Configuration of variants within Dynamics 365 Business Central assembly.

anaptis Configuration:

For some time now, the trend toward individualization has been clearly emerging. Products are no longer bought “off-the-rack”. Have you already experienced this? Instead, goods are requested and manufactured on a customer- or order-specific basis. As a result, companies today have numerous product variants at their disposal. Quite confusing! However, they often lack a simple way to manage them in ERP solutions such as Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Your challenge without the add-on.

You will know the problem: Using the system standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV, the creation of variants is cumbersome and complicated.

You can create a bill of materials and several variants for each item. However, you cannot create different assembly bills of material for each article variant.

anaptis Configuration Challenge

Suppose you produce furniture. You could create the basic article “Table” with one BOM and the variants “Red”, “Yellow” and “Blue”. What you cannot do, however, is create individual assembly BOMs for each variant (e.g. for the blue table, a blue table top, etc.).

  • Way out No. 1: as individual articles

    Do you currently solve this challenge by creating variants as individual articles? The consequence: The article master inflates in the system, you lose the overview and there are probably quite a few variant duplicates. This means that you are not very flexible when it comes to processing individual orders. Finally, specifications are difficult and time-consuming to implement. We have seen this many times with companies. In the end, your response time to customer requests is delayed.

    Consequently, this way out does not satisfy.

  • Way out No. 2: Add-ons on the market

    Alternative add-ons from competitors are not suitable for many small and medium-sized companies. After all, they are usually aimed at companies with complex production processes that work with the “Production” functional area (premium license). With these add-ons, you can then also manage machine allocation plans, for example, which small and medium-sized companies often do not need. Instead, our customers usually have manageable assembly processes and work with the “Assembly” area in the system (Essentials license).

    Consequently, this way out does not satisfy either.


Our solution anaptis Configuration.

With the help of our app or our variant configurator anaptis Configuration for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can build your own product variants with individual assembly parts lists within an article.

What else can the tool do? Pricing, checking component availability, recognising duplicate variants, assigning people and machines as resources, setting up process-controlled workflows for sales and assembly orders. In the end, you finally benefit from a comfortable and clear configuration process.

anaptis Configuration Info graphic

Let’s assume again that you produce furniture. So you set up the basic article “table” in the system and add a variant “red” with an assembly bill of materials incl. red table top, a variant “yellow” with an assembly bill of materials incl. yellow table top etc.


all details about anaptis Configuration.


  • customer-related packing of an item directly from the sales line
  • creation of item variants with individual assembly parts lists
  • adding resources (machines and employees) to the assembly parts lists
  • pricing
  • component availability check
  • setup of workflows for assembly and sales orders
  • automatic recognition of duplicates


  • installation assistant
  • free trial version (for Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (Cloud))
  • app setup workshop (optionally bookable)

Compatibility & Deployment*

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (Cloud)
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise

*We regularly support the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Please contact us with detailed questions about supported versions.

Simply download additional information in PDF format.


An excerpt of our references.

Meistersinger anaptis Erfolgsgeschichte

One watch, many variants

By the use of anaptis Configuration app, they can now configure variants easily. Directly from the sales line, they can now create several variants with different parts lists for an article.

Ask Theo:

To what extent does the variant configuration in Dynamics 365 Business Central extend the standard?

It is me again, Theo the technology interpreter!

I would like to illustrate how anaptis Configuration extends the standard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Criteria System standard anaptis Configuration
customer-related packaging of an item
only by creating a separate article (a lot of effort)

directly from the sales line (little effort)
creation of different assembly parts lists per variant
only as a detour by creating a separate article

order-related from the sales line (flexible with regard to special designs and individual orders)
adding resources (machines or employees)
new creation of an article, if necessary

possible in advance, directly from the sales line
automatic identification of duplicates


anaptis Configuration:

These are your advantages.

  • Simple handling

    You will quickly find your way around: The operation is simple, in Microsoft Look and Feel.

  • Elimination of error sources

    Duplicates are eliminated and, as a result, incorrect item descriptions are avoided. This greatly reduces the risk of faulty production.

  • Better overview

    Instead of several items, you maintain one item with several variants.

  • Less maintenance

    With our add-on you reduce the number of articles and parts lists. This minimizes the effort required to maintain your product master data.

  • Streamline processes

    By solving the problem of non-existent individual assembly parts lists per variant with our app, you significantly streamline the processes in your assembly area.

  • Transparency over processes

    Currently, you probably map your bills of material per variant in the system via detours. With our app, variant management is comprehensible and understandable for everyone.


What does anaptis Configuration cost?


Price overview

Navigate to the price overview of all products. There you will find the prices per user and month.

to the price overview


Individual request

You can also request your individual offer. For example, if you still have questions about the product.

to the individual offer


Configuration of variants in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Get to know us and our solution! We will be happy to present the product to you in a free initial consultation. You can assess whether we as a partner and anaptis Configuration for Dynamics 365 Business Central as a solution are a good fit for you. Alternatively, we will be happy to provide you with a trial version.

  • Insight into the functions
  • Thematization of your key areas
  • Individual consulting for you

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