Better planning of your capacities with orderbase software extensions

anaptis helps you make your Dynamics NAV better and even more productive.

Plan your capacities better

Do you want to control your orders optimally? With our orderbase-partners, you can expand your Dynamics NAV extensively.

With additional modules, such as a plant panel, you can constantly improve your order processing and production control and further develop it.

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Better for: your sales staff

The challenge

  • Management of a large number of parts lists
  • Evaluation of variants
  • Data sheets with variants
  • Flexible calculation of prices
  • Plausibility check of variant configuration “What fits?”

Our solution

orderbase VariPlus
In sales, VariPlus supports as a variant configurator and generator for the creation of sales orders and the coordination between sales and production.

Better for: your project manager

The challenge

  • Overview of the current utilization situation
  • Fast response to planning errors
  • Presentation of loads and capacities for changes in planning
  • Minimization of setup times

Our solution

orderbase MegaBoard
The orderbase MegaBoard supports the capacity and resource planning as a graphical plant panel and provides an optimization of the order planning, for example with a powerful heuristic as an APS system, e.g. for set-up time reduction.

orderbase TreeControl
Creates the meaningful extension of the plant board by displaying graphical structure parts lists and project structures.

Five times better: NAV extensions from orderbase

orderbase MegaBoard

The add-on for better resource and capacity planning

With its intuitive user interface and the graphical representation of the current utilization situation, the planning borad of orderbase offers you a well-founded decision-making base in all your planning processes – be it production, service or project management.

  • Fast data processing
  • Transparent representation of capacities and strains over time
  • Overview of the current utilization situation
  • Early detection and correction of planning errors
  • In the case of changes in planning, the adjustments to charges and capacities are displayed directly
orderbase TreeControl

The add-on for a better representation of structure lists and project structures

As a useful extension to the graphical plant board of the MegaBoard, TreeControl offers your production planners a fast and structured overview of complex parts lists and projects.

  • Overview of complex parts list or project structures
  • Combined display of parts lists and worklists in an overview
orderbase VariPlus

Add-on for generating and configuring article variants in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With VariPlus, you enable your employees to generate and configure the suitable variants via the input of expressions – including plausibility checks..

  • Article / variant combinations are automatically checked for plausibility
Orderbase time management

Operating data and personnel time recording in Dynamics NAV

With time management from orderbase, your employees can record their working hours better. You will receive timely feedback for your analyzations and calculations.

  • Transfer to known pay programs
  • Retrieval of flexible evaluations
  • Timely feedback to the current calculation
  • Immediate feedback on status information
orderbase terminal

Easy recording of personnel times via PC terminals

  • Detection of coming and going
  • Recording of breaks and services

This is how the software extension works: 8 steps for improvement

1. Consultation

We analyze your business processes and current software solutions.

2. First price information

Already in advance you receive a rough price information for orientation.

3. Requirement

Together we define your individual company requirements.

4. Concept

We develop a concept with proposals for action and recommendations.

5. Offer

On the basis of the concept you receive a binding offer from us.

6. Introduction

The implementation of the add-on follows in your NAV.

7. Training

We train your employees to handle the advanced software.

8. Service

We look after you during the real start of the software and always support you.

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