Provider for process optimization in medium-sized companies.

Effektiver durch Prozessoptimierung für den Mittelstand

Effectiveness undoubtedly pays off.

Over and over again, weak points in your processes are becoming noticeable? Your solution does no longer corresponds to your real processes? This means that you have lost sight of the essentials: Your visions. But don’t worry! Because together we bring a structure back to your processes. In addition, we identify cost reduction potentials. Gain a competitive edge and benefit from our objectivity.

Our Experiences are

your advantages through process optimization.

Your company has significant potential for improvement, which we would like to bring to light with you. Using proven process analyzes, we put your processes to the test and identify the weak points. We make opportunities visible and support you in the realization.

objective experts

wealth of experience

transparent documentation

cheaper processes

How we proceed and

how your work become more effective.


1. Review of processes and methods

We visit your company and take a close look at your processes. What are disruptive factors that hinder and delay your actions? Our employees ensure an objective and unbiased perspective and already have cross-industry experience in this area.

Ermittlung der Effektivität

2. Determination of the increase in effectiveness

This step serves to identify opportunities for improvement based on the previous company visit. Our employees develop proposals to optimize your situation in the long term.

Vorschläge zu Verbesserungen

3. Suggestions for improvement

In the next step, our employees give ideas for eliminating the interfering factors that occurred during the review. An action plan is developed and the procedure explained step by step. You get an analysis and a strategy at hand.


4. Realization of the proposals

Do you agree with our suggestions? What are we waiting for? In the last step, the agreed proposals are put into action.
(not included in the price)

Our know-how is

your chance.


Pay the fixed price

From of a price of € 1.990* we optimize your company sustainably. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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*The price is an example and refers to the execution of an analysis at the client’s premises with subsequent elaboration by us with a maximum execution time of 14 person hours. Costs for arrivals and departures, overnight stays and expenses will be invoiced separately according to the current conditions list. Should the circumstances and existing processes make further analyses and elaborations necessary so that we can work out suggestions for improvement, further costs may arise. We therefore strongly recommend that you have a free initial discussion with us in advance in order to determine the exact scope of the analysis.

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