Keep a cool head with Dynamics 365 Business Central.


With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision), our medium-sized customers automate and optimize business processes in all departments. We would be happy to accompany you as a reliable partner during the implementation or an upgrade. Afterwards we provide you with personal support.



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As flexible as you are:

Dynamics 365 Business Central packages.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system is as flexible as you are: You decide which license form and which deployment option suits you best.

In terms of the license form, you can choose from two full user licenses (Essentials and Premium). There is also an Additional User license called Team Members with limited access rights. You also choose the deployment option: Online (Cloud), On-Premises (local) or Hybrid.

  • Full users


    There are two Full User licenses for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Essentials and Premium. These licenses are suitable for people who need the unrestricted business unit functions for their job (e.g. employees in sales, customer service or financial accounting). The two options Essentials and Premium differ only in two functional areas.

  • Limited users


    There are two Limited User licenses for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Team Members and Device. The Team Members license is for users who do not require full user capabilities, but for whom only limited read and write privileges are sufficient (e.g., entering quotes, editing personal information). With the Device license, devices (e.g. cash registers, recording device in workshop or warehouse) can be connected to Business Central, via which several employees can access the system.

    Team Members
    • System access for employees who only need basic processes (e.g., people who only need to enter times digitally)
    • Restricted read and write access (e.g., quotes, approval workflows, reporting, employee self-service)
    • Connect devices (e.g. cash registers, data entry device in workshop or warehouse) to Business Central via which several employees can access data
    • Limited functions in the area of data access/data entry
All areas networked:

All departments work with one system.

Even with the standard system, you can comfortably manage all company areas in one system. Supported by artificial intelligence, powerful reporting and supporting functions for compliance with the GDPR. This gives you a much better overview, makes you feel powerful and liberated, and reduces the workload on your team.



Billing, financial accounting, wages and salaries/personnel, cost accounting and typical interfaces.

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Field sales, contacts, planning processes and campaign management – to name just a few aspects.

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Manage easily all articles and stocks as well as suppliers and map warehouse activities in your system.

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Supply Chain

Control the entire supply chain including procurement/purchasing and transportation – easier than ever.

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Human Resources

From work schedules and time recording to the management of employee data and access control.

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Create projects, invoice them, and monitor associated costs and times. It’s as easy as it sounds!

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Plan orders incl. routings and reliably map the current production or assembly.

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Manage service items and contracts, plan operations and document them.

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Around the ERP system:

Extending ERP with Add-Ons, Power Platform & Co.

Would you like to seamlessly combine your ERP solution?

Take advantage of the potential that Microsoft and we offer you. Whether add-ons, office solutions, Power Platform applications, further Dynamics 365 applications or artificial intelligence.

It is always important to us: We strive to stay close to the system standard so that you remain independent and your solution remains updateable. For this, we give our best day after day!


These are your unbeatable advantages.

  • High range of functions in the standard

    Although you receive a standard solution, it can be individually adapted to your requirements. And you can still update it. Sounds contradictory? It is not. That is close to our heart.

  • Networking of all business areas

    The ERP system enables you to network all areas of your company, including data.

  • Easy customization/expansion

    You are flexible and free at all times. Whether it’s storage, users or add-ons from the app source. You set the path and the system adapts.

  • Different deployment options

    You can currently run the ERP system on servers in your own company (on-premises), online (from the cloud), or in a hybrid environment. Your choice.

  • Better decisions with real-time data

    By connecting data across departments, you have an insightful 360-degree view of the business at all times. For example, you can see database updates (such as changes in inventory levels) in real time.
    This makes it child’s play to create reports, evaluations, and forecasts, and to identify and respond to trends at lightning speed. Benefit from intelligent forecasts (e.g. replenishment) and recommendations (e.g. exploit discounts or avoid overdue fines). This means you don’t have to keep everything in your head.
    As a result, you save yourself time-consuming Excel analyses and manual reports.

  • Seamless integration into Microsoft product world

    You get more than just ERP. The solution is integrated into the Microsoft product family (e.g. Microsoft 365, Power Platform).

  • Modern, role-based user guidance

    The user interface is very intuitive, customizable and user-friendly. Like other Microsoft products such as Word or Excel, it is very easy to use. The familiar Microsoft look-and-feel feels immediately familiar.

    It is even possible to work in several windows/pages in parallel (e.g. for copying or comparing pages). You can move the individual pages in popup windows in the browser or open new tabs. Via drag-and-drop you simply drag them to your second screen.

  • Mobile display

    You can use the ERP system on the PC in the company, on the laptop on the road, and via app from the AppSource on all mobile devices. Your call. Work from where you want and ensure flexibility.


At a glance

An excerpt of our references.

Meistersinger anaptis Erfolgsgeschichte

Better customer service

Meistersinger has switched from Dynamics NAV 2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central. This has significantly improved business management, product development and sales in particular.


Frequently asked questions.

  • General
    • What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

      With the help of the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision), medium-sized companies can manage, automate and optimize their business processes.

    • Is Dynamics 365 Business Central an ERP system?

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) is an ERP system from Microsoft.

    • For which companies is Dynamics 365 Business Central suitable?

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. The ERP solution can be used universally in the system standard in a wide range of industries (e.g. trade, production, consulting) and can be adapted to your company through apps and individual adaptations.

    • How is the system updated (Cloud version vs. On-Premises version)?

      Microsoft releases major updates twice a year and minor updates on a monthly basis. Most new features are made available in the major updates, while bug fixes and more urgent changes are released in the minor updates. If you use the cloud, you will receive all updates automatically from Microsoft. If you use the on-premises system, the ongoing maintenance contract also entitles you to the latest version of the software as needed. However, these updates must be installed manually.

    • What if my requirements go beyond the system standard?

      If requirements cannot already be covered by the system standard, the system can easily be extended or customized with apps.

      For more information, see our overview of common apps. We also describe a number of customizations in our customer success stories.

    • What interfaces to other systems does the Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution offer?

      You can set up any interfaces from Dynamics 365 Business Central to other systems. There are already numerous predefined interfaces such as the SNC DATEV interface.

      Take a look at an overview of selected possibilities on our add-on page or contact us directly.


  • Price & Licensing
    • How much does Dynamics 365 Business Central cost?

      The costs are based on the following criteria:

      • Deployment type (Cloud, On-Premises)
      • Licensing (Essentials, Premium, Team Members)
      • Number of users

      You can find an overview on our pricing page.

    • How long is the contract period?

      The contract period is 12 (twelve) months with monthly prepayment. If you do not cancel your subscription thirty (30) days prior to expiration, the contract will be automatically extended by twelve (12) months.

      However, you also have the option to subscribe for 1 month, so you can enjoy the greatest possible flexibility, or to subscribe for 3 years. During the term of the contract, you will receive price security. This means that even if Microsoft increases the prices, it will not affect you.

    • Which license form of the ERP solution is suitable for my company (Essentials/Premium/Team Members)?

      There are three different types of licenses:

      • Essentials
      • Premium
      • Team Members

      Full User
      Among the full users, a distinction is made between Essentials and Premium. The difference lies in the range of functions. The Essentials version contains the following features:

      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Financial Management
      • Human Resources
      • Supply Chain
      • Projects

      The Essentials license is suitable for companies that do not have their own production (exception: assembly) and whose focus is not on offering services.

      The Premium version includes the following two additional functions:

      • Production
      • Service

      The Premium license is suitable for companies that produce their own products or mainly offer services.

      Team Members
      If, in addition to the full users, additional users are required who cannot be directly assigned to any functional area and who should be able to access basic processes, the purchase of Team Member licenses is possible. The Team Member license is designed for users who are not bound to a specific function, but need basic functions. This license includes both read and write access to selected tasks within a client. To use Team Members licenses, at least one additional user must be licensed with Essentials or Premium.

    • Is it possible to use different license forms in one company and/or to switch between the license forms?

      You cannot mix Essentials and Premium Full User license types in your organization. You can license either Essentials User or Premium User. In each case, you can of course optionally book Team Members licenses.

      You can change the license type at any time. If you change to a more extensive license type during the year, we will charge you the difference between the advance payment and the changed price until the end of the annual term. A change to a lower license form is only possible after expiration of the contract term.

    • Is it possible to use and pay only for individual functional areas?

      No, you purchase a complete solution and decide on the required functionality in your company (either Essentials or Premium). Of course, you are free to choose which areas you use – but the payment is not based on that.


  • Deployment
    • Is the ERP solution offered in different deployment options (e.g. Cloud vs. On-Premises)?

      We offer two models:

      • Subscription in the Microsoft Cloud
      • Purchase solution (on-premises) in own company

      Subscription in the Microsoft Cloud
      When you subscribe to the Microsoft Cloud, you pay monthly fees and manage your data in the secure Microsoft Cloud.

      Purchase solution (on-premises) in your own company
      With the purchase solution (on-premises) in your own company, you pay the purchase price of the licenses once and operate the system in your company/data center.

    • What are the differences between Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (Cloud) and On-Premises?

      Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud and On-Premises differ in some areas such as the costs, the interaction with other applications or the execution of updates.

    • Can I use the Cloud and On-Premises system at the same time?

      Yes, you have the option to use both environments (Cloud and On-Premises) at the same time. This is useful, for example, to run the development environment in an on-premises instance and the production in the cloud environment.

      In doing so, you benefit from the so-called dual-use rights. These enable you to run the ERP solution

      • either online in the Microsoft Cloud
      • or in a local environment or on local servers (on-premises)
      • or in a cloud provided by Microsoft partner companies.

      No licenses are then required for on-premises use – they are included.

    • Will we have to switch to the cloud in the future?

      According to Microsoft, it is “cloud first, but not cloud only”. The solution will continue to be available as a purchased license in the company’s own data center or as a locally operated installation (on-premises).

    • Do we need special software or hardware to use the software?

      No, our products run on almost all devices and do not require any special hardware. The only requirement is, of course, that the purchase solution (on-premises) has servers that meet Microsoft’s minimum technical requirements and the rental solution (cloud) has a web browser and an Internet connection.


  • Setup & use
    • What about data security in the cloud? Are German data centers available for the use of Dynamics 365 Business Central?

      If you choose the cloud system, your data will be stored in a German Microsoft data center. This means that the software is provided from German data centers. There, the data is absolutely secure and enjoys the highest priority.

      After all, the data centers are certified by EU data protection standards. In addition, the data protection policies, procedures and technologies of the implementation are completely transparent.

    • Is there a trial version?

      Yes, you can test the system for 30 days, switching back and forth between Essentials and Premium.

      The condition is: For up to 25 users and with up to one month runtime. Please contact us without obligation if you are interested in a test license. In this case, we will also take care of the timely termination, so that you do not have to make any commitment. Otherwise, these trial licenses will automatically be converted into paid annual subscriptions on the expiration date.

      If you decide to purchase licenses, the data you have added to the trial version will remain.

    • How long does it take to set up Dynamics 365 Business Central?

      The time required to set up Dynamics 365 Business Central varies from company to company. Different factors (e.g. size, proportion of individual requirements) play a role here. In addition, a distinction can be made with regard to Cloud/On-Premises.
      Deploying the online solution takes only a few minutes. The duration of the setup of your on-premises solution is longer due to the setup of the on-premises (local) components alone, as the server systems required for this (database, application, etc.) have to be provided.
      In addition, the following points are relevant:

      • If applicable, support with the introduction of the system (very individual).
      • If necessary, setup of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment: new user accounts or takeover/synchronization of the local Active Directory accounts for easier administration (very individual)
      • If necessary, takeover of extensions (very individual)
    • Do I also have the option to customize the system myself?

      To a limited extent, you can design the interface according to your wishes (e.g. show/hide fields, design reports as Word layout, etc.). For this purpose, you have the option of customizing Dynamics 365 Business Central through prefabricated apps or through individual developments. Alternatively, our experts can assist you and implement the desired requirements or train you and your employees in a workshop on the modern development environment. If you have development skills yourself, you can of course do this yourself.

    • Does the ERP software work on all devices/operating systems?

      The cloud solution is an online solution, which means no PC installation is required and it can run on any of the supported browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). There are also apps available for iOS and Android.

Discover our FAQ on other topics:

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Get to know Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Get to know the ERP solution from Microsoft! Our experts will advise you, send you access data to your personal test system or introduce you to the tool in approx. 30 minutes without obligation and show individual potential for your medium-sized company.

  • Insight into the functions
  • Thematization of your priority topics
  • Individual consulting for you

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