Configuration of variants in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

anaptis Configuration:

Your challenge without the add-on.

Do you have numerous product variants, but not a simple tool to manage them? Are you only able to create variants as individual items and lose track of them as a result? Are there many duplicate variants in the system?

Act now so that the management of variants does not unnecessarily inflate your system and you can quickly and easily respond to customer requests.

Small functional range in the system standard

You will know the problem: Using the system standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV, the creation of variants is cumbersome and complicated. Different variants can be created per article, but not different assembly parts lists. This is only possible by creating a separate article, which makes the article master unwieldy in size. In addition, the system standard does not automatically recognize duplicates.

This means that you are not very flexible when individual orders are to be processed. Finally, specifications are difficult and time-consuming to implement.

Competitor tools have too much or too little functionality

If you look outside the box, alternative variant configurators from competitors have either too large or too small a scope of services. For example, you can also manage machine allocation plans in one tool, which is too much of an administrative burden for many small and medium-sized companies.


Our solution anaptis Configuration.

We have developed an app and thus a variant configurator for Dynamics 365 Business Central. This solves the problem that until now it was not possible to easily create multiple variants of an article with different assembly bills of materials, neither in the Dynamics 365 Business Central system standard nor in any other tool.

With the help of our anaptis Configuration app, you can easily build your own product variants with individual assembly bills of materials. The variant configurator also recognizes duplicate variants, so there are no duplicates and clarity is maintained. In addition, you can easily manage your resources, as employees and machines can also be added as resources to the assembly bill of materials. Lastly, workflows can also be set up for sales and assembly orders.

Suppose you produce bicycles. Here is how you build a variant with an assembly BOM over one basket, a variant with an assembly BOM without basket and a variant with an assembly BOM over two baskets.


the details at a glance.


  • customer-related packing of an item directly from the sales line
  • creation of item variants with individual assembly parts lists
  • adding resources (machines and employees) to the assembly parts lists
  • setup of workflows for assembly and sales orders
  • automatic recognition of duplicates


  • installation assistant
  • free trial version (for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud)


Dynamics 365 Business Central*

*We regularly support the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Please feel free to contact us regarding previous versions.


  • Cloud
  • On-Premise
Ask Theo:

To what extent does the add-on extend the standard?

It is me again, Theo the technology interpreter!

I would like to illustrate how anaptis Configuration extends the standard of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Criterium System standard anaptis Configuration
customer-related packaging of an item ✓ only by a separate item, which is created (much effort) ✓ directly from the sales line (little effort)
creation of different assembly parts lists per variant ✓ manually from the item card (inflexible with regard to special productions and individual orders) ✓ order-related from the sales line (flexible with regard to special designs and individual orders)
adding resources (machines or employees) ✓ new creation of an article, if necessary ✓ possible in advance, directly from the sales line
automatic identification of duplicates
anaptis Configuration:

These are your advantages.

Simple handling

The operation is simple, in Microsoft Look and Feel.

Increased productivity

You work more effectively by reducing sources of error.

Better overview

Instead of several items, you maintain one item with several variants.


What does anaptis Configuration cost?


Price overview

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Individual request

You can also request your individual offer. For example, if you still have questions about the product.

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Configuration of variants in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Get to know us and our solution! We will be happy to present the product to you in a free initial consultation. You can assess whether we as a partner and anaptis Configuration for Dynamics 365 Business Central as a solution are a good fit for you. Alternatively, we will be happy to provide you with a trial version.

  • Insight into the functions
  • Thematization of your key areas
  • Individual consulting for you

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