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We believe in the strengths and opportunities that can be achieved through the synergy effects of a strong partner network. Take advantage of our partnerships!

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We see our partnerships as a driving force for innovation, growth and success. That is why we rely on long-term, trusting cooperation, which will also benefit you. Together with our partners, we help you create structures and processes that will make you what you have been looking for: even better.


As a brand of conion media GmbH based in Hamburg, Anveo develops ideal extensions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which optimally support your sales representatives and service technicians, integrate your customers, suppliers and partners fully into your business processes, or gives your customers and employees easy access to web-based Portals.

To the Anveo products

This is how you benefit from our partnership with Anveo


Long-term NAV expertise

Founded in 2005, conion media, as a software service provider for Dynamics NAV, created the Anveo brand and the related product family in 2010 on the basis of the previously successfully implemented individual developments for customers of various industries.



Today, Anveo solutions are deployed around the world, helping companies work more efficiently and optimize their workflows.


Training made easy

Detailed documentation and free training videos enable you to configure your Anveo products independently. If necessary, you can get support from experienced anaptis experts.


Hand in hand

If you need additional support through the offered training channels, you will receive individual project support from anaptis experts who are always in close contact with Anveo developers.

CKL Software GmbH

CKL Software GmbH is a specialist in financial accounting and the value flow of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The product portfolio, consisting of the integrated “CKL cost and performance calculation”, is supplemented by the CKL PLUS product suite consisting of: Valuation PLUS, Costing Method Change PLUS, Inventory PLUS and Inventory Regulation PLUS. Continia’s add-ons like Document Capture and Document Output simplify the process of capturing and sending documents directly to and from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The latest tool DocumentArchive for Document Capture also enables the revision-proof archiving of your documents. With Expense Management, you can easily capture all travel documents with your mobile phone. For further information, please visit

This is how you benefit from our partnership with CKL Software


Years of experience

Since 1997, CKL Software has been combining current financial accounting knowledge with detailed knowledge about the value flow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This results in solutions that complement the ERP environment in a sensible manner and cover the requirements arising from financial accounting and controlling.


Better certified

A company with tailwind: Microsoft has awarded the silver certification for ERP to CKL, and awarded the cost and performance calculation as well as the add-ons PLUS, Costing Method Change PLUS, Inventory PLUS and Inventory PLUS with the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD).


Market leader in Europe

The specialist for financial accounting and the value flow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been the leader in the industry for years. Today, more than 2,600 medium-sized customers rely on CKL software, which is the European leader in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment.

Comsol Corporate Solutions AG

Since 1992, Comsol Corporate Solutions AG has been advising medium-sized businesses as a Microsoft ERP Gold Partner. Under the concept of “consistent simplification”, our partner is pursuing the goals of optimizing commercial business processes within the company by means of IT, by distorting organizations and thus saving time and money, as well as making the company fit for the future.

This is how you benefit from our partnership with Comsol


Experts for 30 years

Since 1986, Comsol Corporate Solutions AG has continuously developed into a recognized consulting company for IT company solutions. Today, the company, headquartered in Kronberg / Taunus, employs 40 people and manages medium-sized companies throughout Germany, but also in German-speaking countries.


Fully integrated

With the Comsol solutions you have a 100% integrated solution in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And thus you also have “direct connection” to finance, project and wage: business processes are consequently simplified!nt vereinfacht!



The good relationship with the customers is the highest priority and is the result of the consulting philosophy of Comsol. Transparent contracts, clear regulations and simple training documents contribute to a trustworthy consultant-client relationship.


Better certified

Comsol is a Gold Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The Comsol solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV are awarded the CfMD certificate.

connectiv! eSolutions GmbH

Together with connectiv! we develop individualized CRM and e-business solutions as well as versatile products and services for the internet presence of your company. From the professional internet presence to specific software developments, there are no limits to your wishes.

This is how you benefit from our partnership with connectiv


Years of experience

The connectiv! eSolutions GmbH has established itself as a firm player on the IT market since its establishment in 1998. With 40 employees connectiv! is responsible for over 400 predominantly medium-sized companies in various sectors.


Better focused

Already since 2004, so since the market launch of Microsoft CRM in Germany, lies the main competence of connectiv! in the implementation of CRM projects based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But also in the business areas of web solutions and e-business, connectiv! Is a sought-after partner.


Synergy effects

The experience from the business areas of web solutions and e-business also benefits the connectiv! customers in every CRM project – whether it is linking the website to Dynamics CRM, integrating social media or providing classic cloud services goes.


Better certified

connectiv! has sustained the Microsoft Partner Status for outstanding CRM competencies since 2004, since 2007 even the Gold Microsoft Partner Status. The more than 60 successfully implemented CRM projects prove the excellent work of connectiv!

gbedv GmbH & Co. KG

Our partner from Northern Germany is known for its financial management solution OPplus. The certified industry solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV consists of a collection of convenience modules (such as the Basis, Associations and Payment Services) for bookkeeping. During the development, the user was given maximum comfort in order to facilitate the work.

This is how you benefit from our partnership with gbedv


Used all over Europe

More than 2200 companies across Europe use the comfort modules of OPplus. gbedv relies on the indirect sales channel with around 250 powerful software companies, all of which favor the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Comfortable and user-friendly

The development has been designed to ensure maximum comfort for the user. In addition to simplifying the handling of open items, OPplus also offers many other elegant facilities, such as payment, banking, VAT or accounting.

haveldata GmbH

Haveldata develops, markets and operates software solutions for human resources, time management and costing based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. More than 30 employees in the fields of product management, software development, consulting and support are responsible for the further development of the solutions, the implementation of IT projects and the comprehensive support of the customers in the daily operation.

This is how you benefit from our partnership with haveldata


A network for better business relationships

With over 40 sales partners and 500 existing customers, Haveldata is active in business relations and has a broad network and excellent market knowledge.


Continuous development as a matter of course

More than 30 employees in product management, software development, consulting and support are responsible for the further development of the solutions, the implementation of IT projects and the comprehensive support of the partners as well as customers in the daily operation.


Better with certification

The modern, flexible and integrated products for desktop, tablet and smartphone according to the strict requirements of the Microsoft certification “CfMD”.


LESSOR GmbH has been developing a payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 1995. The high integration into the overall package optimizes many workflows and avoids duplication. In this philosophy, the Personal Resources module also fits in, which synchronizes employee data with wage and salary.

This is how you benefit from our partnership with LESSOR


many years of experience in human resources

Since 1989, LESSOR GmbH has devoted itself entirely to the core business as a manufacturer of personal software. Approximately 110 employees in Denmark and Germany work on the product development and support partners as well as customers with the launch and the daily application.


flexible, efficient and future-oriented

In human resources management, the legal basis and the individual needs of companies and their employees require a flexible, secure and easy-to-use HR management software. With the LESSOR solution, you can optimize your processes and keep an overview at all times.


better with certification

Already since 1991 the LESSOR GmbH is a development partner Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For the last time, the LESSOR Human Resource Management product has been certified by Microsoft was in 2014 and therefore it meets international quality standards.


save time and money

With an integrated human resources management system you get a simple and direct overview of all data and thus you provide a professional and high-quality workforce. You have control over deadlines and you can always adapt the software to the changed needs of your company.

orderbase consulting GmbH

As our competence partner for database-supported order processing and production control, orderbase supplies and implements complete ERP modules such as the Planboard, which optimally complements planning and control systems (PPS) as a graphical planning tool.

To orderbase products

This is how you benefit from our partnership with orderbase



In every project, the experts from orderbase and anaptis are at your side, who, thanks to outstanding expertise, do everything they can to fulfill your expectations of functional software solutions to the highest degree.


Better transparency

Orderbase and anaptis develop and implement simple, efficient and practice-oriented system solutions that ensure better transparency in your order and production processes.

Tempras Time Recording Systems

Tempras is our partner and manufacturer of TempVision software for the industry, trade and service sectors. The special solution TempVision is a module for the areas of personnel management, access control and operating data acquisition. The performance spectrum of this solution extends from time data acquisition to the calculation of wage and cost-relevant data, and is thus part of the integrated information processing within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This is how you benefit from our partnership with Tempras


Interdisciplinary expertise

Since its founding in 1986, Tempras has specialized in the field of time management and has stood for outstanding know-how in the fields of energy, manufacturing, vehicle construction, electrical engineering, medical technology, furniture, food, information technology and service.


Simple information processing

The multitude of bidirectional interfaces to other NAV modules support the child-friendly information processing within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By maintaining data on MS-SQL, a further processing into system-spanning modules is guaranteed.


Better certified

As a certified Silver Partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, all Tempras solutions comply with the Microsoft “Statement of Direction” and are constantly being further developed.

Our network, your benefit

If you are looking to meet the challenges of constantly changing ERP and IT developments, do not hesitate to take advantage of the synergy effects of our partner network!

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