Visualization of the document status in Microsoft Dynamics.

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too much information overstrain.

It is hardly possible for us humans to process all the information on a daily basis:
After all, you receive numerous e-mails every day, including further attachments, and on the other hand you are looking for relevant information. The consequences: Your concentration dwindles and your ability to absorb information slows down throughout the day.

We have selected a specific use case that we would like to improve. It is about displaying the document status in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Surely you know that our visual sense plays the most dominant role. On this basis, we had the idea of displaying the document status visually. Our add-on anaptis Status Lights is like a traffic light for Microsoft Dynamics.


images and symbols hit words.

Simplify and automate your work:
With the help of our specially developed traffic light for Microsoft Dynamics – the add-on anaptis Status Lights – you can work faster and more intuitively. Our brain goes through a much more complex process when processing texts/words than it does when interpreting images and symbols.

As with a real traffic light, we differentiate between three status options: red, yellow or green. If the document is open, the traffic light illuminates red. If a permit is still pending, the traffic light illuminates yellow. Finally, the traffic light illuminates green when the document has been approved.

What advantages does anaptis Status Lights offer?

Error reduction

Simple handling

Fast working

What does anaptis Status Lights cost?

Visualization of the document status:
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Visualization of the document status in Microsoft Dynamics.


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