Software extension - for better opportunities.

anaptis advises and supports you in the seamless NAV integration of your new software extension.

When more is better

You would like to expand your ERP solution by adding meaningful areas and functions? A good decision – and an even better one when you start the expansion together with anaptis.

We integrate the new software enhancements quickly and seamlessly into your current Dynamics NAV – with all individual adjustments, without significantly affecting your daily business.

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Markus Rautenberg
Managing Director
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This makes the software extension a success


You are ready to change something

Improvement always means change. Better software will change your workflow and your point of view. Are you ready for this?


You ask questions

Who does not ask, remains good. To be better, ask us your questions – all of them! We will give you answers – frankly and honestly.


You want to stay better

Every company is developing steadily. Therefore, we check your software on a regular basis – to make sure everything is going well.


We fix the costs beforehand

For each project, we create a clear and binding cost plan. You decide how far the improvement is to go.


We go step by step

Improving everything all at once will rarely lead to success. That is why we are proceeding step by step – for an improvement that continues.


We work hand in hand

We will only be better together. And that’s how we work: in partnership, trustful, with an open ear for all parties involved.

This is how the software extension works: 8 steps for improvement

1. Consultation

We analyze your business processes and current software solutions.

2. First price information

Already in advance you receive a rough price information for orientation.

3. Needs

Together we define your individual company requirements

4. Concept

We develop a concept with proposals for action and recommendations.

5. Offer

On the basis of the concept you receive a binding offer from us.

6. Introduction

The implementation of the add-on follows in your NAV.

7. Training

We train your employees to handle the advanced software.

8. Service

We look after you during the real start of the software and always support you.

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The difference between good and better:
Success stories and other improvements

Updated NAV - better results

Learn how Koberg + Tente GmbH was able to benefit from the upgrade to the new NAV version.

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Mobile software - better on the road

Find out how your sales representatives can be optimally linked to your ERP solution. Even if no internet connection is available.

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Better businesses – Our customers

The first step towards improvement: Contact us

Ask us your questions. Tell us about your challenges. Talk to us.

I’m glad to be of help

Markus Rautenberg
Managing Director
Tel. +49 (0) 251 / 917996-0

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