the graphic production planning in Microsoft Dynamics.

At a glance:


  • Transparent representation of capacities and loads over time
  • Graphical display of order networks and work sequences
  • Display of utilization profiles of individual resources
  • Automatic optimization and sequence planning


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Planning changes and errors

challenge you.

High storage costs, long set-up times, frequent production downtimes:
In production planning, it is particularly important to always have a correct overview of all available capacities and materials. In many companies this is a problem: Can you clearly display the current capacity utilization situation in your system? No?

Then you are probably often confronted with bottlenecks or double burdens that could simply be avoided. Outdated systems do not allow employees to react quickly enough to such planning errors or changes, resulting in high unnecessary costs. In addition, set-up times are extended and delivery deadlines are no longer met. Incorrect information reduces customer satisfaction and your employees are also annoyed and dissatisfied in the long term due to poor planning.

with us you can finally

use your potential.

Effectiveness and transparency in the production area:
The add-on for production planning in Microsoft Dynamics from orderbase offers you a graphical representation of the current capacity utilization situation and thus a sound basis for decision-making in all your planning processes. For example, you can make better decisions in the areas of production, service or project management.

The user interface is intuitive. This enables you to process your data as quickly as possible. In addition, you can display capacities and loads transparently over time. In summary, you always have a clear overview of the current workload situation. You are flexible at all times and can use real-time data to detect planning errors at an early stage. As a result, you are able to immediately map adjustments to loads and capacity in the event of planning changes.

What advantages does the MegaBoard by orderbase offer?

Optimierung des Services

Higher customer satisfaction

Error reduction

Simple handling

Better overview


graphic production planning in Microsoft Dynamics.

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