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Would you like to optimize your internal processes? If so, what is your goal?

Increasing productivity, improving quality, reducing resources or improving utilization are just some important results that can be achieved. Whatever your personal concern is behind process optimization, the changes must also be digitally mapped. So now there are two possibilities: Either you introduce a new ERP software that accurately reflects your newly structured processes or you adapt an existing software. If you find yourself in the second case, you will also have to restructure your ERP software. We have developed a number of approaches for you to reposition yourself and restructure your ERP system.

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One of our key competencies is process optimization. We take a close look at your procedures and improve your processes with you. Real and digital means that we also map the modified processes in the system so that you can restructure your ERP solution.

A note in advance: The older the system, the lower the chances that restructuring can be easily mapped in the system. If you are still using an old system, the second option would probably be the better alternative.

Frequently asked questions:

2Restructuring incl. upgrade

You would like to restructure your company, but still have an old system? Then it is time to upgrade to a newer version. There are many reasons for this: You will definitely benefit from new functions. You also ensure the availability of updates. Finally, you ensure the satisfaction of your employees. Digitization demands new technologies. In the course of the upgrade, we restructure your processes and digitally map them in the latest ERP solution.

Frequently asked questions:

Convinced by anaptis and Dynamics:

This is what our customers say about their restructuring.


Sven Reckmann

“By introducing the mobile solution we save valuable time and have more satisfied customers. We are already planning further steps.”

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Josef Brüninghoff

“Our warehouse logistics are now much more efficient. We use mobile devices in the warehouse and call up stock levels at any time in real time.”
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André Bock

“Our field staff now accesses real-time data! In addition, route planning and order processing have been optimized.”

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Internal restructuring requires harmony:

Master your Change Management.

Cooperation with the Startup Echometer

Through our cooperation with the Münster Start-Up Echometer, you can increase the acceptance of your employees already during the ERP project. How exactly does this work? The company conducts employee surveys using an agile feedback tool.

Why does this make sense?

The introduction of a new software is accompanied by major changes. Often this means a change in the entire way of working. Fears and concerns quickly arise among your employees, which can cause the entire project to fail if they are not taken into account.  Therefore, communication between employees, management and the software provider is of particular importance. This is easily done with the help of Echometer.

How does it work?

As a software service provider, we receive regular feedback from you and your employees, so that we know what is going well and where difficulties could arise throughout the project. We then take immediate action to counteract these critical points, thereby increasing employee acceptance of the project.

The bottom line is that the regular feedback increases the acceptance of your employees and ensures a constant improvement process of your processes. Just let us know that the topic interests you.

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Einführung eines ERP-System mit Echometer

restructuring your ERP software.

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