more than a ERP software for retail?


We do not build industry solutions, but thanks to our many years of experience we are nevertheless specialists in numerous industries, such as the retail trade. This distinguishes us significantly from our competitors. Fluctuating demand, manual order processing and a lack of overview of purchases and articles challenge you? We know the challenges of retail companies and improve them by networking all company departments.

So instead of developing industry solutions, we always orientate ourselves on the standard ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) and use other technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Power Platform and industry-specific add-ons. The structure is therefore modular and in the end you get more than just ERP software for retail. Why? So that your system can be updated and you remain independent.

ERP software for the retail industry:

Your challenges.

The current situation in the retail sector is tricky. On the one hand, there is a great desire to buy. On the other hand, the competition and competitive pressure between retailers is increasing and the traditional business model has to be expanded.

Customers today demand a seamless shopping experience with digital services that make shopping even more convenient and transparent. Anyone can buy what they want with their smartphone at any time and have the goods delivered to their home free of charge. That’s why companies must offer shopping on as many channels as possible. So in order to keep up with the competition, small and medium-sized retail companies also have to deal with the digitization of their processes.

Your challenges summarized:

  • seamless integration of all distribution channels (Omni-Channel)
  • varying demand
  • fast assortment changes
  • decreasing margins with increasing requirements
  • double data maintenance in several systems
  • no overview of stock
  • high storage costs
ERP-Software für den Einzelhandel
ERP software for wholesaler:

Our solution:

Standard ERP solution

“But our processes are much too individual for a standard solution?” But at this point you underestimate the solution. Experience has shown that we can map about 90 % of projects in the standard. The basis is always the industry-independent standard ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision).

Extended modules

If this is not the case, we can easily solve your challenges with add-ons from us or partners or individual adaptations (some of which already exist). In addition, Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 365 or the Microsoft Power Platform complete your business software so that you can work perfectly.

Standard ERP solution

The standard ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central forms the basis of our solution. This enables you to network all departments or the entire supply chain (core and support processes) and provide a 360° company overview. All core retail areas are represented.

  • Finance

    Manage accounts receivable and payable and asset management, reconcile bank accounts and manage month-end closings. Built-in dashboards let you track down patterns and trends faster. Forecasting accuracy is optimized accordingly.

  • Sales and service

    An ERP system for retailers must be particularly strong in the sales process and ordering. Based on your data, you are able to focus on the right sales opportunities and continuously track sales performance in your customized dashboard. Track the tasks, workloads and competencies of your employees to allocate resources efficiently and better serve customers. Quickly create quotes, manage contacts, write sales invoices and process payments.

  • Projects

    Plan your capacities and resources, estimate budgets and costs and calculate costs for orders and processes.

  • Supply-Chain

    Manage your entire supply chain. Predict the perfect timing for reordering based on sales planning and inventory levels. Manage suppliers, take advantage of discounts and avoid reminder fees. You can also handle returns with ease. In the warehouse, you can easily track every item posting and movement.

  • Production and merchandise management

    Plan and control your entire production (including bills of material and routings) on the basis of sales forecasts. Create production orders in no time and have material requirements and availability checked automatically. You can also convert automatic order proposals based on sales planning and stock levels into orders in just a few clicks.

  • Reportings and analysis

    The central consolidation of data from financial accounting, sales, service, production, warehouse and logistics provides you with an accurate 360° view of your business and a 360° customer view. Employees can quickly and individually assemble both your dashboard and reports, and are able to identify trends, prevent problems in advance and deliver compelling customer experiences.

Extended modules

The standard does not fully meet your requirements? No problem. We, Microsoft or our partners offer supplementary modules to meet your industry- or company-specific requirements. It is also very easy to connect data sources and services such as Excel files, SharePoint lists and CRM system.

An exemplary selection of additional modules for retailers follows. If your requirements are not met, please contact us.

  • Access to stock in other stores

    We will fix the following problem: If a customer would like to have a product in a store in a different specification (for example, color), the store employees no longer need to call other stores to find out who has it in stock. We are implementing the possibility for the stores to digitally see where this variant is still stored and ready for retrieval.

  • Automating order creation

    We will solve the following problem case for you: If customers in a store order articles that are no longer available, the store employees do not have to call the central warehouse each time. Instead, internal orders are automatically created overnight, which are transmitted to the central warehouse and are also automatically converted into picking orders. The next day, the desired delivery can be packed in the central warehouse and sent to the store.

  • Cash till module

    We implement an interface to a third-party provider such as the Microsoft-certified POS solution BeTerna BePos, which is a logical addition to the flow of goods that is specific to retailers (e. g. POS, marketing, administration). The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is suitable for both specialist retailers and chain stores.

  • Collection interface

    Retailers often outsource the collection of payments. To do this, we simply implement an interface to a collection company.

  • Commissioning aid

    If you have a central warehouse and numerous stores, the stores usually send many individual orders from customers. In order to speed up the packing process in the central warehouse, we implement a packing slip help system that intelligently combines the orders so that you save time.

  • Document management

    For professional document management, we offer you an interface to third-party software (e. g. D3 or the fully integrated solution Document Capture). Manage documents anytime, anywhere.

  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)

    With Anveo EDI you exchange data with ease

    • with customers (e. g. orders, invoices, credit notes, shipping notifications, article data, availability, prices),
    • with partners (better business relations through automated processes),
    • with suppliers (e. g. order processing, order confirmations, availability or delivery notes) or
    • between sites/clients (e. g. financial data and item information).
  • Elster interface

    We program an interface for Elster exports for you.

  • Integrated release rights

    We implement an extension for you, with which you can determine regulations for integrated release rights. The handling is very intuitive and the tool is easily adaptable to the conditions of different industries and companies. Employees can see at any time which criteria have not yet been met and still need to be adjusted.

    The bottom line is that you improve your process reliability and take an important step towards the paperless office.

  • Microsoft Office 365

    The standard ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central runs smoothly and barrier-free with Office applications such as Excel, Word and Outlook. Your mail server is professionalized by Microsoft Exchange Online and your documents are stored online on Microsoft SharePoint for everyone to access. You also work together in Microsoft teams.

  • Mobile data acquisition

    With our add-on anaptis Mobile Logistics you are able to map all standard warehouse processes on the move.

  • Payments

    With the OPplus add-on you can optimize your payment transactions (import and export) with manufacturers, wholesalers or end customers. Automate your processes (clearing, initial account assignment, etc.) and get more transparency about your payments.

  • Permanent inventory

    In the processing of inventories on a key date, business operations are often closed for hours or days. External service providers are also used for counts. This effort can be minimized by a permanent inventory. We offer you a solution which can be used parallel to the daily business in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision). The inventory employee receives a personal stack with his counting lists still to be processed (export from Dynamics 365 Business Central). After the count – for example, using a scanner – the data is registered and transferred back to the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard.

  • Tour planning

    You can map a route planning in Dynamics 365 Business Central. You assign individual items and therefore sales lines to a vehicle and trigger picking and goods issue from the route planning.

    For optimal route planning, we implement an interface to third-party software (e. g. Wanko). This allows you to optimize your tours – even across drivers.

  • Shipment tracking

    For shipment tracking, we will build you an interface to the product Comsol Multiship and thus a modular shipping system with which you can easily handle shipping processes with different parcel delivery companies and carriers.

    A direct interface is also possible, for example to DPD, so that you can track your shipments optimally.

  • Variant generator

    We offer you a variant configurator with which you can create numerous variants for a core product (e. g. contact lenses). The reason for this is that often only a few characteristics (e. g. size) change and elements such as the price always remain the same.

  • Webshop

    To enable you as a retailer to sell your products online, we program an interface to third-party software (e. g. shopwareXT-CommerceIntershop). In this way, you interlock your processes.

Too complicated?

Our technology interpreter Theo explains.

Think of it like a burger. You have a base that is the same for every customer. You can make small changes to this base (e. g. different dough shapes such as multi-grain or sourdough). In addition, each customer can put together the toppings as they wish. Depending on preference and need.

This is also the case with our solution. You receive the standard product Dynamics 365 Business Central. We realize 90 % of the projects  in the standard solution – but sometimes small changes are necessary. And in addition, our customers purchase apps from us or our partners.

ERP software for the retail industry:

Your advantages:


Processes can be partially or fully automated – for example, sending an order confirmation.

Better decision basis

Improve your responsiveness to market changes with the 360° company overview.

Consulting and support

You have us as a strong IT service provider at your side – in all IT matters.

Individual extension

Do you need further functions? Browse the AppSource or contact us.

Microsoft Look and Feel

The familiar Microsoft Look and Feel from Office 365 makes training easier and increases acceptance.

Real-time for everyone

Purchasing, sales, warehouse and shipping all access the same, up-to-date real-time data.


The solution grows with you. You can scale up or down at any time – at your own pace.

Standard solution

It is important to us that we stay close to the standard.

Extract of our references.


Michael Angenendt

“All departments, such as CRM and logistics, are interconnected and we are one step ahead of the competition!”

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Frank Tente

“With anaptis we have a very reliable local partner. We benefit from a very competent and personal support.”

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