Supply chain functions in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Smooth processes:

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can efficiently map, simplify and control all processes along the supply chain. This enables you to achieve a high level of transparency and smooth processes in the areas of: Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing, Logistics as well as Warehouse.

An adaptation to individual processes is also possible thanks to the option of workflows.

Powerful functions:

Your functions for supply chain management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • General

    The supply chain encompasses the entire value added process – from the customer’s order to delivery and payment for the product or service. The following functions from Dynamics 365 Business Central matter along all supply chain processes:


    • Drop shipping

      In a drop shipment (synonym: direct delivery), goods are shipped directly from a company’s supplier to the own customer.

      In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily map a direct delivery from one of your suppliers directly to one of your customers. When you create a sales order using the direct delivery feature and then create a purchase order, the customer is already automatically specified in the Ship-to field. So you can instruct the supplier to send the goods directly to the customer.

    • Item tracking

      Using item tracking in Dynamics 365 Business Central, it is possible to track the serial or batch number forward or backward in a sequence of posted warehouse transactions.

      You can see how and when an item was

      • received,
      • produced,
      • relocated,
      • sold,
      • consumed or
      • returned.

      Item tracking is particularly useful for quality assurance purposes when you need to find out which customer received products with a particular batch number or from which batch a defective component came.

      On the “Item tracking” page, you can track the serial or batch number forward or backward in a sequence of posted warehouse transactions.


  • Procurement

    The procurement of goods and other inputs from external suppliers is an important part of supply chain management. This involves resources such as raw materials, preliminary products, services, employees and information required by the company.


    • Date calculation for purchases

      For better predictability, Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically calculates the date you need to order an item to have it in inventory on a certain date. This is the so-called order date.

      The expected goods receipt date is then the date when you can expect that the items should be available for picking.

    • Demand forecast

      In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily plan the sales of your items and control your orders based on this, so that a lack of inventory can be avoided. Finally, you can see if the item might be out of stock soon and when the stock should be replenished.

      Dynamics 365 Business Central forecasts future sales based on past sales history. This forecasting takes place at the item level. In the “Item Planning” area, a chart is displayed showing the estimated sales of this item in the upcoming period.

    • Processing of a purchase

      Create a purchase quote in Dynamics 365 Business Central as the first step for a purchase order. This is used to request certain products from a supplier under special delivery and payment conditions. This purchase quote can be converted into a purchase order with just a few clicks if you actually want to purchase the requested items.

      Then, when you receive the goods or when the purchased service is completed, post the order to update the inventory and financial data and initiate payment to the supplier according to the payment terms.

    • Vendor catalog items

      You can also offer your customers items that you do not keep in the item master. These are so-called (supplier) catalog articles. The background is that you do not inflate your item data with external items, but still have the information about the products stored in the system. From your catalog item data you can create items for sale in no time at all.


  • Transport

    You can easily manage the delivery of your products – even through carriers – with Dynamics 365 Business Central.


    • Homologation (customisation)

      From the German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) you receive certified vehicle documents as a template and have to enter supplementary, vehicle-related information. With our individual development you receive a form with which you can print the missing information on the vehicle registration document.

    • Freight forwarders or deliverers

      If you cooperate with certain deliverers, it is possible to display them in Dynamics 365 Business Central including an own code and detailed information.

      If the deliverer offers parcel tracking online, you can also use the function for automatic parcel tracking.

      When you enter deliverers in your sales orders, you can also display the transport types that the particular deliverer offers. You can create an unlimited number of shipment types for each deliverer and also define a shipment time for each shipment type.

    • Shipping tracking

      For shipment tracking, we develop an interface for you to a third-party shipping system (e.g. DPD). Alternatively, we also offer you an interface to the Comsol Multiship module, with which you can easily handle shipping processes with different parcel delivery companies and forwarders.

    • Tour planning

      For optimal tour planning, we implement an interface to third-party software (e.g. Wanko). This allows you to optimize your tours – even across drivers.

    • Truck scale connection (customisation)

      For determining the weight of goods such as sand, we offer a connection of a truck scale to Dynamics 365 Business Central. This displays the weight in the sales order.


Strong in comparison:

Your benefits through our functions around the supply chain.

Meet deadlines

By leveraging integrated data, you can forecast the perfect times to reorder with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Process automation

Get automatic suggestions for reorders. Or better yet, automate orders. With Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Discount utilization

Manage your delivery companies centrally in the system and exploit discounts selectively (without reminder fees).

Satisfied customers

Handle returns and cancellations with ease. This way you increase the satisfaction of your customers enormously.

Lower total costs

With Business Central, you can sustainably reduce the amount of capital tied up in your warehouse in the long term.

Save process time

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can also shorten procurement, throughput and delivery times.

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