tool for processes in the rental business.


Limited illustration possibilities in customer appointments, lack of forecasting functions, complicatedly assembled reports and a missing overview of your resources challenge you? We improve your rental business by linking all departments of your company. Depending on the possibilities, we build an interactive map of your rental properties, where you can occupy rental properties in an integrated way. In addition, we create possibilities for rent forecasts and easy to compile reports.

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Finally a solution for your industry.

Digitization affects all areas of society and the economy – including renting. Maybe you are currently focusing on many different island solutions for each department? How about a cross-departmental solution? We make your rental items as interactive as possible and create opportunities for integrated availability calculations and rental forecasts. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for reports. Real-time data, forecasts and evaluations sound tempting? Let yourself be inspired by our success story.


transparency at any time.

Would you like to know when which item is rented for how long? Decisive tools of the rental sector are certainly availability calculations and rental prices. It can be a crucial competitive advantage if you can quickly provide reliable information to the potential customer at this point. Other important functions are the rental forecast and a breakeven analysis. Detailed analysis and evaluations give you an overview at all times.

The advantages at a glance:

  • availability calculation in the interactive location plan of the rental objects
  • rent forecasts
  • contribution margin accounting
  • evaluation and analysis options for individual advertising media and locations

an efficient organization.

We meet the high demands of flexible rental processing. In order to ensure the smooth rental of objects of any kind, various components are elementary. So it is important that the items of rental can be easily managed. Customers need fast and reliable information on availability and prices. By providing data across departments, planning, organizing and controlling the process becomes easier. Secure the cross-departmental flow of information, detailed analysis and the avoidance of duplication.

The advantages at a glance:

  • automated processes
  • cross-departmental data
  • individual reports
  • integrated release control (guarantee of process reliability)
ERP software for the rental business:

Your functions and extensions.

Availability calculation

We program an integrated availability calculation within the rental module for you. So you no longer have to jump back and forth between different systems.


3D site plan

We program you an interactive map of your rental space (e.g. airport at Media Frankfurt). This enables you to make bookings directly in the site plan (availability calculation within the rental module).


Contribution margin accounting

We program you a tool for the contribution margin accounting. Make sure that you have further meaningful key figures for the control of your company.


Document management

For professional document management, we program an interface to third-party software (e.g. D3). Manage documents anytime, anywhere.


Electronic data exchange

With Anveo EDI Connect, you can easily exchange data with customers (e. g. orders), partners (e. g. invoices), suppliers (e. g. delivery notes) and between locations (e. g. financial data).


Integrated release rights

We program regulations for integrated release rights for you. This way you achieve improved process reliability and take an important step regarding a paperless office.


Payment transactions

With the Add-On OPplus you optimize your payment transactions (import and export). Automate your processes (clearing, pre-accounting, etc.) and get more transparency about your payments.


Rent forecast

We will program a tool for you with which you can forecast how your rental occupancy will look like. This ensures more transparency and a better planning basis.



To enable you to sell your products online, we program an interface to a third-party software (e.g. XT-Commerce). This enables you to dovetail your processes.


Our customer from the rental sector.

At a glance:

Benedikt Boldt

“If a customer rents our advertising space, thanks to anaptis, we can now book this directly in the airport’s 3D location map.”

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