We develop your strategy in our cloud consulting..

We want to get into the cloud:

According to the bitkom Cloudmonitor 2020, every 3rd company uses cloud software. In addition, the majority of companies are convinced that cloud computing contributes to the digitization of companies and improves the close cooperation between IT and other departments. Are you already convinced?

Using the cloud digitizes processes and makes digital business models possible. In addition, companies can act flexibly and agilely, as resources or applications can be expanded or supplemented without high costs. We have specialized in the implementation of Microsoft technologies. These include the Azure infrastructure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 or Office 365 and the Power Platform.

As part of our cloud computing consulting we clarify all questions in this context and will be happy to advise you. Because digitization is our passion.

Is this how it looks with you?

Your challenges regarding the development of a cloud strategy.

There are various reasons to move to the cloud. What is the reason that drives you? It is often the case that the technologies currently used lead to limitations and that there are processes that could be significantly improved by using the cloud. What goals do you want to achieve through the cloud strategy?

If you’re considering moving from an on-premise system to the cloud, or introducing the cloud for the first time, you’re likely to face some questions. But don’t worry: We won’t leave you alone in the jungle of technical terms. We clarify the questions together and understandably.


Which cloud model is the right one?

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS? Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud? The models depend on your requirements.


Which applications suit us best?

ERP in the Microsoft Cloud? Telephony via Microsoft Teams? We adapt the applications to your business context.


How is migration to the cloud done?

Direct migration, hybrid extension or new development? The choice of cloud model also depends on your requirements.

We determine your cloud strategy:

Our solution: We offer cloud consulting to medium-sized companies..

Together we will get to the bottom of the above mentioned questions. We show you potential areas and work out relevant topics and possibilities in close cooperation with you as part of our cloud computing consulting. In doing so, we address the topics that are relevant for you.

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IaaS, Hybrid Cloud & Co.?

A cloud strategy is very complex. The same approach is not recommended for every company across the board. For example, you can migrate to the Microsoft public cloud, but the private or hybrid cloud could also be considered. Of course, this can be very confusing.

What is very important to us, especially to me, Theo the technology interpreter, is the translation of very technical and abstract sounding technical terms. We talk to you at eye level – without any technical jargon. Promise!

Your path to the future:

These are your advantages of our cloud consulting.

  • Mobility

    Full flexibility: You can access your data anytime, anywhere, so you can work from anywhere with any device.

  • Lower costs

    Your costs in the area of infrastructure (e.g. energy and electricity) and administration (e.g. system administration) are significantly lower. Almost too good to be true, right?

  • Scale as needed

    Act as needed and add or remove storage, users and IT resources as needed. Customized according to your needs.

  • Security

    Your company data is encrypted at all times so that only authorized persons have access.

  • Start directly

    Ready-made services are provided via the cloud, which can be operated immediately. Subscribe and get started!

  • Always up-to-date

    A clear roadmap and the continuous development of technologies by Microsoft lead to investment security.


This is how we start with our cloud consulting.

Step 1: Request
You express your interest in developing a cloud strategy with us. By phone or by mail. Just as you like. Tell us about your project or the challenges you would like to tackle in your company.
Step 2: Qualify
Our team will take a close look at your request. If we are already sure that we can help you, someone from our pool of experts will get in touch. To ensure that we can provide you with the right contact person directly, we need some information about your specific project in advance.
If your request does not include all relevant information, we will contact you to fully qualify the request. If we are not the right contact for your project, we will tell you this honestly at this point.
Step 3: Initial consultation
In a non-binding, initial conversation, we get to know each other and both have the chance to check whether the chemistry between us is right.
We ask a few detailed questions about the project. We also talk about required resources such as budget and time frame. If you continue to signal your interest after this step, we will proceed with an analysis.
Step 4: Analysis of the current status
When you hire us to develop a cloud strategy, the first step in the analysis is to look at your existing IT infrastructure:
- Where do you stand today in terms of the cloud?
- How are applications provided?
- Where is data located
- Which systems are in use?
- How are service, support and maintenance carried out?
Step 5: Concept incl. offer
In the following step, we show you the potential of a sustainable cloud strategy for your company and your processes. In essence this concerns: scalability, IT Security, extraction of local resources and maintenance. Also we will develop an IT architecture that makes optimal use of the potential and possibilities of the cloud with you. As a result of the analysis you will receive a documentation extended by concrete implementation proposals, which we will develop for you. This gives you a sound decision-making basis for your cloud strategy and allows you to get started.
If you would like to tackle the implementation proposals with us, we will prepare an individual offer based on the concept.
What are you waiting for?

Request a cloud consulting for your cloud strategy.

Get to know us! In a free initial consultation, we will find out together whether we as a partner company fit you and your medium-sized company.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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