Dynamics NAV in IT consulting.

Success story:

The company ngworx.ag offers consulting, engineering and integration services in the network, security and cloud area. In addition to the consulting business, ngworx.ag sells, integrates and operates network and security hardware as well as management solutions from selected strategic partners. The customers are companies from the ISP/Telco and Enterprise segment, which are not only located in Switzerland and Austria, but all over Europe.

We implemented the ERP solution Dynamics NAV at the company and thus contributed to a professionalization and optimization of the way of working.


From Excel & Co. to the ERP system.

Initial situation

“Before we decided to implement a professional ERP solution, we organized and executed our work exclusively with Microsoft Word, Excel & Co. Over time, we grew from a startup to a medium-sized company, so at some point it became inevitable to switch to an ERP solution.

So we searched for an ERP solution that could map the processes from offer to order confirmation, delivery bill to invoice – on the sales side as well as on the purchasing side.

In addition to the standard functionalities, we also had special requirements such as complex time recording, reporting and invoicing, which are necessary for the consulting sector, which makes up a large part of our business.

Another part of our business is the sale of hardware and (re)sale of warranty services. For this reason, it was important for us to be able to handle recurring maintenance and extensions of warranty periods easily in the system. Regarding warranty periods, our approach is to request prices from the vendor and pass them on to our customers.”

Challenges at a glance:

  1. Manual and time-consuming work with Word and Excel.
  2. Desire for a user-friendly and practicable ERP solution
  3. Mapping of business processes from quotation to invoice
  4. Mapping of complex time recording, reporting and invoicing
  5. Mapping of maintenance and warranty periods (incl. extensions)
Agile ERP-Einführung


“Our objective was to replace Word and Excel with a user-friendly, scalable and viable ERP solution, which would allow us to manage our daily tasks in a professional manner.“

Noam Suisa- Dynamics NAV in der IT-Beratung
Noam Suisa, Head of Business Development & Administration, ngworx.ag

“To this day, we are convinced that we made the right decision with Dynamics NAV and our partner. Overall, all our concerns could be implemented and the cooperation is constructive and goal-oriented at all times.”

Partner Search

“We became aware of Dynamics NAV through an existing cooperation with Infosim in the area of network management, because the implementation of this ERP software represents another business area of the company. The solution convinced us immediately and we already knew from previous cooperation that the employees are very competent and reliable. So looking for another partner company was out of the question for us.”



“Since we started as a startup, we gradually transferred our processes and functions from Word, Excel & Co. to Dynamics NAV. Our employees were informed about the change ahead of time. In preparation, we created a guide / documentation and defined a time window for standby support for our employees. In addition, we maintained documentation on our internal wiki from the very beginning, in which we stored functions and instructions. The change management (in particular training/education) thus took place continuously and on the job.

Today, we map the majority of our core processes with the standard Dynamics NAV solution. This means:

  • Project department: time recording of our consulting division
  • Sales department: process from quotation to sales order, invoice to service order and contract (a service item is created from an item that has been sold)
  • Purchasing department: process from purchase request to purchase order to invoice

Our special requirements were solved by individual customizations: One of them is or was the customization of time recording. This is because we had to take into account criteria such as billable hours, internally billable hours, and surcharges for weekends and evenings. In addition, it had to be possible to complete project tasks.

In addition, we can now easily handle our maintenance and warranty extensions directly in Dynamics NAV. Within this framework, we can also automatically import articles and process serial numbers.

Finally, we now benefit from various pop-up fields. These display, for example, important information about the customer, credit insurance and warnings (e.g. Engineer exceeds 50% of the time budget).

In summary, with this project or through ongoing collaboration, we were able to solve and implement all challenges and requests in an agile format and at very short notice.

To this day, we are clearly convinced that the decision for the system and our partner company was the right one. The price-performance ratio for Dynamics NAV and the individual adaptations is very well balanced. Moreover, today we have a very reliable contact person for technical matters and one for commercial ones. The cooperation is and always has been excellent, constructive and goal-oriented.”

Improvements at a glance:

  1. Replacement of Word and Excel with a modern, scalable and practicable ERP solution
  2. Mapping of standard commercial processes from offer to invoice (sales and purchasing)
  3. Mapping of our complex time recording, reporting and billing processes
  4. Mapping of our maintenance and warranty periods (incl. extensions)
  5. Customization (e.g. changeable delivery bills)
  6. Constructive and goal-oriented cooperation with a reliable partner company


Dynamics NAV in IT consulting:

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