We make companies better.

IT consulting in Münster, Würzburg, Hamburg and Braunschweig:

As an ERP provider, we support medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries in process optimization and automation. The user-friendly software bundles finance, merchandise management & Co. in one place: This leads to networking of all business areas and ultimately to better decisions based on real-time data.

We are part of the Infosim® Group and our team consists of more than 50 specialists. Since the beginning of our journey, we have already been able to make well over 150 well-known companies better and we look forward to helping your team do the same.

What do we do?

What is our mission?

Our mission at anaptis? We develop close-to-standard and custom-fit IT solutions based on Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) so that medium-sized companies can optimally manage their resources.

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We are a Microsoft Partner.

Since our foundation we are Microsoft partner and distribute Microsoft products.

Regular training is important to us in order to always be up to date and to have our competencies confirmed. For example, we were last certified as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider in 2023. In this context, our team continues to train through Microsoft exams in various specialist areas (Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power Platform, DevOps).

anaptis Day in May 2023

Our milestones at a glance.

Why anaptis?
2005 All beginning: Foundation in Münster
In 2005 we were founded in our beautiful hometown Münster by a team of three experienced specialists.
2008 First time Microsoft Gold Partner
In 2008, we were awarded the Microsoft Gold competency as a partner company for the first time.
2014 New strategic partnerships
This year we started a strategic cooperation with Infosim GmbH & Co. KG from Würzburg and brought two experienced partners into the company with Stefan Köhler and Marius Heuler.
2016 Moving into our modern new building
In 2016, we moved into our modern new building in the Münster Technology Park, together with Siemens and connectiv! eSolutions.
2018 Our brand new R&D team
In 2018, we established our ABCTeam, dedicated exclusively to research and development of new technologies.
2019 WOW! Our anaptis AI label
In 2019, we established our label anaptis AI. This is about the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI) for our clientele.
2020 Microsoft Certified: App Development and Analytics
In 2020, we were awarded "Gold Application Development" and "Silver Data Analytics" by Microsoft for the first time.
2021 Hi, Würzburg!
At the beginning of 2021, our ERP department and that of Infosim GmbH & Co. KG were finally merged. Nothing more stands in the way of cross-location projects!
2022 Hi, Hamburg!
In 2022 we took the next step in the development of our company and opened an office in Hamburg. We are looking forward to grow and make companies better in the north as well.
2023 Braunschweig
In 2023, we have continued our expansion and have rented office space in Braunschweig. We are very much looking forward to growing here as well in terms of customers and employees.
Better anaptis:

That's why customers love us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why should you choose us as a partner company out of the large Microsoft network? We give you an overview of what makes us unique.

1 Code ownership

2 Close to standard, experienced and flexible

3 Personalized support

4 Honesty and fairness

5 Consistency and innovation

Better anaptis:

That's why our team loves us.

Why should you work at anaptis of all places? We provide a brief overview of our corporate culture. See what makes us special and unique.

1 We trust our team and grant a lot of freedom.

2 The well-being of all team members is important to us.

3 We are committed to the development of all team members.

4 We promote our team spirit.