Sales and Marketing in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Manage relationships better:

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you get basic sales and marketing functionality in addition to the standard ERP functionality.

The relationship management capabilities help you manage and support your sales activities. Ultimately, Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you sell more successfully and accelerate your sales activities (e.g., requirements management, payment processing).

Focus on the right customers and build long-term relationships. Seamlessly integrated solutions that work together make this even better. Your employees can also access the intuitive user interface when they are on the road. And they can do it via Windows, iOS or Android.

Powerful functions:

Your functions in Customer Relationship Management.

  • Contacts

    With the CRM functionalities in Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have all your contacts in one place. Segmented as needed and guaranteed without duplicates.


    • Avoid duplicate contacts

      If different employees create new contacts over time or new records are created automatically during data migration, it may happen that there are several entries in the system for one contact. This is then a so-called duplicate.

      To prevent duplicates from being created in the first place, there is the duplicate check. You can set up the application to automatically check for duplicates when you create a new contact. Alternatively, you can do this manually after you create the contacts. You can set the search hit percentage, which is the percentage of identical strings that two contacts must have for the application to consider them duplicates.

      Once you have found a duplicate contact, you can merge the duplicates.

    • Contact classification

      You can classify your contacts in Dynamics 365 Business Central. To do this, you either use filters or the so-called profile questionnaire setup. With the help of this you can create individual questionnaires, which have to be filled out when creating a contact.

      Example 1: Type of relationship

      • customer relationship
      • supplier relationship
      • banking relationship

      Example 2: ABC classification according to sales value

      • from €500.000 on
      • from €100.000 on
      • up to €100.000.
    • Creation of contacts or customers

      In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily create contacts via the so-called contact card.

      For each contact you can manage

      • contact information
      • interactions
      • segments and
      • sales opportunities.

      With the help of the duplicate check (contact duplicate) you avoid duplicate data records or merge them.

    • Creation of segments

      You can create segments in Dynamics 365 Business Central if, for example, you want to share an action (e.g. direct mail) with only a specific selection of contacts.

    • Merge duplicate data sets

      If you have discovered a duplicate of a contact, i.e. a duplicate record, in the system, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a function to easily merge the two contacts. To do this, select the “Merge with…” function on the contact card and select the second record for merging. The application then shows you an overview of the duplicated field values and provides functions to select which of the existing values are kept or discarded.


  • Planning process

    Use due functionalities to plan better. For example, you can perform sales planning or reliably predict delivery dates. Your customers will love it!


    • Delivery date promises

      Debtors often demand delivery date commitments for certain sales orders. Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy for you to meet them with a clear conscience. Based on the known and expected availability dates of an item, Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically calculates the delivery dates that can be promised to the customer.

      When you enter a desired delivery date in a sales line, this date is used as the starting point for the following calculations:

      • Desired delivery date – Transport time = Planned goods issue date
      • Planned goods issue date – Warehouse lead time = Goods issue date
    • Distribution of tasks

      In the context of sales opportunities, you can assign various tasks and thus distribute them among your employees.

    • Sales forecast

      With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily plan the sales of your items and, based on this, control your orders, avoiding out-of-stock situations. Finally, you can see if the item is about to go out of stock and when it should be replenished.

      Dynamics 365 Business Central forecasts future sales based on past sales history. This forecast takes place at item level. In the “Item Planning” section, a diagram is displayed showing the estimated sales of this item in the coming period.


  • Sales activitites

    Manage all activities in the system, for example, from sales opportunity management to complaints.


    • Blanket sales orders

      With a blanket sales order, you agree with your customer on a larger purchase quantity of articles, which is delivered in several smaller shipments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers you the possibility to clearly display blanket sales orders including all details of the invoice, delivery and billing.

    • Business inbox for Outlook

      Dynamics 365 Business Central offers the possibility to manage business interactions with your customers and suppliers directly in Microsoft Outlook (Outlook client integration).

      This means that your Outlook window will also contain Dynamics 365 Business Central functions by automatically displaying data on customers and suppliers in a split window for a mail. You can also create and send documents such as quotations and invoices from Outlook.

    • Complaints from customers

      You can easily process customer returns with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Review posted items, enter returns agreements, post returns documents, enter replacement items and calculate restocking fees.

    • Direct delivery

      In Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can easily map a direct delivery from one of your suppliers directly to one of your customers. When you create a sales order using the direct delivery feature and then create a purchase order, the customer is already automatically specified in the Ship-to field. So you can instruct the supplier to send the goods directly to the customer.

    • Exchange of documents (add-on)

      With the app Anveo EDI you exchange data with ease

      • with customers (e.g. orders, invoices, credit notes, shipping notifications, article data, availability, prices),
      • with partners (better business relations through automated processes),
      • with suppliers (e.g. order processing, order confirmations, availability or delivery notes) or
      • between sites/clients (e.g. financial data and item information).
    • Logging of contact-related processes

      You can easily document the communication between your salespeople and existing or potential customers using Dynamics 365 Business Central. This gives you an overview of the sales and marketing activities you have directed to your contacts and can improve your future business interactions with them.

      Contact-related activities include:

      • meetings
      • letters
      • documents (app)*
      • e-mail exchange**
      • phone calls
      • sales opportunities

      *Documents (App)
      For professional document management, we offer you an interface to third-party software. For this purpose, we work together with partners such as d-velop (App d.3) or Continia (App Document Capture).

      Continia Document Capture
      With this tool you can scan all types of documents, extract, register and archive OCR data. PDF files are – if desired – downloaded directly from specified e-mail addresses and processed with OCR technology. This process runs automatically – i.e. without any action by the user. Paper documents are scanned by desktop or network scanners and processed in the same way.

      D3.ecm is a document management system that allows you to organize printed receipts from your enterprise applications, paper receipts, business-related and verifiable e-mail and much more.

      **E-Mail exchange
      Dynamics 365 Business Central can work with Microsoft Exchange Online to keep a log of incoming and outgoing messages. You can view and analyze the contents of each message in the Interaction Log Entry table.

    • Pricing and condition determination

      Sales pricing is flexible in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Finally, they can be designed using various models such as:

      • standard prices (determined per item on the “item card”)
      • different price agreements for certain debtors/groups (customer-related on the “customer card”)
      • individual price agreements with major customers (order-related on the page “Sales prices” > “Special prices and discounts”)
      • Time-limited prices with a start and end date
      • (Individual) sales line or invoice discounts

      The special prices can be set up using a wide range of options – such as

      • campaign
      • article variant
      • unit of measurement
      • minimum quantity purchased
      • order date
      • currency
    • Opportunity management

      In Dynamics 365 Business Central you can create sales opportunities. They must be associated with a salesperson and have a contact to track potential sales. Typically, you create opportunities through specific contacts (“Create Opportunity” action under “Contacts”) or salesperson (“Create Opportunity” action under “Salesperson”).

    • Sales orders

      You create a sales order when a customer purchases goods from you. You can create this manually or from a sales quotation. You can then send the sales order from Dynamics 365 Business Central to the customer to confirm the purchase. Unlike a sales quotation, the sales order in the ERP system is embedded in the overall procurement logic. This means that an inventory check is performed to check if there is enough goods left, purchasing is informed if new goods are needed, logistics is informed, etc.

      It is also possible in Dynamics 365 Business Central to process the order in partial deliveries.

    • Sales quotations

      You use a sales quotation to capture your offer to your customer and offer specific products under specific delivery and payment terms. You can then send the sales quotation to the customer from within Dynamics 365 Business Central to communicate the quotation to them.

      If your customer does not accept the quote directly, but makes a counter-proposal, you can modify the sales quote as needed and resend it. If the customer accepts the quotation, you convert the sales quotation into a sales invoice where you post the sale.

    • Webshop connection (customisation)

      Depending on the webshop system you use, we will be happy to work with you to develop an individual interface to meet your requirements.


  • Campaigns

    The so-called campaigns are used in the system to make a specific offer to a group of contacts. For example, you may want to send an email with a special offer to all interested trade fair visitors who have given you their contact details. For such a case, the ERP software provides useful functionalities.


    • Selection of the target group

      As part of campaign management, you first define the segment. This is all the contacts you want to interact with as part of the planned campaign. In the above example, this means all trade fair visitors who have given you contact details and are interested in your new product. You therefore group these people together as a target group in a so-called segment.

    • Set start and end date

      After you have decided which segment the campaign should cover, set the start and end date.

    • Pricing incl. discount percentage

      In addition to the segment and the time period, you have the option to customize the prices and, if desired, specify a discount percentage that the customer will receive on the individual items. However, since not every campaign contains a price, this specification is not mandatory.

    • Assignment of sales opportunities

      It is possible to manage sales opportunities within campaigns.

    • Assignment of salespersons or group of salespersons

      Create activities for your campaigns in Dynamics 365 Business Central to assign them to the appropriate salesperson.


  • Field Service

    Your employees in the field benefit from the fact that they can access the system while on the road. With the help of an add-on, even offline.


    • Mobile access

      You can access Dynamics 365 Business Central from any device. You can do this via the responsive Modern Client or, even better, via the software’s Universal App. This gives you the ability to access all functions on the go, navigate through your business data, view current charts and KPIs, or even send sales quotes and invoices via email.

    • Offline access (add-on)

      Anveo’s Mobile Sales App gives your field staff quick and easy access to data while on the move. And even offline. With the mobile connection, they have direct digital access to customers, orders and prices. In addition, the sales conversation can be supported digitally (e.g. through digital product catalogs, noted articles, joint order creation).


Strong in comparison:

Your benefits through our functions in the areas of sales and marketing.

Customer service

By viewing complete and detailed information, you can focus on the customer segments with the greatest revenue potential. The system provides recommendations for upsell, cross-sell and resell opportunities. This is how you build long-term relationships.


Easily manage and classify contacts (including sales histories), create segments, manage marketing campaigns, and log communication history. Avoid duplicate records with the help of the duplicate check.

Satisfied customers

The system provides an accurate and timely overview of your contact information so you can serve your prospects more efficiently and increase satisfaction. Overall, communication is more satisfactory.

Dynamics 365 Sales:

Do you need more functionalities for managing customer relationships?

Dynamics 365 Sales Attach-Lizenzen

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud application designed specifically for sales. With the help of the application, you can map and control your entire customer journey and benefit from efficient sales management. This way, you maintain relationships more easily and sell smarter.

If you use this solution in combination with another Dynamics 365 application (e.g. Dynamics 365 Business Central), you can save a lot of money. The Dynamics 365 Sales Professional license then costs only €16.90 per user per month instead of €54.80 per user per month.

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