the extended inventory with Microsoft Dynamics.

At a glance:


  • Creation of counting lists within a few clicks
  • Traceability in the system (Who recorded what at which time?)
  • Assignment of responsibilities and dates to the individual count lists
  • Arrangement of recounts (if required)


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Installation assistent
  • Free trial version (for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud)
The lack of traceability

challenges you.

You don’t know who captured what on what date?
In the standard system, you can only draw a complete inventory list when using the physical inventory ledger sheets. However, many companies do not want employees to be authorized to make changes to this original list. In addition, there would also be no traceability in the system in the sense of “Who entered what when?”. The problem is also not solved by the inventory orders that exist in the standard system without the use of chaotic warehouse management (in Microsoft Dynamics: controlled storage and picking). Perhaps you also have the problem that the people who carry out the inventory are not employees and are therefore not registered in the ERP system.

After all, it is not possible to merge all counts into a complete list here. However, this is often indispensable for a key date inventory.

our solution allows you to

work more efficiently.

Clear counting lists for employee groups:
Our app solves the aforementioned problems: With anaptis Physical Inventory, you can create individual count lists, assign responsibilities and dates and, if necessary, arrange recounts in just a few clicks. These are transmitted to the employees and can be filled via MDE scanners, smartphones or similar. Thus, it is no longer necessary for employees to work in the original list or for someone to enter the data manually.

At the end, the counting lists are merged again. Inventory with Microsoft Dynamics has never been so easy. Even recounts are easier to trace (when was the counting? Who counted? How often was it recounted?).

In the last step, you can calculate a difference in stock value that express the missing quantity as a value. This is often of great relevance for financial accounting.

What advantages does anaptis Physical Inventory offer?

Error reduction


Savings in time

What does anaptis Physical Inventory cost?

Extended inventory in Microsoft Dynamics:

mthly.  50,00 €

/company and month for 12 months

Hier finden Sie unsere

anaptis Physcial Inventory Dokumentation.

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