Better on the move with the mobile software extension from Anveo

anaptis helps you make your Dynamics NAV mobile – and even more productive.

Full access to NAV – always, anywhere.

Your employees should be able to work effectively on the road? With the Anveo solutions, your technicians and distributors always have all the relevant data and functions from Dynamics NAV on the tablet or smartphone.

You also open up new possibilities for your customers and suppliers – and integrate them into your processes via portal.

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Better for: your field service

The challenge

  • Limited network coverage
  • Missing access to relevant (customer) data
  • Duplicate order processing, since no direct input

Our solution

Anveo Mobile Sales App
Your field service always has access to all relevant data from Dynamics NAV. Orders can be recorded directly at the customer’s premises. No net? The app also works offline! It synchronizes automatically and continuously as soon as internet is available again.

Better for: your customers & suppliers

The challenge

  • Hight support
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Digitalize information

Our solution

Anveo Web Portal
Reduce your support effort to a minimum. Simply provide your customers and suppliers with the information you need – directly from Dynamics NAV. In the customer or supplier portal each user sees, of course, only what is intended for him.

Better for: your service technicians

The challenge

  • Lack of documentation of completed work
  • No direct time recording
  • Lack of support from the company

Our solution

Anveo Mobile Service App
Your technicians can check service orders and customer data at any time. The app allows all services to be easily and directly documented – including photos, which are then also available in Dynamics NAV.

Better for: your employees

The challenge

  • Obsolete or incomplete information
  • High communication effort
  • Double and inaccurate time recording
  • Time-consuming recording of travel expenses

Our solution

Anveo Web Portal
Provide your employees with the relevant information from Dynamics NAV live: via an employee portal. In addition, working hours and travel expenses can be quickly and reliably accessed.

Anveo Mobile App
Everything is also mobile – and independent of the network coverage. Documents can be captured simply by photo with the mobile phone camera.

Three times better: The mobile solutions from Anveo

Anveo Mobile App

The offline-enabled app for Dynamics NAV


This app makes your Microsoft Dynamics NAV mobile. Working from the road is easily possible – even offline. You increase your productivity, avoid errors and provide your employees with better support during workdays.

  • Direct access to current stock data, offers and customer prices
  • Create new orders
  • Find matching articles via barcode scanner
  • Take pictures and store them directly in the service order
  • Record working hours and travel expenses
Anveo Web Portal

Restricted live access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Via the Anveo Web Portal, you, your employees, customers and suppliers can easily access the Microsoft Dynamics NAV via the web – only as far as you wish.

  • Port solutions for customers, suppliers and employees
  • Streamline your processes through direct connection
  • Individually adjustable, accurately matched to your structures.
Anveo EDI Connect

Electronic data exchange for Dynamics NAV


Automate the electronic data exchange with your customers, suppliers and partners. Anveo EDI Connect is fully integrated into Dynamics NAV and guarantees a perfect interaction.

  • Transfer of item and order data, invoices, inventory reports, etc.
  • Including setting up the EDI data formats, EDIFACT / XML wizard, data converter

This is how the software extension works: 8 steps for improvement

1. Consultation

We analyze your business processes and current software solutions.

2. First price information

Already in advance you receive a rough price information for orientation

3. Requirement

Together we define your individual company requirements.

4. Concept

We develop a concept with proposals for action and recommendations.

5. Offer

On the basis of the concept you receive a binding offer from us.

6. Introduction

The implementation of the add-on follows in your NAV.

7. Training

We train your employees to handle the advanced software.

8. Service

We look after you during the real start of the software and always support you.

The difference between good and better:
A success story

“Bottom line, after the implementation of Anveo, we have more qualified time for the customer. We can handle business processes more efficiently, which pays off in all areas. That is why we are already planning further steps to expand our infrastructure with anaptis, such as the exchange of data via EDI, electronic invoicing via ZUGFeRD or electronic delivery reports via the Anveo Web Portal.”

Sven Reckmann

Management, Gustav Ehlert GmbH & Co. KG

Mobile software - better on the road

Learn how your sales representatives can be optimally connected to your ERP solution. Also, if no internet connection is available.

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