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Streamlining and transparency of all business processes by switching to Dynamics NAV, individual adjustments and continuous updates.

Software implementation at HIP

The work of the quality company HIP Homann Import & Produktions GmbH & Co. KG revolves around the screw. The stock of the company is huge. Extensive assembly services, from screw bags to complete assembly packages, complement the range. For a long time, the ERP of the company consisted of isolated applications. In order to increase the transparency and efficiency of the business, HIP decided in 2008 for the software introduction with anaptis. The introduction has resulted in a trusting and long-term cooperation.

“If you are loyal to an IT service provider for such a long period of time, then they have certainly done a lot of things right. Streamlining and transparency of business processes, individual adaptations, updates, data protection concepts and hardware adjustments where it makes sense. Our status more than improved.”

Egbert Thies

Management, HIP Homann Import & Produktions GmbH & Co. KG

The improvements for HIP in focus


Easy management of documents

Dynamics NAV enables the independent management of documents. The sequences are easier, faster and minimize the error rate.

Everything in one program

Instead of isolated applications, the new ERP forms the business processes in one program. Dynamics NAV allows efficient and orderly processing of all processes.


Growth potential

Simple and automated processes relieve management. The business activities can again focus on the development and growth of the company.


Detailed insight

The project from the perspective of HIP

The challenge

“Our IT-environment was characterized by isolated applications, with which we worked on the individual tasks individually. For example, we used the Sage program for the goods management, the software for the accounting, and so forth. In addition, the number of cross-bills, documents and reports had reached a level that was no longer manageable with our old office software. We urgently needed a new solution to ensure an efficient and orderly process of all processes. When selecting an IT service provider, it was important to us that, in addition to the ERP solution, comprehensive support for our entire IT landscape (network and hardware) was guaranteed from a single source.”

The solution

„With anaptis, we have found a long-term partner for the construction and further development of our IT landscape. Over the years, the collaboration has contributed significantly to the successful growth of our company. What used to be idle handwork (for example, price adjustments for individual customers and groups of accounts for loose and prefabricated items) is now fully automated and no longer dependent on people thanks to Dynamics NAV. The procedures are much easier, faster and, above all, it is much less common to make mistakes. anaptis has optimized the functions for the pricing and the entire inventory management – from the procurement through the sale up to the production of business figures.”

Project details

HIP – Homann Produktions & Import GmbH & Co. KG

Production / Subcontracting

Altenberge (Germany) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

60 employees

Support by anaptis since 2008

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Implementation NAV 2009, support IT-landscape

Conclusion: Good reasons for better software from anaptis


Better processes

HIP works in two locations: a logistical challenge. Dynamics NAV facilitates the smooth import and procurement process and facilitates the correct documentation of the goods traffic as well as the regular monitoring of all processes.


Better automated

Thanks to Dynamics NAV, many business processes at HIP now run automatically and independently of people. This saves a lot of time, money and eliminates many sources of error.


Better from one hand

At anaptis, you receive individual IT solutions from a single source. We advise you not only with the introduction of software, we also support you in the long term in getting better and better.


Better advised & looked after

To anaptis a close and trusting cooperation is of great importance. With good advice, commitment and a competent implementation, all employees are on board quickly, so that the software changeover runs smoothly.

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