Human Resources in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Everything in sight:

In addition to the classic ERP functionalities, Dynamics 365 Business Central also provides you with basic human resources functions. These include the administration of employee master data, qualifications and all personnel resources. In addition, you can easily manage and analyze absences in the system.

Powerful functions:

Your functions for personnel management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Access control (add-on)

    Using the Tempras add-on for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can implement access control. This allows you to define to which people, assets and information access is allowed. In addition, you can deny access in return.

  • Data acquisition

    You manage employees in Dynamics 365 Business Central via the so-called employee card. There you can record the most important information about your employees.

    Of course, the employee information can be adjusted at any time. If the employee records are up to date, this simplifies all other personnel-related tasks.

    You can record information on the following points:

    • employee master data (e.g. experience, skills, union)
    • employee qualifications (e.g. education, training)
    • employee equipment (e.g. keys, credit cards, computers, company car)
  • Personnel time recording (opt. add-on)

    Dynamics 365 Business Central provides basic functions for time recording. For example, you can record employee absences and display absence statistics based on various filters (e.g. absence reasons, periods).

    Recording times and operating data (add-on)
    The TempVision app from our partner Tempras allows you to manage time and store floor data collection, shift planning and access control in one integrated solution.

  • Resource planning

    Once the employee has been created in the software, you can schedule him or her as a resource for all activities in the ERP system and thus track his or her work.


Strong in comparison:

Your benefits through our personnel functions.

Central processing of time recording

Times as well as absences (e.g. vacation, training, illness) can be recorded and analyzed in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Management of company assets

Keep an overview of issued company assets (e.g. keys, credit cards, company cars) and manage them centrally.

Predictable resource: Employees

An ERP system is primarily used to plan resources, which of course includes employees. Thus, these are automatically available for all processes as plannable resources in the system.

All information in one place

Bundle all relevant information about your employees in one place and group and manage them. Organize employee data by different categories (e.g. experience, skills, education, training, union membership).

Data-supported decisions

Summarized data on individual employees allows you to carry out a wide variety of analyses or work out strategies (e.g. employee development). Lists and reports can be created in a comfortable way. This saves time and makes the daily work of the human resources department much easier.

Managing skills and knowledge

Always keep an eye on the experience, skills and special knowledge of your employees. In this way you can optimise employee development in the long term.

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