Better with method

All project procedures are based on the long-time tested method at anaptis, which creates safety and ensures quality.

Step by step: This is how we work

Whether you want to introduce, innovate, or extend new software, every ERP project affects the processes in your company. In order to ensure a smooth project development, we rely on our specially developed and successfully optimized project method.


Step 1: Analysis & Consulting

We will get to know you and your company and discuss the objectives and challenges in detail.

Step 2: Develop the solution

We create an implementation concept for the ERP project and select the appropriate implementation method.

Step 3: Implement the solution

We implement the software in the company. With prototyping, we create a real discussion basis at an early stage.

Step 4: Service

We will accompany you at the start of the software and will be available to you at any time.

“We want to give you a direct, honest and cost-efficient way to a successful project. The anaptis method therefore focuses on the actual requirements of your company as well as possible approaches to process optimization.”

Markus Rautenberg

Managing Director, anaptis GmbH

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