, easy management

A logistics system with different storage zones and locations provides information on where and in which quantity an article is in stock. This was not self-evident before.


Optimization of the work processes

As part of the system migration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, new internal structures were set up and numerous work processes were optimized.

Clear role distribution

The new role adjustments by task area make it easier for employees to work in ERP. This means that each user only has access to the relevant content: information can be retrieved with just a few clicks, creation of orders is uncomplicated.

Detailed insight

The project from the perspective of Fliesen Hüning

The challenge

„The main problem was our old software, which we had been working with since 1999. Although it was easy to use, which was also the main criterion when it was introduced, it offered too few opportunities to manage the daily business satisfactorily. There were particularly strong shortcomings in the areas of logistics, controlling and purchasing. It became increasingly difficult to manage inventories and the integration of batch management was unthinkable. There had to be a fast and uncomplicated solution. First attempts by our old software supplier to implement the desired features using Typo 3 were not successful. A change of the commodity economy was therefore unavoidable.“

The solution

„With anaptis, we have found the ideal partner for the introduction of software. The main reason for the collaboration was the professional approach and expert advice. Dynamics NAV had already convinced us with the many possibilities of the standard version. Anaptis then found out step-by-step with which adjustments the efficiency could be increased. The team never lost sight of the practical aspect: the software should be easy to use. The project manager was extremely professional, competent and committed – this has been confirmed during and after the project. We are more than satisfied with the result.“

Project details

Fliesen Hüning OHG

Tiles wholesale and retail 

Bocholt, Mülheim and Düsseldorf with more than 4000 articles

Support by anaptis since January 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Standard

Implementation NAV 2013, IT consulting

Conclusion: Good reasons for better software from anaptis


Better care

For anaptis, an intensive consultation phase and personal care are elementary. This is the only way to clearly define and implement the internal processes and desired functions satisfactorily.


Better solutions already in the standard version

In contrast to all the ERP solutions, which could not meet the needs of Fliesen Hüning even with extensions, Dynamics NAV already offers all the necessary features in the standard version.


Better functions for special requirements

An integrated batch management is a challenge for many softwares. With the help of Dynamics NAV, Fliesen Hüning has all the stock in view and always knows how much of which batch is available.


Better synergy potential

With Dynamics NAV, Fliesen Hüning is able to cope with CRM, controlling, logistics and purchasing significantly better than before. As a result, the efficiency of the company and the ability to react to current market conditions have increased enormously.

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