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anaptis Support:
anaptis Support

through our QuickSupport.

Do you need immediate help in the application? Get help via TeamViewer. With anaptis QuickSupport you get quick and easy Microsoft Dynamics support from our experts, who remotely access your PC and advise and support you as if they were on-site.

You can reach us on weekdays between 08:30 and 17:00 (CEST). We will answer your questions within one to two working days.

 Until your anaptis consultant can see your screen content, there are only three steps:

1. Making contact

To use our QuickSupport, contact us. You have different possibilities to do so:

  1. Mail to the ticket system
  2. Call (Münster: + 49 (0) 251 917 996 0; Würzburg: + 49 (0) 931 205 92 299)

2. Start TeamViewer

If prompted, click the “Use QuickSupport now” button and execute the corresponding .exe file after downloading. We use TeamViewer as the Quick Support tool.

Use QuickSupport now

3. Transmission of the session ID

Then transfer the session ID to your anaptis consultant. Now you can start!

anaptis Support:

General informationen about our support.

Below you can see the version that we currently support:

  1. Dynamics NAV 4.0
  2. Dynamics NAV 5.0
  3. Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1
  4. Dynamics NAV 2009 (Version 9.0)
  5. Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1
  6. Dynamics NAV 2009 R2
  7. Dynamics NAV 2013 (Version 7.0)
  8. Dynamics NAV 2013 R2
  9. Dynamics NAV 2015 (Version 8.0)
  10. Dynamics NAV 2016 (Version 9.0)
  11. Dynamics NAV 2017 (Version 10.0)
  12. Dynamics NAV 2018 (Version 11.0)
  13. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Spring 2018" (Version 12.0)
  14. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Fall 2018" (Version 13.0)
  15. Dynamics 365 Business Central "Spring 2019" (Version 14.0)
  16. Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 2 (Version 15.0)
  17. Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 1 (Version 16.0)
  18. Dynamics 365 Business Central Release Wave 2 (Version 17.0)
Learning to develop yourself:

Workshop: Self-develop in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Schulung

Our customers should be able to decide for themselves how much work they want to hand over to us and how much they want to do themselves. In this workshop we therefore pass on our knowledge to you. We will introduce you theoretically as well as practically to the development in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Structure

    Part 1: Theoretical introduction to development (information)

    • What is behind tools like DevOps, Azure, AL, Docker and pipelines?
    • How do the programming languages C/AL (Dynamics NAV) and AL (Dynamics 365 Business Central) differ?

    Part 2: Practical introduction to development (workshop)

    • joint consideration of a use case
    • compilation of further training materials (optional)
  • Requirement

    In order to prepare for our workshop in the best possible way, we need your personal business case in advance, which we should prepare. Send us your use case, and we will evaluate to be able to perform it as part of the offer. Our experts will be happy to assist you with the selection and evaluation.

  • Duration and price

    The price as well as the duration of the workshop are very individual and depend on your use case and requirements. Feel free to contact us and we will check your use case.