Change management in ERP projects.

More than just a software project:

ERP projects are not small projects that run unnoticed on the side. ERP projects are also not pure IT projects. Your management, project management as well as key users must actively cooperate and form a positive mouthpiece into the company. They are therefore largely responsible for the success of the project or the success of this change. Leading us to change management in ERP projects. We explain to you which success factors are important for change management.

This is how we work:

50:50 division of labor in the ERP project.

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An ERP project is above all teamwork. An interaction between partner company and customer. 50% of the success is due to your willingness and ability to participate on the customer side.

Here’s what no ERP partner can do for you:

  • Awareness of the division of labor (= additional work besides day-to-day business)
  • Be a positive mouthpiece into the company
  • Active participation in the project
  • Creation of capacities with key users

Success factors for change management in the ERP project.

  • Communicate goal

    For successful change management in the ERP project, it is important that you pursue a goal and can argue this convincingly in the team. This motivates your team, which leads to openness and acceptance.

    After all, there will be reasons and goals that triggered the project. Examples include productivity and potential savings.

  • Deploy Key User
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    Choose your key users wisely and create a suitable framework. Your key users have to work with us on requirements, test functions, and participate in meetings. Take care that failures are absorbed.

  • Feedback culture

    For successful change management in the ERP project, it is also advisable to obtain feedback on a regular basis. This will help you to counteract resistance and disorientation.

  • Anchor culture

    In the end, it is important for successful change management in the ERP project to anchor the transformation in the corporate culture. Why? This is how you avoid “relapses” to the old way of thinking and ensure your ability to change.

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