Microsoft Dynamics NAV in pig breeding.

Success story:

TOPIGS-SNW GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of swine genetics. As more and more piglet producers are convinced of the products, the company is growing constantly. The core business of TOPIGS-SNW GmbH is to supply farmers with high-quality gilts in terms of fertility, longevity and fattening performance. In addition, the farmers are supplied with boar semen.

Initial situation

„We are currently facing a number of challenges that make our work inefficient. We

  • work in four separate programs (time-consuming and error-intensive),
  • do not have a mobile solution to access real-time data on the move,
  • have no classic articles and stocks (but live animals),
  • have different calculation cycles,
  • currently have suboptimal route planning and
  • our processes and information are not 100% reflected in the system (but rather in the minds of our employees).

Our specialists advise and support producers so that they can optimally exploit the potential of our swine genetics. For this, we need an individual solution in order to be able to have all the necessary operating information available on the go and to manage it in real time.

We now work with four separate programs that are not linked to each other. Working with these standalone solutions takes time because of the need to jump back and forth between the applications and the fact that we have to do multiple data entries.

Another problem is that we do not have any articles or stock in that sense. After all, we handle living animals. As a result, it is a challenge to map this feature in the program, taking into account various billing cycles.

Also our tour planning is suboptimal right now. Partly, information and processes are not represented in the system, but rather stored in the minds of employees. For example, additional Excel spreadsheets and documents in paper form are increasingly used. The documents then have to be scanned again after processing in order to be able to send them by e-mail. That costs lot of time and resources and too many mistakes creep in through human error.“


Topigs-SNW GmbH




„The introduction of the new software should solve 3 critical problems in our company. We need to move away from different isolated solutions that are not interconnected. In addition, it is important that our field service has all important data available in real time, even when on the road, and that our route planning runs efficiently and smoothly.“

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„We were able to meet our challenges through

  • a mapping of all areas in a program,
  • a mobile solution (Mobile App from Anveo),
  • automatic and electronic route planning as well as
  • realistic mapping of processes and information in the system.

By switching to anaptis, we can map and edit the four areas of contact information, scheduling, billing and accounting in one program. You can see, that our interface problems are solved. The programming effort has been very worthwhile in our opinion.

The challenge of mobile data retrieval was solved by Anveo’s Mobile App. Today, our field representatives can enter data in real-time that immediately become visible in Microsoft Dynamics NAV after successful synchronization. This eliminates the need for coordination processes: fewer calls have been required by field staff since the app was integrated. You can now find a lot of information of the program yourself. The elimination of calls saves time on both sides. In addition to the flexible retrieval of data, we also have many evaluation options with various Microsoft programs available.

Our tour planning is easier and more efficient today. We now have an automatic overview of all orders scheduled in a week. Previously, we had to create them manually. In addition, the tour planning, including the dispatch of the plan to the persons in charge, runs completely electronically via the system, without any printouts. This once again demonstrates the great advantage of Dynamics NAV over other ERP systems and thus the networking of the solution with many other Microsoft programs.

Our conclusion is undoubtedly: Microsoft Dynamics NAV is optimally tailored to our company. Anaptis allowed an individual adaptation of the program and thus the extension of the standard package.”


  1. Replacement of isolated solutions by a combined solution
  2. Mobile access to all data
  3. Reduce manual effort by capturing all data in one place
  4. Simplified and digitized tour planning
  5. Automation of order processing

We can recommend anaptis at any time. Our field staff can access real-time data at any time – even offline! We have also optimized our route planning, complaints management, and order processing.

André Bock | Project Manager | Topigs-SNW GmbH

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