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with anaptis.

Now that hardware and software are chosen, you need to optimize your processes so that they can be reflected in the software. On the one hand, business process optimization is a milestone in the introduction of the software, but on the other hand, you should regularly perform a business process optimization as disruptive factors and weaknesses keep creeping in. SMEs often lack the detailed knowledge and the necessary time to optimize their own processes.


fore digitization.

These days your business processes need to be efficient and flexible to ensure competitiveness and to be open to new technologies. With the help of business process optimization, workflows become more integrated and data can be evaluated better – through more flexibility, efficiency and agility. Intelligent networking between people, machines and processes does not just happen through the digitization of processes using IT solutions. Digital solutions alone do not make companies agile, innovative and efficient. First and foremost, processes must be questioned and inefficiencies eliminated – business process optimization comes before digitization.


by specialists.

Business process optimization requires know-how from experienced specialists. Our employees have successfully mastered a wide range of ERP projects in 20+ years and helped many companies to become more effective. We help you, as objective experts, to realize cost reduction potentials and optimization possibilities in the context of business process optimization. As a result, you are once again able to concentrate on the essential: your vision. Your ability to innovate is guaranteed by the opening of resources.


in four steps.

No matter if you optimize your processes before the introduction of your software or recurrently: We visit you in your company and take a close look at your processes. Then we determine the increase in effectiveness.

In a joint meeting, you will receive our detailed analysis and a detailed action plan. If you agree, we will do the optimization together.