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Success story:

Erzeugerring Westfalen is an advisory organization for farmers involved in pig farming. For more than 50 years, the Erzeugerring has been supporting its customers with professional, practical know-how and helping them to optimize processes and overcome challenges. Farmers pay a fee for consulting services (hourly package), which is billed quarterly. As a rule, the services remain within the quota; if necessary, additional charges are made.


Cloud-ready in agricultural consulting.

Initial situation

“Our Dynamics NAV version was outdated and no longer met current technical capabilities. We wanted to become ‘cloud-ready’ and position ourselves for the future.

The work of our consultants (field staff) should be further simplified by a web client and the use of mobile devices, and travel expense reporting should be improved. With regard to this, the relevant information (performance, activity and travel distance records) should be brought together.

In addition, we wanted to take the next step toward digitizing the accounting system. We envisioned this to include automated posting of our bank account statements.”

Challengs at a glance

  1. Become cloud-ready
  2. Improvement of the work of the field service (web client and mobile solution)
  3. Improvement of travel expense reporting (consolidation of necessary information)
  4. Digitization of accounting (automatic posting of bank statements)
Agile ERP-Einführung


“Our goal was to become ‘cloud-ready’ and position ourselves for the future. The focus was on mobile devices and process automation.”

With anaptis, we gained a competent and very reliable partner 15 years ago. We particularly like the fixed contact person who always strives for the optimal solution for our processes.

Stefan Averesch, Accounting, Erzeugerring Westfalen e. G.


“The upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central was carried out without any major problems. At first, we struggled internally with the acceptance of the web client. After all, the old system was still working. However, we were able to settle this problem relatively quickly through training and showing the benefits.”



“Our expectations were fully met, and we were able to achieve our goals.

Thanks to the web client, our consultants (field staff) are more flexible and can access the system at any time. In addition, our accounting is now much more efficient thanks to OPplus 365, freeing up time for other tasks.

Lastly, in combination with Office 365 and the cloud connection, we have many new design options for internal reporting.”

Improvements at a glance

  1. Upgrade auf ein standardnahes System mit Gewährleistung der künftigen Upgradefähigkeit
  2. Gewinnung eines langfristiges Ansprechpartners bei der anaptis, der uns gut kennt und proaktiv berät
  3. Verbesserung der Unternehmenssteuerung durch detailliertes Reporting
  4. Verbesserung der Serviceorientierung und Kundenzufriedenheit durch automatisierte Serviceprozesse und bessere Datenqualität
  5. Verbesserung der Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit durch eine moderne, skalierbare ERP-Lösung

Projects in the past

Erzeugerring Westfalen e. G. has been our customer for 15 years. At that time, they became aware of us on the recommendation of a befriended company and ultimately chose us because of our competent employees and know-how in the agricultural sector.

Implementation of Microsoft Navision 4.0 (2005)

At that time, the processes of Erzeugerring did not run ideally. Especially in the area of billing, there was a need for optimization due to the consultants’ (field staff) recording of services on slips of paper and the subsequent digital recording. Ultimately, there were time delays, careless errors and duplicated effort.

To eliminate these problems, we jointly introduced Microsoft Navision 4.0.

Upgrade to Dynamics NAV (2012)

In the meantime, a few years later in 2012, there was an upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2009, based primarily on the desire for technical currency.


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