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The primary goal of a company has to be to operate economically and efficiently in the long term. Only in this way you can ensure competitiveness. The sensible use of existing resources naturally plays an important role in this. Basically it is important to handle resources efficiently and to allocate them as consciously and skillfully as possible. A great help in this respect is the modern and worldwide spread ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using the available add-ons, the system can be adapted to your needs. In this way we can guarantee a high degree of individualization. It is important for us to stay close to the system standard.

We would be happy to accompany you during the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and provide you with personal support afterwards.

This is what changes for you:

Your challenge and our solution.

Without Dynamics 365 Business Central, you probably have many disconnected “silos” or systems per department. You laboriously merge the data from these via Excel – but never work with real-time data. Since there is no uniform basis, the coordination effort is enormously high.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you network your departments in one software and have a uniform database based on real-time data for generating reports and forecasts. This reduces the amount of coordination required. Satisfy employees and customers with reliable and precise information.

Without Dynamics 365 Business Central With Dynamics 365 Business Central
Many different systems (e.g. financial accounting, CRM, warehouse management) Networked departments (e.g. financial accounting, CRM, warehouse management) in one software
Basing decisions on Excel spreadsheets that you have to painstakingly assemble first Easy generation of reports based on real-time data from all departments
Discrepancies between the stock in the warehouse and that in the system Availability of real-time data (e.g. stock in warehouse = stock in system)
Lack of knowledge/high coordination effort between departments informed employees (no more coordination and information efforts)



All departments in one system.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you are able to efficiently network your departments. In addition to enterprise resource planning and production, this also includes finance and projects. In addition, you manage the entire supply chain management within the framework of a single solution.

This gives you a much better overview and reduces the workload of your employees.

Finanzen in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Billing, financial accounting, wages and salaries/personnel, cost accounting and typical interfaces – learn everything about the area of finance.

learn more

CRM in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Field sales, contacts, planning processes and campaign management – learn everything about CRM/Sales/Marketing.

learn more

Lieferkette in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supply Chain

Control the entire supply chain including procurement/purchasing and transportation – learn everything about supply chain.

learn more

Lager in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Manage articles and stocks as well as suppliers and map warehouse activities – learn everything about the warehouse area.

learn more

Personal in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Human Resources

From work schedules and time recording to the management of employee data and access control – find out everything you need to know about human resources.

learn more

Projekte in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Create projects, invoice them and monitor costs and times – learn everything about the Projects section.

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Service in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Manage service items and contracts, plan operations and document them – learn everything about the Service area.

learn more

Künstliche Intelligenz in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Whether it’s image, cash flow, inventory, sales or late payment forecasting – learn all about the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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DSGVO-Konformität von Dynamics 365 Business Central


Store data compliantly and respond correctly to data subject requests – learn everything about the GDPR.

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Reportings in Dynamics 365 Business Central


Use standard reports or choose templates, spontaneous or scheduled – learn all about reporting.

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Add-Ons für Dynamics 365 Business Central


Is the standard functionality not enough for you? Learn all about add-ons in areas like finance, logistics & Co.

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The target audience of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution is intended for small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, it is a universal standard solution. This means that one and the same solution is suitable for all industries such as building materials, consulting, wholesale, agriculture, logistics, production as well as rental. Your industry is not included? This is not because it is not suitable. We could continue the list endlessly.

Moreover, all departments can work together in the system, as you can see:


These are our advantages.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have an ERP system that adapts to your business. You can grow with the solution at your own pace, as usual, and get practical productivity features. The application is also a great help in decision-making. Since all departments of your company are networked, you have an excellent overview of condensed company data. Finally, the modern interface goes hand in hand with immense ease of use.


Standard solution

Although you receive a standard solution, it can be customized to your individual requirements. Nevertheless, you remain updatable. We pay attention to this, because it is important to us. In addition, industry-specific challenges are easily solved via apps.


Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you the freedom to stay flexible. Simply expand your storage space and add new users on a role-based basis. Add-ons from the App Store or other data sources and services are easily integrated.

Deployment options

You can run Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central currently on servers in your own company (on-premise), from the cloud or in a hybrid environment. It’s your choice. You choose the staging concept that suits you.


Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can network all data of all company departments and create reports and evaluations in real time. This allows you to identify trends immediately and take timely action if necessary.


Better decisions

You always have a 360-degree view of the company. This no longer requires time-consuming Excel analyses. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you see database updates in real time.

Integration to Microsoft products

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get more than just ERP. The solution is integrated into the Dynamics 365 product family (e.g. Microsoft 365, Power Platform), giving you a unique combination of BI, communication tools, etc. Thus you work simply and intuitively (Microsoft Look and Feel).


Benefit, for example, from intelligent predictions for reordering goods. You also receive recommendations for accounts payable, for example, to take advantage of discounts and avoid dunning charges.

Mobile display

You can use Dynamics 365 Business Central on the PC in the company, on the laptop on the road, and via app from the AppSource on all mobile devices. Your call. Work from where you want and ensure flexibility.

Dynamics 365 Business Central:

An extract of testimonials.


Michel Helms

“We use the Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard. In addition, anaptis has developed customized reports for us.”

Soft & Cloud - Logo

Ulrich Pollmann

“We are extremely satisfied with our new cloud solution and look forward to further optimizations with anaptis.”


Jaques-Christopher Daudert

“Overall, the support and implementation by anaptis was very good! The cooperation was always professional, solution-oriented and fast.”

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What does Dynamics 365 Business Central cost?


Price overview

Navigate to the price overview of all products. There you will find the prices per user and month and you can make a collective request for multiple products (including Dynamics 365 Business Central).

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Individual request

You can also request your individual offer. For example, if you still have questions about the product.

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FAQ zu Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • For which companies is Dynamics 365 Business Central suitable?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is basically suitable for small and medium-sized companies in any industry. Even the standard version includes all business areas such as finance, CRM, supply chain, warehouse, personnel, projects, production and service. This makes the software stand in contrast to highly specialized industry solutions.

  • What if we have requirements that go beyond the system standard?

    We can implement requirements that go beyond the system standard via add-ons or apps (from the AppSource) or individual solutions. The add-ons or apps are correspondingly ready-made supplementary applications (e.g. mobile app for field staff), which you can add with just a few clicks.

    We program individual solutions if there is no suitable application on the market. Read more about this, for example, in our success story with Media Frankfurt, for which we reconstructed a 3D site plan of Frankfurt Airport.

  • Are interfaces to other systems also possible?

    Of course, we can also map interfaces to existing systems, provided that these are to be used further on. Common examples are accounting applications (e.g. DATEV, Elster), store systems (e.g. XTCommerce) or CRM systems.
  • Is there a trial version?

    Yes, you can test Dynamics 365 Business Central for 30 days and you can try out both versions (Essentials and Premium).

    The test account is free of charge and without obligation. It ends automatically after 30 days. You do not need to cancel the test account separately. The software becomes chargeable only when you order the software and enter into a binding purchase agreement.

    If you choose to purchase licenses, the data you added to the trial version will be retained.

  • How long does it take to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

    Setting up the cloud solution
    The time it takes to set up your cloud depends on various parameters:

    Task Duration
    Providing the online solution Few minutes
    Setup of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment
    new user accounts or transfer/synchronization of the local Active Directory accounts for easier administration
    Time for coordination and execution (very individual)
    Adoption of extensions Time for coordination and execution (very individual)

    Deployment of the online version of Dynamics 365 Business Central takes only a few minutes. Then it depends on whether we should support and accompany you during the introduction.

    If you want us to do so, you should first consider the Microsoft 365 environment that may already be set up for you. If this environment is not yet available, we should discuss with you before setting up Dynamics 365 Business Central whether we should take over this environment for you and under what conditions (new user accounts or takeover/synchronization of the local Active Directory accounts for easier administration). This may then take further time.

    Furthermore, it must be agreed in advance whether and which useful extensions will be included in the system (e.g. a module for the “Wage & Salary” area or a module in the production area). Also the installation of such extensions requires time for coordination and execution.
    We should therefore work out together in advance what is to be done in concrete terms.

    Setting up the on-premise solution
    More time must be planned for the setup of the on-premise (local) components, since the necessary server systems (database, application, etc.) must be provided. No more concrete statements are to be made here, since this must always be individually coordinated with you.

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