graphical planning board for service planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

At a glance: the
The lack of overview is

your challenge.

Controlling your service tasks should be simple and intuitive. You should always have a complete overview.

Is this the case in your company? Can you answer the following questions quickly by taking a look into your system?

  • Can I keep the promised date?
  • How does a short-term change affect the entire planning?
  • Which service tasks are due in the near future?
  • Where do I have free capacities?

Netronics solution: Visual Service Scheduler.

Extend your service planning with a graphical planning board and control your orders and resources by drag-and-drop. With the Visual Service Scheduler you visualize the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dispatch Board.

The following functions are available to you:

  • drag-and-drop planning of service orders and resources (assignment of service resources, tasks, etc.)
  • understand and manage resource utilization (resource utilization as histogram below the Gantt chart)
  • unassigned and assigned service orders at a glance
  • simple reaction to spontaneous requests (e.g. postpone service by one day) by linking entire service item lines

The application is integrated seamlessly into the service and resource planning modules. Since it is based on the NAV standard and no existing objects need to be changed, it can be installed in just a few steps and can be used without training.


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the details at a glance.


  • drag-and-drop planning of service tasks and resources
  • connecting service item rows and moving them together
  • overview of assigned and unassigned service orders
  • recording and optimization of resource utilization


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • swift installation
  • use without training effort
Graphical planning board for Microsoft Dynamics:

What advantages does the Netronic Visual Jobs Scheduler offer?

Comply with deadlines

You have an overview of which service tasks are due when. Late orders are specially marked. It is even possible to have a special view focusing on the Reaction-to date.

Scheduling of resources

You can easily schedule resources or resource groups. To keep the overview of the respective capacities, a histogram (= visualization of the utilization of resources/resource groups) can be displayed under the service plan.

Order planning

At any time, you can see the order queue (orders that have not yet been assigned) on one side and the service plan (orders that are already scheduled for resources) on the other side. This makes planning easier.

Our partner:

Thi is NETRONIC Software GmbH.


NETRONIC has been the specialist for software for graphical planning since 1975. The solutions are always based on individual Gantt charts and are offered by more than 200 partners worldwide.

A Gantt chart is a proven tool for gaining operational agility through the visual management of time and resource-centric planning data. NETRONIC has been operating this ‘craft’ for more than 30 years – industry-proven, focused and with a high level of commitment  for the success of the customers.

Thanks to their comprehensive competence in the area of Gantt applications, the experts at NETRONIC also quickly develop customized solutions for individual visualization needs.


graphical planning board for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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