Data management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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your challenge without the add-on.

Do you lack a uniform database for all company locations? Is there master data (e.g. accounts payable, accounts receivable, articles) that has been created multiple times within the group of companies? Is there no central location for lists and contracts (e.g. price lists)?

Many companies use Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV within a group of companies. Such organization will sooner or later face challenges regarding data management. These are often not uniform or standardized. Do you know this too? This is annoying in everyday life and eats up a lot of time.

Example: The master data (e.g. components in bills of materials) for an item differ in various companies of a corporate group, although they should actually be the same. For example, the parts list in one company contains the components rope, steel and chain, while in another company it contains only rope and steel. This happens when employees add or remove data in one company without updating this master data in the other companies. In the end, no one knows which master data is correct.

The uncomplicated data management:

IT Integro's solution: Data management.

Simplify your data management now! The Master Data Management System is a module that allows users to create records of any type (tables or only ranges of a table) within Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV and replicate them to another Dynamics 365 Business Central database. This second step is used to maintain data consistency. Users can do this by setting up any number of recipients or target companies to replicate the data to. Any number of created records can be used for replication by using the replication map. So simple, but genius.

Pay attention: The module is particularly useful when a company wants to create and maintain certain Dynamics 365 Business Central maps (e.g. items, BOMs, vendors) in only one company – called the “master” company – and synchronize the data within all subsidiaries (“recipient” companies). Another use case for data synchronization with Master Data Management could be that Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV is used by the subsidiaries of a group and another ERP system is used as the group system. This is possible as well.

Advanced features such as multiple group recipients, histories of sent records, and special delete functions are also possible.

Here is an example: The master data (e.g. components of the bill of material) changes for an article. The person responsible changes the master data in the superordinate “master” company. Within one click, the data is also updated in the companies of the network (“recipient” companies). Pretty handy, isn’t it?

There are different options for the replication process:


In manual replication, the user can execute replication manually via the replication map or the “Replication List” page.

It is also possible to use the “Job Queue” function to set up replication to run automatically.


Full replication exports all records in their entirety.

Incremental replication includes only data that has been recently modified (since the date set in Last Run Date and Time on the replication map).

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  • Online (Cloud)
  • On-Premise


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics NAV

*Feel free to contact us with detailed questions about supported versions.

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To what extent does the add-on extend the standard?

It’s me again, Theo the technology interpreter!

I would like to clarify how Master Data Management extends the standard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Criteria Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard Add-On Master Data Management
Synchronization of data in other clients (maintenance in one client) restricted (only documents)


Data management in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

What are the advantages of the IT Integro add-on?


Time savings

Changes can be implemented and communicated more quickly within an organization. Your employees will love it!


Cost savings

This way you save cash with the add-on: You reduce maintenance costs by driving standardization at the corporate level. The result: more time for value-adding processes.


Master data maintenance

Master data maintenance in a group of companies is considerably simplified and streamlined.

Our partner:

This is IT Integro.

Based in Poland, IT Integro has been helping companies develop, grow and improve since 1991. They accompany their customers as they enter the world of digital transformation and demonstrate approaches to solutions. Currently, the company has over 170 employees.

Among the providers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) in Poland, IT Integro has the greatest experience and the largest pool of experts.


What does the add-on Master Data Management cost?

The cost of the add-on cannot be given as a lump sum. It depends on exactly which functionalities you need and for how many users you want to license them. Feel free to contact us for a consultation. We look forward to helping you!

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Data management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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