Standard ERP software in the rental sector.

We offer you a

We have not committed ourselves to specific sectors. Nevertheless, we now have a number of rental customers and know the challenges in the sector inside out. No matter whether it’s the rental of construction machinery, load carriers or advertising space. We will tell you how we will also make your company better with our standards-based approach.

ERP software for rental companies:

Our recipe for success is close to the standard.

In a nutshell: We always use the standard ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) as a basis and add other technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Power Platform and industry-specific add-ons. If necessary, we also programme individual adaptations for you. This distinguishes us significantly from our competitors. Your system remains updateable and you remain independent of the partner company.

1 Standard ERP solution

“Surely our processes are far too individual for a standard solution?” Wrong! Experience shows that we can map around 90% of our projects in the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The system standard includes all processes from the areas of finance, warehouse, supply chain, personnel, production & assembly, projects and service.

2Add-Ons and customisations

If the standard solution is not sufficient, we can easily solve some challenges with add-ons and products from Microsoft (e.g. Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform).

If you need further special functionalities, we can solve your challenges with individual adaptations. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your request.

Our concept is close to the standard:

These are the functions for renting.


Manage master data


Check availability


Manage contracts


Provide service




Manage master data

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily manage the master data (incl. prices) for your rental properties. You can also maintain relevant customer and tenant data in the ERP solution.

We have also implemented the following adjustments:

  • Palette movements (customisation)

    If necessary, we will programme an adjustment for the overview of pallet movements:

    How many pallets do we owe the customer?
    Did we deliver the pallets to the customer?
    How many pallets does the customer owe us?
    Did we receive the pallets from the customer?

  • Pallet management (customisation)

    When goods are shipped on pallets by freight forwarders, it is important to know the size and weight of the pallets in order to communicate this to the freight forwarder. Furthermore, it must be possible to distribute the goods flexibly on pallets. We programme a customisation for you, with which you can easily organise and manage the pallets. You can then use it to determine the dimensions and the total weight. It would also be possible to create pallet lists for loading as well as parts lists for constructing the pallets.

  • Permanent inventory (customisation)

    When handling key date-related inventories, business operations are often closed for hours or days. In addition, external service companies are used for counts. This effort can be minimised by a permanent inventory. We offer you a solution that can be used in parallel to the daily business in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision). The inventory employees receive a personal stack with the count lists still to be processed (export from Dynamics 365 Business Central). After the count – for example using a scanner – the data is registered and transferred back to the standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Check availability

In the rental business, it is important to have a central control tool of the entire rental processes. This way, the status of the rental object can be viewed at any time and resources can be planned better. Planning boards with coloured markings of the availabilities or tabular lists are practical. In this way, reliable statements can be made to clients at short notice.

We have already implemented the following adjustments in this area:

  • 3D site plan (customisation)

    If you rent out space (e.g. advertising space), we will create an interactive site plan of your rental space (e.g. airport at Media Frankfurt). This enables you to make bookings directly in the site plan (availability calculation within the rental module).

  • Rent forecast (customisation)

    We implement a tool that allows you to easily and intuitively forecast what your rental occupancy will be. This gives you more transparency and a better basis for planning.


Manage contracts

In the rental business, the management of rental contracts plays a major role.

Dynamics 365 Business Central supports you in contract management. Here you can maintain details about delivery and payment terms as well as return agreements.

We have also implemented the following adjustments in this area:

  • Contribution margin calculation (customisation)

    We offer you a tool for accurate contribution margin accounting in your rental company. Secure further useful key figures for controlling your business within the framework of multi-level contribution margin accounting and set all costs (e.g. cleaning, maintenance, electricity costs) in relation to direct (e.g. advertising revenue) and indirect revenue (e.g. ancillary services such as printing).

  • Document management (interface)

    For professional document management we offer you an interface to the software of your choice (e.g. D3 or the fully integrated solution Document Capture). Manage documents anytime, anywhere.

  • Electronic data interchange (add-on)

    Anveo EDI makes it child’s play to exchange data

    with your customers (e.g. orders, invoices, credit notes, shipping notifications, article data, availabilities, prices),
    with partner companies (better business relations through automated processes),
    with suppliers (e.g. order processing, order confirmations, availabilities or delivery notes) or
    between locations/clients (e.g. financial data and item information).

  • Periodic billing of rental agreements (customisation)

    We can programme an adjustment for you, with the help of which you can easily settle rental agreements periodically for each customer.

  • Availability calculation (customisation)

    Thanks to an integrated availability calculation within the rental module, you no longer have to jump back and forth between different systems, but can display the availability of rental objects directly in the system.


Provide service

If rental items have defects or damage, it is important that service is handled quickly.

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, replacement items can be maintained and service dates set.

The following customisation is also possible and popular:

  • Mobile service app (add-on)

    With Anveo’s Mobile Service App, your consultants can easily access Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV/Navision). And this is independent of network coverage and even offline. The module is also ideal for field staff and service technicians.



In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can create quotation and invoice templates in your corporate design, send them from the system and archive them. This allows you to invoice booked times, resource consumption and project-related purchases in a relaxed manner.

The following customisations are also possible and popular:

  • Settlement of repetitive charges (customisation)

    If required, we can programme a practical customisation for you, with the help of which the billing of recurring fees (e.g. licence and maintenance fees, support quotas) functions comfortably.

  • Direct bank connection (add-on)

    With windata’s konfipay, you can transfer payment orders automatically and retrieve account transactions as well as PayPal transactions.

  • Electronic data interchange (add-on)

    Anveo EDI makes it child’s play to exchange data

    • with your customers (e.g. orders, invoices, credit notes, shipping notifications, article data, availabilities, prices),
    • with partner companies (better business relations through automated processes),
    • with suppliers (e.g. order processing, order confirmations, availabilities or delivery notes) or
    • between locations/clients (e.g. financial data and item information).
  • Elster (interface)

    We implement an interface for Elster exports for you.

  • Collection (interface)

    Companies often outsource the collection of payments. To do this, we simply implement an interface to a debt collection company.

  • Payroll (add-on)

    With the add-on haveldata NAPA3, companies can map the entire payroll process in a structured and automated way.

  • XRechnung XML (add-on)

    With the help of BELWARE XRECHNUNG you can easily send invoices as XRechnung XML.

  • Payment transactions (add-on)

    With the OPplus 365 add-on from Continia, you can optimise your payment transactions (import and export) with manufacturing companies, trading companies or end customers. Automate your processes (clearing, preliminary account assignment, etc.) and get more transparency about your payments.

These are your fantastic advantages.


  • Standard solution

    Although you receive a standard solution, it can be individually adapted to your requirements. And yet you remain updateable. Sounds contradictory? It isn’t. That’s what’s close to our hearts.

  • Scalability

    Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you the freedom to stay flexible. Simply expand your storage space and add new users on a role-based basis. Add-ons from the App Store or other data sources and services are easily integrated.

  • Deployment options

    You can run Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central currently on servers in your own company (on-premise), online (from the cloud) or in a hybrid environment. It’s your choice. You choose the staging concept that suits you. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud solution, you can get started quickly.

  • Transparency

    Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can network all data of all company departments and create reports and evaluations in real time. This allows you to identify trends immediately and take timely action if necessary.

  • Better decisions

    Improve your responsiveness to market changes with the 360° company overview. This no longer requires time-consuming Excel analyses. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you see database updates in real time.

  • Integration to Microsoft products

    With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get more than just ERP. The solution is integrated into the Dynamics 365 product family (e.g. Microsoft 365, Power Platform), giving you a unique combination of BI, communication tools, etc. Thus you work simply and intuitively (Microsoft Look and Feel).

  • Forecasts & Automation

    Benefit, for example, from intelligent predictions for reordering goods. You also receive recommendations for accounts payable, for example, to take advantage of discounts and avoid dunning charges. Your business processes can also be partially or fully automated – for example, the dispatch of an order confirmation.

  • Allround-service

    You have us as a strong IT company at your side – in all IT matters – whether in the field of software or hardware. We regularly enter into a long-term partnership with our clientele and you receive fixed contact persons.

ERP software in rental:

An excerpt of our references.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Vermietung

3D site plan of Frankfurt Airport

At Media Frankfurt GmbH we introduced Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 as well as implemented a complex individual programming of Frankfurt Airport.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Logistik

80% time savings thanks to Business Central Online

Palettenpool Germany has implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud version with us and benefits today from increased process and system speed as well as user-friendly design.

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