These are the next steps.

Next steps:

ERP-Software Upgrade

Here's how it goes

  • We will take a look at your request. We may contact you to ask for missing information before our conversation.
  • Then we get to know each other, discuss your project in detail and clarify our and your questions.
  • If we both want to work together, we’ll get started very soon. We give everything to make your business better!
Helpful tips:

The preparation for our initial meeting.

  • What information should I provide in advance?

    In order for us to provide you with the right contact person, we need some information about your specific project in advance. This includes information on the following areas:

    • Type of project (e.g. introduction, upgrade, extension)
    • Scope of the project (e.g. time frame, budget)
    • Company (e.g. size, number of users)
    • Current challenges (e.g. process-related special features)

    Either you have already provided us with the information. That’s great! Or we will get back to you.

  • Who will attend the initial meeting?

    In the first meeting you will get to know our management and/or a specialist from our team for your request.

  • How much time should I schedule for the appointment?

    Usually, the initial meeting lasts half an hour to an hour. It’s about determining your needs and getting to know each other.

    We see if the chemistry fits and if we can serve your project.

  • Does the meeting take place on-site or remotely?

    Especially at the time of the corona pandemic – but also afterwards – we are very flexible regarding the location of the conversation.

Frank Tente about the cooperation.

This is what one of our customers says:
Frank Tente
Managing Director, Koberg + Tente GmbH & Co. KG

“Comprehensive support is elementary, especially in the IT area, because a layman can quickly get lost here and the IT structure is the basis of logistics as well as administration. After switching to anaptis, we were able to benefit from a good service that made us feel well looked after all around.”