the mobile data aqusition in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

At a glance:
Mistakes, loss of time, mountains of paper is

Your challenge in the warehouse.

Either: Subsequent data acquisition “from your desk”

If you are not yet using our add-on anaptis Mobile Logistics and also do not have any mobile devices in use, delays will occur due to the subsequent data entry to Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) “from your desk”.

After all, the data is not captured in real time at the point of action in the system.

Stress leads to incorrect entries, which have fatal consequences for both the warehouse and the accounting department. In addition, relevant documents (e.g. manual notes in the warehouse) must be kept for at least ten years, which results in large mountains of files.

Or: Working with mobile touch devices without touch optimization and scan function

Other companies may not yet be working with our anaptis Mobile Logistics add-on, but are already working with mobile devices. Without our application, however, these companies cannot yet fully exploit the potential of mobile devices, as the application is not specialized or touch-optimized for specific warehouse activities (e.g. picking) and lacks a scan function.

Use your potential with

Our solution anaptis Mobile Logistics.

Uniform and secure mobile data acquisition
Our add-on anaptis Mobile Logistics enables mobile data acquisition in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) via mobile devices in real time. Mobile devices include MDE scanners, smartphones, tablets and touch screens.

Data acquisition at time of the event
Thus, the processes can be mapped directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as they are created. A touch-optimized application as well as a scan function help you to work productively.

Intuitive tool and simple adaptation
The presentation on mobile devices is clear and self-explanatory, so that your employees can easily get used to it. Due to the modular structure of the application, an individual adaptation according to your needs is also possible. In addition, extensions can also be easily added later on.

View into the application:

That's what anaptis Mobile Logistics looks like.

anaptis Mobile Logistics
Extend the app:

Expand anaptis Mobile Logistics with our additional modules.

Extended Inventory:

anaptis Mobile Logistics - Physical Inventory

The inventory extension Physical Inventory for anaptis Mobile Logistics is the right choice for you if you no longer want employees to be able to make changes to the original list during the inventory. After all, the system standard only allows you to draw a complete inventory list. Furthermore, the extension is suitable if you want to schedule inventory assistants who are not employees and you want to have traceable documentation and easy merging of all count lists.

With the inventory extension you can:

  • create individual count lists per employee
  • assign responsibilities and dates
  • merge count lists quickly and easily
  • track inventories well (When was which article counted? Who counted? How often was it recounted?)
  • order recounts if necessary
  • determine the difference in stock value
See here

the details at a glance.


  • barcode scan
  • touch optimization
  • real-time data acquisition on mobile devices such as MDE scanners, smartphones, tablets and touch screens (HTML5 capability required)


  • Version 16.0


    • “Max. Item & Bin Rec. in List”: reduced item/bin content lists (setup in the setup table “Max. Item & Bin Rec. in List” with additional information in the tooltip)
    • “Mandatory Input Picking” – New item no. and bin code scan check. The user has to validate with scan the item and the bin in the warehouse pick.


Dynamics 365 Business Central*

*We regularly support the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Please feel free to contact us regarding previous versions.


  • installation assistent
  • free trial version (for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud)
Ask Theo:

To what extent does the add-on extend the standard?

It is me again, Theo the technology interpreter!

I would like to illustrate how anaptis Mobile Logistics extends the standard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Criterium System standard anaptis Mobile Logistics
Entry of article movements in the warehouse ✓ on any end device – but without scan function without scan function ✓ on any end device – with scan function
optimized touch input


Mobile data acquisition in the warehouse:

What advantages does anaptis Mobile Logistics offer?

Error reduction

By reducing manual processes, errors are automatically minimized.

Simple handling

The presentation of the application is clear and self-explanatory. The training is easy.

Better overview

The processes are transferred into the system as soon as they are created. This gives you an overview at all times.


What does anaptis Mobile Logistics cost?


mobile data aquisition in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


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