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Part of the Dynamics 365 product family:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud application designed for sales. With the help of the application, you can map and control your entire Customer Journey and benefit from efficient sales management. This makes it easier for you to maintain relationships and sell smarter.

unconnected systems are

your challenge.

Can you track the entire customer journey of your (potential) customers? Does your office staff know what the field service is currently doing? How much time does it take your employees to create offers? Does your sales force always have an overview of the current product inventory data in order to make reliable statements to the customer?

Insufficiently or even poorly informed employees appear unprofessional and lead to dissatisfaction – from the perspective of both customers and employees. In the worst case, you will miss out on valuable orders or sales. Incomplete information about the order, billing, shipping or complaints should not be underestimated. This also often occurs when you work with different stand-alone solutions and there is a lack of a common database.

Improve your sales with

our solution Dynamics 365 Sales.

What can Dynamics 365 Sales do for you? With the modern software solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional, you can increase your sales performance and better maintain relationships through so-called “Sales Force Automation”. Optimized and automated processes leave your sales team more valuable time for your customers. At the same time, the sales application can be customized and extended to meet your exact requirements. Plus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional provides a real-time dashboard so you always have the latest data at your fingertips.


  • Overview through graphics and analyses

    With the modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales software solution, you can keep track of your sales performance at all times. Finally, in Dynamics 365 Sales you have a dashboard with real-time data (e.g. competitors, sales targets, sales territories) that are constantly updated.

    On top of that, interacting with Microsoft Power BI, you benefit from detailed analytics and reports (e.g. items sold per region) that help you make smart sales decisions and keep track of all developments.

  • Automation of routine tasks

    Streamlined and automated processes give your sales team more valuable time to spend with your customers. Easily manage the following activities across all devices:

    • Order processing
    • Relationship management
    • Campaign management
    • Lead management
    • Product management
  • Numerous extras

    You can also seamlessly connect to other Dynamics 365 products, such as the ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central, so that you have a basis for the entire company.

    Integration with Microsoft 365 or Office 365 (e.g. Outlook, Exchange, Excel, Teams, OneDrive/SharePoint, OneNote) also helps to increase your productivity.

    You can also benefit from novel features such as gamification.

    In general, the sales solution can be customized and extended, so you can be sure that your requirements are met.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Special offer: Dynamics 365 Sales at a special price.

Dynamics 365 Sales Attach-Lizenzen

Are you already using another Dynamics 365 application (e.g. Dynamics 365 Business Central)? Then you can benefit from this offer.

After all, the offer is aimed at users who already have a basic Dynamics 365 license. If so, you can purchase Dynamics 365 Sales Professional as an attach license, building on your base license, at a reduced price.

The Dynamics 365 Sales Professional license then costs only €16.90/user/month instead of €54.80/user/month.

Optimization of sales:

Your benefits with Dynamics 365 Sales.


Exceeding customer expectations

Through reliable statements and individual, targeted communication, you inspire your customers and strengthen customer loyalty in the long term.

Integration with the Microsoft product world

All Dynamics 365 applications, like Dynamics 365 Sales, use the same underlying data platform, Data Verse, and can interact.


Data-driven decisions

Classify your leads according to their potential and, based on that, align your assessments with colleagues to focus on the right customers.


Data-driven way of working

Help your employees improve performance with insights from deals, relationship analytics, and entertainment data.

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connectiv! eSolutions is not only our neighbor at the Technology Park in Münster, but also a specialist in all topics related to CRM and sales.

The Dynamics 365 product suite combines ERP and CRM functions, so that we have moved even closer together in terms of work and can offer companies the complete package.

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