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Your questions about our product.

    Products including add-ons and interfaces

  • For which companies is Dynamics 365 Business Central suitable?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is basically suitable for small and medium-sized companies in any industry. Even the standard version includes all business areas such as finance, CRM, supply chain, warehouse, personnel, projects, production and service. This makes the software stand in contrast to highly specialized industry solutions.

  • What are the key differences between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is functional Dynamics NAV. Nevertheless, there are some differences:

    Price model
    In Dynamics NAV there was still the Starter or Extended Pack. In Dynamics 365 Business Central, a distinction is made between the Essentials and Premium Packs. There is also the Team Members Option, which can be added to both Essentials and Premium.

    For Dynamics NAV you could choose between Web client and Windows client. For Dynamics 365 Business Central there is only the Web client as user interface.

    Programming language
    The programming language of Dynamics NAV is C/Side CAL (until 2020). The programming language of Dynamics 365 Business Central is Visual Studio Code.

    Further information:
    See our detailed comparison on our product page.

  • Is Dynamics NAV no longer available?

    Since 2018, the ERP product line has been continued under the name Dynamics 365 Business Central – instead of Microsoft Dynamics NAV including the year.

    This name change is primarily due to Microsoft’s focus on the cloud. But we can give the all-clear: It is “cloud first, but not cloud only”. The solution will continue to be available as a purchased license within the company (on-premise).

  • Is Dynamics NAV still supported?

    Even though the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been replaced by the solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we still support our existing customers in older versions.
  • What if we have requirements that go beyond the system standard?

    We can implement requirements that go beyond the system standard via add-ons or apps (from the AppSource) or individual solutions. The add-ons or apps are correspondingly ready-made supplementary applications (e.g. mobile app for field staff), which you can add with just a few clicks.

    We program individual solutions if there is no suitable application on the market. Read more about this, for example, in our success story with Media Frankfurt, for which we reconstructed a 3D site plan of Frankfurt Airport.

  • Are interfaces to other systems also possible?

    Of course, we can also map interfaces to existing systems, provided that these are to be used further on. Common examples are accounting applications (e.g. DATEV, Elster), store systems (e.g. XTCommerce) or CRM systems.
  • How does the interaction with other Microsoft products work?

    By using Microsoft’s ERP solution, you naturally have the great advantage that the product comes from the same company as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), for example. Accordingly, these products work well together.

    Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
    Dynamics 365 Business Central is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) so you can navigate freely between the Office 365 applications and Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates all Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. For example, you can use Outlook to process orders, submit invoices, or create quotes. Dynamics 365 Business Central also allows you to open data in Excel and print reports using Word.

    Further information:
    Product site on Microsoft 365

    Microsoft Power Platform
    Easily integrate Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Microsoft Power Platform, including Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents.

    Further information:
    Product site on Microsoft Power Platform

    Licensing, contract and prices

  • How long is the contract period of Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    The contract period is 12 (twelve) months with monthly prepayment. If you do not cancel your subscription thirty (30) days prior to expiration, the contract will be automatically extended by twelve (12) months.

  • Is the ERP solution offered in different license forms?

    Dynamics 365 Business Central distinguishes between three different types of licenses:

    • Essentials
    • Premium
    • Team Members

    Full User
    Among the full users, a distinction is made between Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Premium. The difference lies in the range of functions.
    The Essentials version contains the following features:

    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resources
    • Supply Chain
    • Projects

    The Premium version includes the following two additional functions:

    • Production
    • Service

    Team Members
    If, in addition to the full users, additional users are required who cannot be directly assigned to any functional area and who should be able to access basic processes, the purchase of Team Member licenses is possible. The Team Member license is designed for users who are not bound to a specific function, but need basic functions in Dynamics 365 Business Central. This license includes both read and write access to selected tasks within a client in Dynamics 365 Business Central. To use Team Members licenses, at least one additional user must be licensed with Essentials or Premium.

  • Can different types of licenses be used in a company?

    You cannot mix between the full user license forms in a company. You can license either Essentials Users or Premium Users. Of course, you can also book optional Team Members licenses for each.

  • Can I switch between the packages at any time?

    Yes, you can change the package at any time. If you change to a more extensive package during the year with annual payment, we will charge you the difference between the advance payment already made and the changed price additionally until the end of the annual term. A change to a lower package is only possible after the end of the contract period.

  • Is it possible to use and pay only for individual functional areas?

    No, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you purchase a complete solution and decide on the required functionality in your company (either Essentials or Premium). Of course, you are free to choose which areas you use – but the payment is not based on that.

  • Is the ERP solution offered in different deployment options (e.g. cloud)?

    We offer two models:

    • Subscription in the Microsoft Cloud
    • Purchase solution (on-premise) in own company

    Subscription in the Microsoft Cloud
    When you subscribe to the Microsoft Cloud, you pay monthly fees and manage your data in the secure Microsoft Cloud.

    Purchase solution (on-premise) in your own company
    With the purchase solution (on-premise) in your own company, you pay the purchase price of the licenses once and operate the system in your company/data center.

  • What are the costs for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    You may only know of classic software products that you install in your company or data center and pay a one-time high purchase price for them. The cloud solution is different: you access your data online in the cloud. Consequently, the costs that are necessary if you host software locally yourself (e.g. installation, maintenance and updates) are eliminated. In addition, you pay monthly and purchase licenses in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This means that you can add licenses at any time and remove them again at the end of the contract period. This gives you great financial flexibility.

    So if you opt for the “cloud” provisioning option, the following costs are incurred:

    • monthly subscription fee
    • services and support by your partner, if needed (according to service price list)
    • if necessary, instruction and training fees
    • costs for add-ons/individual programming (if you purchase them)

    If you choose the “On-Premise” deployment option, the following costs are incurred:

    • one-time purchase price
    • annual Enhancement Plan Fee (16% of the list selling price of the total license purchased)*
    • services and support by your partner, if needed (according to service price list)
    • if applicable, instruction and training fees
    • costs for add-Ons/individual programming (if you purchase them)

    *With the purchase of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central license, the conclusion of an Enhancement Plan (EP) is simultaneously connected. The EP has an initial term of 12 months and costs 16% of the list sales price of the total license scope purchased annually in advance. The EP is extended and charged with each license extension/re-order and can be terminated in writing with 90 days’ notice before expiration. After expiration by cancellation of the EP, the purchased licenses of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can still be used, but can no longer be updated, extended or changed in any way.

    Calculation example
    One-time purchase price: 3 x Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials = 4,500 Euro
    Annual maintenance costs: 16% * 4,500 Euro = 720 Euro per year in advance for the Enhancement Plan

  • Will we have to switch to the cloud in the future?

    According to Microsoft, it is “cloud first, but not cloud only”. The solution will continue to be available as a purchased license in the company’s own data center or as a locally operated installation (on-premise).

  • Do we need special software or hardware to use the software?

    No, our products run on almost all devices and do not require any special hardware. The only requirement is, of course, that the purchase solution (on-premise) has servers that meet Microsoft’s minimum technical requirements and the rental solution (cloud) has a web browser and an Internet connection.

    Trial version

  • Is there a trial version?

    Yes, you can test Dynamics 365 Business Central for 30 days.

  • Will my trial data be preserved?

    Yes, if you choose to purchase licenses, the data you added to the trial version will be retained.

  • Is it possible to switch between Essentials and Premium in the trial version?

    Yes, you can try out both versions.

  • Will the test account automatically be charged?

    No. The test account is free of charge and without obligation. It ends automatically after 30 days. You do not need to cancel the test account separately. The software becomes chargeable only when you order the software and enter into a binding purchase agreement.

    Setting up the software

  • How long does it take to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    Setting up the cloud solution
    The time it takes to set up your cloud depends on various parameters:

    Task Duration
    Providing the online solution Few minutes
    Setup of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment
    new user accounts or transfer/synchronization of the local Active Directory accounts for easier administration
    Time for coordination and execution (very individual)
    Adoption of extensions Time for coordination and execution (very individual)

    Deployment of the online version of Dynamics 365 Business Central takes only a few minutes. Then it depends on whether we should support and accompany you during the introduction.

    If you want us to do so, you should first consider the Microsoft 365 environment that may already be set up for you. If this environment is not yet available, we should discuss with you before setting up Dynamics 365 Business Central whether we should take over this environment for you and under what conditions (new user accounts or takeover/synchronization of the local Active Directory accounts for easier administration). This may then take further time.

    Furthermore, it must be agreed in advance whether and which useful extensions will be included in the system (e.g. a module for the “Wage & Salary” area or a module in the production area). Also the installation of such extensions requires time for coordination and execution.
    We should therefore work out together in advance what is to be done in concrete terms.

    Setting up the on-premise solution
    More time must be planned for the setup of the on-premise (local) components, since the necessary server systems (database, application, etc.) must be provided. No more concrete statements are to be made here, since this must always be individually coordinated with you.

  • Is the ERP solution set up on site or online?

    Both. Usually we hold the kick-off meeting or larger arrangements face-to-face. If the circumstances do not allow it otherwise, we also like to make a video call.

    Otherwise, your contact person will accompany you during the setup by phone in connection with TeamViewer, by e-mail and by means of short webinars or screen-sharing sessions.

  • Are there any special costs for the setup?

    Yes – if we are to support and accompany you during the introduction. In view of the above mentioned dependencies (online or local, server available and ready), a flat-rate evaluation of the costs incurred is not possible. This must be worked out together with you.
  • Can we import existing data?

    Yes, master data can usually be imported without any problems. Microsoft offers the simple upgrade service “RapidStart” for this purpose.

  • Do I need programming knowledge for the setup?

    No. All settings and setup steps can be made via the user interface. Our team will support you step by step and answer all your questions, if desired.

Your questions about a project with us.

    Project management

  • Do I get a permanent contact person for setup?

    Yes, as a new customer you will have a permanent contact person who will support you in the installation of our products and will also be available afterwards to answer all your questions. This is exactly what our customers benefit from, in contrast to larger providers. After all, our project managers usually know their customers for many years and are often able to support or look ahead with an objective point of view.

  • Which project method do you use?

    We have created our own anaptis method from the advantages of the classic and agile approach.

    Further information:
    Site on project methodology

  • Do you provide guidance on change management?

    Yes. For us, digital transformation involves technology, processes and above all people. So you should definitely not leave your employees out in the cold.
    We bring our own expertise and work together with the Münster Startup Echometer. The company has set itself the goal of making software implementations smoother through regular employee feedback. If you are interested, you can simply add this to your booking.

  • Do you also consult on hardware?

    Yes, we advise existing customers on their IT infrastructure. Since our team consists of developers and system administrators, we can advise on our core product software as well as hardware.

  • Do you also advise on process optimization?

    Of course. We do this automatically in every project, as we strive to transfer the optimal current status of business processes into the software.

    It has also happened that we have only analyzed the processes of a company or a department and have highlighted suggestions for improvement – i.e. without the software reference. Of course, it is possible or advisable to do the realization together afterwards.

    Service and Support

  • How do I contact customer support when I need help?

    You can contact our customer support

    • by e-mail and/or
    • by telephone under +49 (0) 251 917 996 0 in Münster or under + 49 (0) 931 205 92 150 in Würzburg

    from Monday to Friday between 9 and 17 o’clock.

  • How quickly will I receive an answer to my customer support questions?

    Within the regular working hours (on workdays from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.) we can always be reached. Should it happen that we miss a call, we will call you back in 60 minutes on average. Inquiries by e-mail are usually answered within a response time of four hours (if the message is received by 14:00, otherwise on the following working day).

    In individual cases, however, it can deviate from this.

  • Are there any additional costs for customer support?

    Our services are generally billed according to the actual time and effort incurred and are invoiced in 15-minute intervals. The costs are based either on our official price list or the conditions agreed with you individually.

    Data protection

  • Has anaptis appointed a data protection officer?

    Yes, we rely on Mr. Thomas Niehoff for advice on data protection issues and support as company data protection officer. He is managing director of GDT IT Consult GmbH at Görresstraße 39 in 48147 Münster. Inquiries regarding data protection can be directed to

  • How else does anaptis ensure that orders are processed in accordance with legal data protection requirements?

    All employees of anaptis are bound to confidentiality and data protection and are made aware of the consequences in case of a violation.
  • Is it possible to conclude a contract with anaptis?

    Yes, according to the EU-DSGVO we even have to agree this with you.
  • Are all products compliant with the EU-DSGVO?

    As a Microsoft partner we have to refer to the precautions of Microsoft at this point.
    Microsoft guarantees the use of the cloud in compliance with the high German security and data protection standards. In this way, the Microsoft cloud fulfills national (e.g. C5 certification of the BSI requirements catalog), European (e.g. EU-DSGVO), international and industry-specific compliance standards, laws and guidelines that apply to cloud services in terms of data security and data protection.

    Further information from Microsoft can be found here:

  • Where is my data stored in the cloud?

    Since fall 2019, Microsoft has also had German data centers so that your data can be stored on “German soil”. You decide on the location of the data center.
  • How does the cloud ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access my system?

    Microsoft collects data about cyber attacks and uses it to continually improve the cloud. This includes Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), where engineers and lawyers work directly with investigators from around the world to apprehend large-scale cyber attacks and criminals. Here, more than 600 million security risks are captured, stored and analyzed every day to increase logical security in the digital world. Information and insights are constantly being gathered from different workloads, apps and platforms, combined with each other and evaluated in an intelligent way. This allows us to identify and resolve problems early on, before they impact the business of our cloud customers, and to ensure the availability of apps and data across the board.

    In addition, we recommend the use of two-factor authentication, which is already established through the use of online banking solutions and uses a password and another device (telephone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) for security.

  • Are regular backups performed or do customers have to back up their data themselves?

    Microsoft stores all data redundantly across multiple systems and physically separated locations. This means you don’t have to create or manage your own backups. However, you can create a data backup from the system (here: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) and store it locally at any time
  • Who owns the data?

    According to Art. 24 EU-DSGVO, the customer is “master of the data” and responsible. In particular, this also means that the customer is responsible for safeguarding the rights of those affected (Chapter 3 EU-DSGVO).

    anaptis is a commissioned processor and thus processes your data exclusively on instruction and for the purposes regulated in the contract for commissioned processing. In concrete terms, this means that under no circumstances will data be sold or passed on to third parties. An exception to this is the passing on of data to any subcontractors, which is regulated within the framework of the contract for order processing with our customers.

    In principle, anaptis fulfils all requirements of the EU data protection basic regulation and is, as an organisation and within the scope of its products, data protection compliant according to the EU-DSGVO.

  • What happens with the data if the customer terminates the contract or anaptis ceases business operations?

    Should the business relationship be terminated, the customer’s authorized persons can request the release of the data in a machine-readable format. The data will then be irretrievably deleted after the contractually defined period of time.
  • How often and by whom is data security compliance checked?

    Microsoft has this competence confirmed by third parties on a regular basis – for example, current test reports on ISO standards such as ISO 27001 are regularly disclosed. Especially in Germany, the promise is regularly checked by German data trustees.

Your questions about the application process.

  • Does anaptis assign themes for final papers?

    If you would like to write a practice-oriented thesis (Bachelor’s or Master’s) in consulting or development, we look forward to receiving your topic suggestions and will be happy to coordinate the topic with you.

  • Can I submit a speculative application?

    Of course. Of course you also have the possibility to send us an unsolicited application.

  • Who is my contact person in the application process?

    Your contact person is our managing director Markus Thyen.

  • What documents should I attach to my application?

    We ask for a complete application including:

    • cover letter
    • curriculum vitae
    • (study) certificates
  • On the website you will be on familiar terms in the career section. Can I also use the first name in a cover letter or in a personal interview?

    Sure. We meet at eye level and you can use the first name.

  • How long does it take until I get a response?

    We take between three and five days to process your application. And then you’ll hear from no automated robot, but a real human. It is our policy that we respond to every single application.

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