From the analog medium-sized company to a Modern Workplace.

Be ahead of your competition:

The world of work is changing and you are not yet prepared for it? For some years now, the tree of classic work models has been vigorously shaken. Forward-looking technologies make it possible to meet the challenges posed by globally distributed teams and complex working environments. For example, employees in companies today often wish for the freedom to decide where they work and how they split their working hours. This calls for entrepreneurial adaptability – both organizationally and technologically. In addition, the desire for more flexibility – perhaps even more than ever before – means that security aspects must be guaranteed. But that’s no reason to despair, because we have something prepared for you.

Organization and technology:

Your challenge: You want to become more modern, but don't know how?


Old-fashioned image

Do your competitors rush ahead of you, so that specialists prefer them as an employer? Then the image of an old-fashioned employer sticks to you.


Dissatisfied employees

Do your employees often complain that they are dissatisfied with the hardware, software and rigid specifications regarding the place of work and working hours?


System breaks

Do isolated solutions and technologies that are not state-of-the-art create barriers? Do routine tasks take a long time and is teamwork only possible in a bumpy way?


Lack of IT expertise

Do you not have access to experienced IT experts who can advise or support you holistically on the subject of the Modern Workplace?

We recommend:

Our solution: Our holistic Modern Workplace approach for SMEs.

The prerequisite for a Modern Workplace is to rely on a holistic concept. It’s not just a matter of buying a few new software tools. In our opinion, the development of a Modern Workplace also includes a change in corporate culture. This means that in addition to the purchase of state-of-the-art software, employees need to be involved and enthusiastic and processes need to be updated and adapted to the new way of working.

Dynamics 365 Business Central in der Produktion


In order to work digitally and more efficiently from any location, it is of course important to choose the right software tools. We use the entire Microsoft product world, from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) to the Microsoft Power Platform.

Modern Workplace


The best software in the world is of no use to you if your employees are reluctant to use it. Change management is the key here. Involve your employees and address their needs so that everyone can benefit from the Modern Workplace.


In addition to the technological basis and bringing your employees along, it is equally important that the processes are adapted to the development. As experts in the field of process optimization, we will be happy to assist you.

The benefits of the Modern Workplace:

Your employees benefit from these advantages.

When you holistically implement the mix of technologies, people and processes, your employees will reap the following benefits through the Modern Workplace:

  • Organization

    Organize your appointments as well as meetings via probably the most popular application of the Microsoft 365 package, Microsoft Outlook.

    Plan and structure your tasks, track the processing status and get reminders about due dates. All this is possible in the clearly arranged Microsoft Planner application.

  • Different devices

    Give your employees freedom of choice of device – whether on a desktop computer in the office, a laptop at home, or a cell phone on the go. With the mobile-optimized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft 365 applications, this is possible without any problems.

  • File storage/access

    Store your files in Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint applications in the cloud for flexible access.

    By storing on SharePoint, you can also easily access your documents in Microsoft Teams. This means that no arrangements have to be made for remote work (e.g. USB stick).

  • Notices

    Collect thoughts, notes or meeting minutes in the Microsoft OneNote application.

  • Communication

    All of your internal and external communication, and therefore telephoning, chatting and video conferencing, runs centrally via Microsoft Teams

this is how we develop your strategy for a modern workplace.

Step 1: Non-binding inquiry
You express your interest in a consultation on the Modern Workplace by telephone or by e-mail. Just as you like. Tell us about your plans or the challenges you would like to address in your company.
Step 2: Qualification of the request
Our team takes a close look at your request. If we are already sure that we can help you, someone from our pool of experts will get in touch. Who comes forward depends on the area of your inquiry. In order to provide you with the right contact person, we first need some information about your specific project and the company. If not all relevant information is available in your inquiry, we will contact you to fully qualify the inquiry. If we are not the right contact for your project, we will tell you this honestly at this point.
Step 3: Initial consultation
In a non-binding, initial meeting, we get to know each other and both have the chance to check whether the chemistry between us is right. We ask a few detailed questions about the project. If you continue to signal your interest after this step, we will proceed with an analysis.
Step 4: Analysis of the current state
When you hire us for a Modern Workplace consultation, we first create an analysis of the current state of your work situation for you. In doing so, we focus primarily on weak points. We also define your goals together.
Step 5: Getting to know the possibilities
In this step, we introduce you to relevant Microsoft tools that we believe would improve your work. In addition, we introduce you to the possibilities of change management and the potential of selected optimizations of your processes.
Step 6: Concept
Based on your company-specific requirements, we work with you to develop an initial concept for collaboration in your company - more precisely for collaboration, communication and information processes using the Microsoft tools mentioned.

At your request, we will also gladly take over the implementation of the project.
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