your reliable and friendly IT service provider from Münster.

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Who are we?

your IT service provider from Münster and Würzburg.

Since our birth in 2005, we have pursued the clear goal of ensuring that people in medium-sized companies no longer have to worry about complex IT issues. We see ourselves as technology interpreters and consultants with a focus on process optimization. Small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries approach us because they want to improve. For example, you want to manage your resources and processes better and work more efficiently. You explain your challenges and expectations to us, and we translate the “jungle” of technological possibilities. To do this, we develop solutions that minimize workloads and are geared to practice without being complicated and unmanageable, using technologies from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 world.

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This is how we set ourselves apart from the competition:

That is why people love us.

What makes us special? What makes us special? Why do people choose us as a partner and employer?

Unternehmenssoftware für den Mittelstand

1Close to the standard solution

We deliberately have no industry focus and strive to stay as close as possible to the system standard in every project. Experience has shown that we can implement most installations without major adaptations.

Why do we do this? It is our heartfelt wish that you remain independent and that your system remains updatable.

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2Satisfaction > growth

We do not want to become the largest IT service provider in the area as quickly as possible. Quite the opposite: We are counting on moderate growth and focus on enthusiastic customers. Your enthusiasm is our success.

People before ID numbers – We focus on people and their needs and that is how we measure our performance.

Microsoft Power Platform

3Part of the anaptis-Family

Regularly  we enter long-term partnerships with our customers because we are not only a provider of ERP software, but are also the right contact for many other IT issues.

After all, our team consists of many bright minds with a wide variety of specializations.

(Junior) Data-Scientist/KI-Spezialist

4Experienced and innovative

Wir ruhen uns nicht auf unserer jahrelangen Erfahrung aus, sondern investieren in Ihre brillante Zukunft.

Vor einiger Zeit haben wir einige Mitarbeitende – das ABCTeam (anaptis Business Central Team) – aus dem Projektgeschäft gelöst, das nun Lösungen und Apps auf der Basis von KI und weiteren Technologien entwickelt.


5Better together

We are Microsoft partners – behind us stands the IT giant Microsoft, which is driving digitization globally. We are also part of the Infosim group and networked with partners for add-ons.

As a customer you profit accordingly from our concentrated competence. We always find a solution for your request.

6Unique methodology

Neither classic, nor Scrum, but rather the anaptis project methodology – this is what sets us apart from the competition.

After years of experience, we have consolidated our professional and proven own working methodology, thereby promoting acceptance by your employees, transparency and even saving you money.

IT service provider since 2005: Our milestones at a glance.

Why anaptis?
2005 Foundation
In 2005 we were founded in our beautiful hometown Münster by a team of three experienced specialists.
2008 Award
In 2008 we were awarded the Microsoft Gold Partner Competence for the first time.
2014 Infosim partnership
This year we started a strategic cooperation with Infosim GmbH & Co. KG from Würzburg.
2016 New building
In 2016, we moved into our new building in the Münster Technology Park, together with Siemens and connectiv! eSolutions.
2018 ABCTeam
In 2018, our ABCTeam was established to focus exclusively on the research and development of new technologies.
2019 anaptis AI
In 2019, we founded our label anaptis AI. This is about the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI) for our customers.
2020 Awards
In 2020, we were awarded the "Gold Application Development" and "Silver Data Analytics" awards by Microsoft for the first time.
2021 Merge
At the beginning of 2021, our ERP department and that of Infosim GmbH & Co. KG were finally merged.