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Success story:

Athesia Kalenderverlag GmbH from Unterhaching offers the largest selection of calendars in the German-speaking market with the brands Harenberg, Heye, Weingarten, Eiland and Athesia Tappeiner. For some time now, the range has also included jigsaw puzzles. Since November 2015, Athesia Kalenderverlag has been part of the South Tyrolean Athesia group of companies, whose entrepreneurial focus is on the media and printing sector.

The company has been part of our customer base since 2018. Ultimately, we have contributed to a professionalization and (partial) automation of processes as well as positively influenced the development of the puzzle business.

employees in field service
Several parts:

The success story is divided into two chapters.

Chapter 1:

Introduction of the Anveo Mobile App

Initially, we only introduced the Anveo Mobile App to the publisher. At that time, Athesia was still supported by another Microsoft partner company.

Chapter 2:

Change of partner and further support

Athesia was very satisfied with our app implementation, so that we were later allowed to take over the support of the entire ERP solution and implement some desired customizations.


Chapter 1: Introduction of the Anveo Mobile App.

Initial situation

“In the past, our 50-60 sales representatives were unable to access the necessary data and figures when they visited customers in bookstores. As a result, you didn’t have the answers to some questions:

  • What did we sell to the bookstore last year?
  • What new products can we offer?
  • What product did the bookstore do well or poorly last year?”


Product und partner search

“We started researching a mobile solution for our field service. In the process, we came across the Anveo mobile app. After clarifying with our partner company at the time, it turned out that they had no experience with Anveo products. So we decided to look for a new partner company with expertise in Anveo products.

In addition to our technical requirements, we were particularly interested in having a permanent contact person who would accompany us over a longer period of time. On Anveo’s recommendation, we came across anaptis. Our employees immediately felt that they were being understood and were in good hands. Because anaptis not only convinced us with its IT and process view, but also with its understanding of the business. Our processes came first – detached from IT.

It turned out that our requirements could be met by anaptis. The offer was also a very good fit. We particularly liked the future project manager. His competence convinced us right from the start, because he was able to get to grips with our processes very quickly and contribute ideas.”



“We ultimately chose anaptis as our partner company and the Anveo Mobile App as the new mobile solution for our field sales force. We had already cancelled our previous mobile solution, so anaptis had six months to implement it. Looking back, this was met despite the small window of opportunity, so we were up and running after six months.”



“We found a reliable partner company with a very competent project manager and implemented the Anveo Mobile App in our desired time frame. Over the months and now years of working together, it has become apparent that a weekly appointment or jour fix to organize tasks and communicate status works well. In doing so, we organize ourselves in a Microsoft Teams board and work with our own ticket system. Having access to shared work tools makes collaboration and organization much easier.”


Chapter 2: Change of partner and further support.

“Since anaptis completely convinced us with the introduction of the Anveo Mobile App, we decided to switch to anaptis with the entire ERP solution from our previous NAV partner company.

Among other things, we were given an Object Manager and thus source code management, which we can use to program in the system ourselves. Here, anaptis was involved in training. The cooperation between our own IT department and anaptis worked very well right from the start. anaptis also provided excellent support for the process of introducing the new features to our employees.

As part of this, anaptis did some custom programming for us in order to map our processes realistically. After all, our processes are very individual:


  • Calendar Production Planning

    Initial situation
    For the production planning of the calendars, dozens of article attributes have to be used and calculated. We then usually order a first run and bundle the demand from the bookstores for the final order or production. Until now, this complex production planning was very laborious and we wanted a simpler and less complicated solution.

    anaptis simplified our production planning and helped to optimize our processes.

  • Returns management

    Initial situation
    Our returns concept is very complex: at the end of a season, bookstores can return to us the products (mainly calendars) that they have not sold and receive a refund. Some retailers also keep their products longer and still try to sell them at reduced prices. These retailers then already receive the first 50% refund on a deadline date, and if they do return the products at the end of the season, they receive the second 50% refund for the remaining products, bringing the total to 100% refund. In this way, Athesia participates in the reduced sales. In addition, booksellers can also purchase the products via wholesalers (instead of directly from us). In this case, the bookseller will not be refunded the purchase price. We would like the system to automatically recognize whether a bookstore will receive a refund at all and the amount of the refund. Numerous check criteria and, in some cases, caps have to be taken into account. We wanted to speed up and simplify this process significantly.

    anaptis has realistically mapped our complex returns management in the system. Our inspection criteria are automatically taken into account. For example, the system now automatically checks which bookstores receive refunds for returns and how much they are.

  • Billing of license costs

    Initial situation
    Our calendars contain images to which we do not hold the rights, so we have to pay the rights holders proportionately according to calendar sales (commission in units depending on sales). We have a number of different billing models. Over the year we sell our calendars and only at the end of the year we check how many calendars have been sold. We needed a module for the billing of sales-related license costs.

    anaptis developed a module for us that allows us to easily manage the billing of license costs.

  • Order Management

    Initial situation
    Our sales representatives sell the products on site at the customer. This results in orders, which we pass on to our logistics specialists.

    Our order management previously involved many manual steps.

    We use the mobile app from Anveo in combination with Dynamics NAV, which allows our field staff to call up all the necessary information at the customer’s site and to enter orders directly on site. They can view the order history, returns made as well as products incl. availabilities and current alternatives.

    In combination with the Anveo Mobile App, an EDI solution is also used. This means that our orders are automatically processed by the Anveo Mobile App and transferred to logistics via EDI in the evening. In this way, we ensure that they can be delivered the next day.”


Paulette Lamber, Managing Director, Athesia Kalenderverlag GmbH

„We are completely convinced by our partner company anaptis. We particularly like the competent team, which primarily optimizes our processes and acts in an advisory capacity, and only secondarily brings in IT tools that enable us to work better.“


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