IT consulting for SMEs.


Before investing in ERP software, we recommend that you first seek advice on the hardware. After all, choosing ERP software is a decision with long-term consequences. Because besides your competitiveness, not only your process efficiency and scalability are affected. It also affects your ability to keep pace with digitization. We will be happy to help you identify your digitization strategy. Below the line our IT consulting for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) help you to reduce costs and avoid errors.

IT-Consulting für KMU durch Experten
What is behind

our IT consulting?

What is behind our service “IT consulting for SMEs”? Our team of specialists consists of trained system administrators and application developers. This enables us to advise both on our core business of software and hardware.

After all, your IT only works with a suitable combination of software and hardware. Benefit from our know-how. After all, we have already discovered numerous errors and helped companies to save costs.

IT-Consulting für moderne Hardware

modern hardware.

We deal with the heart of your IT – the combination of hardware and software. Without IT consulting, you quickly lose the overview in the area of hardware. Frequently asked questions are: Which memory and processor performance do I need? Which PCs and servers are suitable for my company?

Secondly, the software package is crucial. Because we distinguish between the on-premise solution (local), the cloud solution or a hybrid solution (combination). Make yourself future-proof now and consider all alternatives.

IT-Consulting für Prozesse
IT consulting comes before

optimized processes.

Once the hardware has been selected and/or optimized, it makes sense to regularly focus on the business processes. After all, these should be optimal before you introduce new software or replace an existing one.

On the other hand, this is an activity that you should carry out regularly, as errors creep into processes over and over and again. We strive to eliminate inefficiencies together with you. As a result, the introduction or renewal of your ERP solution should then run smoothly.

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