Microsoft Dynamics NAV in agricultural trade.

Success story:

The cooperative supplies farmers with genetically high-quality semen and accessory products. It requires an individual solution for mapping different departments and companies.

Some customers order boar semen, other home and farm supplies, and others order a combination of both. All stocks must be managed in real time. An introduction of a company-wide solution, which optimally combines the ERP and financial accounting, became inevitable. Together with anaptis, the GFS introduced the ERP solution Dynamics NAV.

The GFS Group

The core business of the Genossenschaft zur Förderung der Schweinehaltung e. G. (GFS) provides for the supply of high quality boar semen to farmers in terms of fertility and genetics. The ZBH / GFS GmbH belongs to the JRC to 50% and supplies farmers with boar semen as well. The GFS Top-Animal-Service GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the GFS selling more than 3900 articles for pig and beef farms. The wholly-owned subsidiary Agro Topshop B.V. also sells accessory products for pig and beef farms, albeit on the Dutch market.

Initial situation

“We are currently facing a number of challenges. We

  • use different isolated solutions (merchandise management and accounting separately),
  • have different systems for each subsidiary, which are not linked to each other,
  • have to spend a disproportionate amount of time on inventories, as the warehouse management system is not fully developed on the system side, and
  • are unintentionally dependent on our warehouse manager when it comes to controlling logistics (route planning), as this takes place solely in his head.

We use different island solutions that do not meet the technical requirements. In particular, the separation of inventory management and accounting results in partly inefficient processes. Our customers order both boar semen from the GFS, and accessory products from our subsidiaries. So far, the subsidiaries are not connected on the system side. The provision of business-relevant data currently takes a lot of time because data has to be recorded twice and processed multiple times. This leads to a poor level of information, especially with regard to the degree of fulfillment of customer wishes. Another problem is time-consuming inventories due to an immature system-side warehouse management. In addition, the control of logistics so far takes place only in the head of the warehouse manager, which creates unwanted dependencies. We have considered some ERP systems that were ultimately out of the question. After all, we have to make a lot of customization because our business does not compare to a traditional dealer.”


GFS – Genossenschaft zur Förderung der Schweinehaltung eG

Trade in boar semen and supplies



„We need a system in which our merchandise management and accounting are linked. We also need to connect our subsidiaries. Special functions that we need are simple warehouse management including inventory and route planning.“


“By switching to anaptis, our departments are now networked in just one system and, as a result, merchandise management is finally integrated with accounting. Today, our subsidiaries are connected on the system side, so that we can now map financial accounting flows between our companies and have a common database at our disposal. The cross-client financial accounting as well as a multitude of evaluation and analysis options provide a quick overview of important company key figures and serve as a basis for our decisions and targets. Repeat orders are even processed automatically. The logistics processes are managed system-supported.

Through all these improvements, we save time, which we can invest in a constantly improved customer relationship management – the focus here is on fulfilling as many customer wishes as possible. We have thus made the way to a combined solution on a common data basis and our wishes have been fulfilled to a large extent.”


  1. Replacement of isolated solutions with a combined solution
  2. Connection of subsidiaries (domestic and abroad)
  3. Better basis for decision-making
  4. Holistic information through interfaces to other applications
  5. Simple compliance with documentation requirements for register keeping (automatic keeping of the inventory register in accordance with the Traffic Ordinance (VVVO)
Meike Friedrichs



Anaptis has helped us to be more efficient. We now manage our data company-wide, as well as inter-divisional, in one system.

Meike Friedrichs | Managing Director | GFS – Genossenschaft zur Förderung der Schweinehaltung eG

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