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The standard ERP software for SMEs:

The primary goal of a company has to be to operate economically and efficiently in the long term. Only in this way you can ensure competitiveness. The sensible use of existing resources naturally plays an important role in this. Basically it is important to handle resources efficiently and to allocate them as consciously and skillfully as possible. A great help in this respect is the modern and worldwide spread ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using the available add-ons, the system can be adapted to your needs. In this way we can guarantee a high degree of individualization. It is important for us to stay close to the system standard.

We would be happy to accompany you during the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and provide you with personal support afterwards.

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Whoever chooses the Dynamics 365 Business Central complete package by 31.12.2020 will receive two team member licenses free of charge for six months.

All in one:

All departments in one system.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you are able to network your departments efficiently. In addition to merchandise management and production, this also includes, for example, the financial sectors and project departments. Manage supply chain management within the framework of a single solution. This will give you a much better overview and relieve your employees.





Supply Chain


Human Resources




Artificial intelligence




All in one:

These extras are included in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Change log

    It is possible to enable change logs in Dynamics 365 Business Central so that you can see the history of activities (changes to data in tables).

    The change log records all changes made to tables and is structured chronologically.

  • Document exchange

    With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can manage the exchange of business documents, bank files (such as import and export), currency exchange rates, and all other files with your business partners.

  • Extended texts

    Extended texts in Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used to create item descriptions and add some additional information to sales order lines.

  • Intrastat reporting

    Companies within the EU are obliged to provide information about their trading activities with other EU countries. This means that goods movements must be reported to the country’s statistical authorities and tax authorities every month.

    This process is called “Intrastat reporting”. In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can fill out regular Intrastat reports on the Intrastat journal.

  • Notifications

    In Dynamics 365 Business Central you can view notifications. For each notification, you can then decide whether you want to ignore the notification or display more information about it.

    If you go into more detail, you can also take appropriate actions immediately (e.g. reorder if the warehouse stock is missing).

  • Online maps

    Online map services are used for example for the following scenarios:

    • determination of geographical positions
    • planning of trips
    • procurement of addresses
    • search for landmarks and companies

    Online mapping is the process of using maps delivered by geographic information systems (GIS) on the World Wide Web. There are various databases for which online mapping functions are provided, such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. Bing Maps is Microsoft’s atlas web application.

  • PayPal

    With the help of the PayPal Payment Service, you provide your debtors with even more payment options in addition to the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate or payment by credit card.

    When you send a sales invoice to your debtor by e-mail, it contains a PayPal link in the e-mail text. When the customer clicks on the link, the usual service page of the PayPal account appears with the payment details for the purchase. This means that the customer can pay the invoice like any other PayPal payment.

  • Unlimited companies

    In Dynamics 365 Business Central you are unlimited in the number of companies.

  • User management

    In Dynamics 365 Business Central, administrators can centrally create users and set appropriate permissions and user groups.

  • User tasks

    In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can create for yourself or for other people tasks. This can be done on the “User Tasks” page. This page displays all tasks and allows you to create and assign tasks. For each task, you can specify a start date and due date, and a link to the page associated with the task.

  • Verification of a VAT identification number

    It is important that you work with the correct VAT ID numbers of customers and vendors. For this purpose the European Commission provides the VAT Number Verification Service on its website, which is public and freely accessible.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central can save this step. The service is called EU VAT number verification service. It is available on the Service Connections page, and you can start using it immediately. The service is free and registration is not required.

    To activate the EU VAT ID verification service, open the entry on the Service Connection page.

  • Workflows

    In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can set up and use workflows to connect business processes of different users. Typical workflows are processes that require approval or authorization.

    Of course, you must first set up workflow and approval users and specify how users will receive notifications about workflow steps. This is followed by the setup of workflows and potentially code customizations.


From Navision to Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We would like to shed some light on the subject and show the different versions of Navision, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central to you below. Basically, this is one ERP solution that has been improved, enriched with functions and deployment options and renamed over the last few years.

  1. Microsoft Navision
  2. Name change to Microsoft Dynamics NAV + Release of Dynamics NAV 4.0
  3. Dynamics NAV 5.0
  4. Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1
  5. Dynamics NAV 2009 (Version 6.0)
  6. Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1
  7. Dynamics NAV 2009 R2
  8. Dynamics NAV 2013 (Version 7.0)
  9. Dynamics NAV 2013 R2
  10. Dynamics NAV 2015 (Version 8.0)
  11. Dynamics NAV 2016 (Version 9.0)
  12. Dynamics NAV 2017 (Version 10.0)
  13. Dynamics NAV 2018 (Version 11.0)
  14. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Spring 2018" (Version 12.0)
  15. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Fall 2018" (Version 13.0)
  16. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Spring 2019" (Version 14.0)
  17. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Release Wave 2" (Version 15.0)
  18. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Release Wave 1" (Version 16.0)

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We help you:

Regular tutorials on Dynamics 365 Business Central.


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These are your advantages.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have an ERP system that adapts to your business. You can grow with the solution at your own pace, as usual, and get practical productivity features. The application is also a great help in decision-making. Since all departments of your company are networked, you have an excellent overview of condensed company data. Finally, the drag-and-drop interface goes hand in hand with immense ease of use.

Office 365 Integration

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get more than just ERP. The solution is integrated into the Dynamics 365 product family, giving you a unique combination of BI, communication tools, etc. Thus you work simply and intuitively (Mirosoft Look and Feel).


Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you the freedom to stay flexible. Simply expand your storage space and add new users on a role-based basis. Add-ons from the App Store or other data sources and services are easily integrated.


Benefit, for example, from intelligent predictions for reordering goods. You also receive recommendations for accounts payable, for example, to take advantage of discounts and avoid dunning charges.

Deployment options

You can run Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central currently on servers in your own company (on-premise), from the cloud or in a hybrid environment. It’s your choice. You choose the staging concept that suits you.

Mobile display

You can use Dynamics 365 Business Central on the PC in the company, on the laptop on the road, and via app from the AppSource on all mobile devices. Your call. Work from where you want and ensure flexibility.


Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can network all data of all company departments and create reports and evaluations in real time. This allows you to identify trends immediately and take timely action if necessary.


Standard solution

Although you receive a standard solution, it can be customized to your individual requirements. Nevertheless, you remain updatable. We pay attention to this, because it is important to us. In addition, industry-specific challenges are easily solved via apps.


Better decisions

You always have a 360-degree view of the company. This no longer requires time-consuming Excel analyses. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you see database updates in real time.

Dynamics 365 Business Central:

An extract of our references.


Tine Göllner

„In the course of optimizing our processes, we have acquired 365 Business Central (Cloud) licenses from anaptis for Dynamics. Due to the immediate provision and the extensive consultation, we were able to switch immediately to the operational phase. With the cloud variant, we also do not require any special hardware or even servers. The guarantee of legally compliant data handling is also guaranteed. The operation is very intuitive for our employees in the Microsoft look and feel.“


Michel Helms

“We use the Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard. In addition, anaptis has developed customized reports for us.”

Soft & Cloud - Logo

Jaques-Christopher Daudert

“Overall, the support and implementation by anaptis was very good! The cooperation was always professional, solution-oriented and fast and the implementation was flawless. By optimizing the billing process our daily work has improved significantly.”

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