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anaptis AI services.

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By using your internal, but also relevant external data, we can create forecasts. These can be, for example, sales forecasts or those for employee requirements.

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The forecasts are used to make individualized offers, product and price suggestions. Finally, AI can recognize patterns and thus predict customer behavior.

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Anaptis AI supports decision-makers and relieves employees of routine tasks. This allows them to concentrate more on strategically important topics and value-adding tasks.

Artificial intelligence for SMEs.


In our private life, artificial intelligence is already omnipresent. After all, you unlock your smartphone through automatic face recognition, you receive suggestions for other products when shopping online or use a voice assistant to set a timer, play music or turn on and off the lights. All this has become normal. In contrast to this the use within the company is not yet fully matured.

Companies produce a large amount of data every day – valuable data. In many cases they remain unused. This is despite the fact that one can create information out of data and derive knowledge out of information. This is where anaptis AI sets in. Stay one step ahead of the competition by benefiting from artificial intelligence and machine learning (sub-field). We develop individual solutions with the aim of improving your business processes for you.

Artificial intelligence for SMEs -

We answer your questions.

What is artificial intelligence?

What is the significance of the large amount of data that is generated every day in your company? So far you may not have seen any potential here, but that is changing today.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the term used to describe technologies that provide human-like intelligence services such as learning and problem solving. A subfield of artificial intelligence and thus machine learning teaches the computer to learn from historical experience and to solve problems independently. (Business AI)

What is anaptis AI?

We don’t build robots or machines. Instead, we orientate ourselves on existing data in your ERP solution and also add further elements such as tools, databases and algorithms (Business AI). In doing so, we pursue three main goals: We want you to be able to forecast better, automate more easily and personalize more specifically. We always develop individual solutions for special customer requirements, because we are sure that the use of artificial intelligence is a major competitive advantage for medium-sized companies. After consultation, marketable products can be created.

How do we proceed?

We use both internal, existing as well as external data (Business AI) and evaluate these. In addition, as a Microsoft Partner, we are able to call on prefabricated AI (so-called cognitive services) from Microsoft. Moreover, anaptis AI is also so open that we can offer solutions independently of Microsoft. At this point, we refer to our cooperation with a team of data scientists and analysts.

What do practical examples look like?

We can take new and more efficient ways, for example, in sales and personnel planning or customer experience. A simple example: if your sales are subject to seasonal fluctuations, we incorporate weather forecasts (external data) into your planning so you can allocate resources more efficiently.

We help our customers to finally add value to the amount of data they produce on a daily basis.

Markus Rautenberg | Managing Director | anaptis GmbH



We help our customers to finally add value to the amount of data they produce on a daily basis.

Markus Rautenberg | Geschäftsführer | anaptis GmbH



This is how we do.


If you do not know the potential for your business yet, we will analyze your cross-company processes and develop proposals for selective AI opportunities. In case you already have ideas about how to use anaptis AI in your company, we will gladly work with you to create a proof of concept.


Think about the suggestions for customizing anaptis AI in your business and make a decision. In this way you initiate the implementation of the developed concept.

agile implementation

If you decide to implement the poof of concept, we integrate it into an agile realization of the AI ​​functionality in your existing processes. Then we develop them in a repetitive learning phase to maturity.

your individual anaptis AI solution.

You will receive

Feasibility study

Together with you, we create a concept for the use of AI in your company.

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