Dynamics NAV for IT service providers.

Success story:

connectiv! eSolutions has been successfully serving its customers since 1998. The know-how ranges from innovative eBusiness and WEB solutions such as eCommerce platforms, websites and portals to the implementation of complex customer relationship management systems based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In the CRM area, connectiv! is a long-standing Microsoft partner with gold competence, and thus brings with it a deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem. Today, more than 60 employees work on individual and innovative concepts at the two locations in Münster and Lingen.

Area 1:

connectiv! as a customer

We have performed upgrades to Dynamics NAV 2009 and Dynamics NAV 2017 and support connectiv! with our ERP know-how on a day-to-day basis.

Area 2:

connectiv! as a partner

Thanks to our know-how in the area of ERP and that of connectiv! in the area of CRM/Customer Engagement, we work together in partnership with some customers.

Part 1: connectiv! as a customer

Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2009 / Upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2017

Initial situation

“As we ourselves are also a Microsoft partner, albeit for the CRM area, we have been loyal to Microsoft products for a long time. In 2001, Navision Financials 2.01 was introduced at our company (still with another partner).

However, this former service provider lacked special know-how in certain ERP topics (e.g. financial accounting setup, accounting, annual financial statements). In addition, at that time we wanted to link SharePoint with Navision for the storage of incoming invoices, which turned out to be difficult at that time.

Most recently, due to our current large company growth, we had to face the increased requirements in the area of infrastructure operations.”

Challenges at a glance

  1. lack of expertise at the previous service provider (e.g. financial functions, SharePoint linkage)
  2. increased requirements for infrastructure operations due to company growth
Agile ERP-Einführung


“The goal was to move to a confident and professional Microsoft partner with whom all projects (e.g. Office NAV integration) could be implemented together and who would support us in infrastructure operations.”

Partner search

“Working together as partners on joint projects made it unnecessary for us to look into alternative partner companies. The good discussions about our future plans led us to become anaptis’ customer in 2006.”

Thomas Thyen, Managing Director, connectiv! eSolutions GmbH

“More than 15 years ago, we found a competent and honest partner in anaptis that fits us very well. The friendly relationship, the short distances as well as the distinctive claim of anaptis to work with the software standard convince us until today.”


“We wanted to remain loyal to Microsoft Dynamics. After all, we have been working with Microsoft’s CRM products ourselves since 2004. So it made sense to continue to use the same software in the ERP area in order to benefit from the advantages of using the platform. Since then, we have already carried out two upgrades to higher Dynamics NAV versions together. Our experience shows that the standard of Dynamics NAV is great to use for service providers.

In addition, we can always count on anaptis’ support in the area of infrastructure operations.

Improvements at a glance

  1. Platform effect: ERP and CRM based on Microsoft technology (results in efficiency, process speed, etc.)
  2. Support in hardware operation
  3. Cooperation with an honest as well as professional partner with short communication channels


Support in infrastructure operation

On request, we support our customers in the area of IT infrastructure.

Part 2: connectiv! as a partner

Mutual completion

We complete the portfolio of connectiv! in the area of ERP and connectiv! completes our portfolio with the area of CRM/Customer Engagement (especially Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Field Service). In some areas (e.g. Microsoft Power Platform) we have overlaps. We support these together and complement each other.

Two solutions "as if from a single source"

For a long time, we have been supporting and optimizing some customers and projects from a single source (including eyeglass manufacturers, manufacturers of door and gate systems, and companies in the field of digitization and automation). Customers particularly appreciate the fact that although we are two partners, the solution is still implemented “as if from a single source”.

More than just project partner

connectiv! and we are about the same size and have a similar journey behind us. We are not only connected by a familiar or friendly relationship at eye level, but also by a spatial proximity due to our shared office space in the Münster Technology Park. Whoever works with us can be sure that the chemistry is right.

Dynamics NAV for IT service providers:

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