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An overview:

Which technologies do we use?

Microsoft 365 bzw. Office 365

As a Microsoft partner, you will of course also receive all Office packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook from us.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform

As a Microsoft Partner, you also receive the Microsoft Power Platform including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents.

anaptis AI

Artificial Intelligence (individual)

The idea behind our product anaptis AI is to enrich your ERP system with the help of artificial intelligence and thus make more of your data (e.g. automatic recommendations for action).

We offer you

Microsoft Dynamics 365: The product suite for resource planning and relationship management.

With the applications of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product line you can connect your customers and your company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you a selection of intelligent business applications that are suitable for companies of all sizes and industries. The intelligent applications are designed to create a uniform database, gain predictive insights into your business and achieve better results at the end of the day. More specifically, your sales force generates more business, your marketing department increases demand and creates smooth buying experiences, and your service department exceeds customer expectations.

More transparency with Microsoft Dynamics 365
The functions and associated connectivity options ensure that you can enjoy a 360° view of your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The product suite bundles countless amounts of business and customer data in a central location, eliminating the need for time-consuming comparisons of numerous sources. The data collected in this way can be easily exchanged between different company departments without any hurdles. This guarantees you a faster and more efficient flow of information. Set the course for rapid decision-making. The data provided will help you to increase your company’s earnings in the long term.

You have it in your hands – choose the applications you need

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite, Microsoft brings together a variety of practical business applications. You can flexibly decide which software components suit the needs of your company.

Microsoft Surface Hub
Arbeitsszene anaptis
Arbeitsszene anaptis

Which problems do we solve?

At a glance:


  • Duplicate Data Storage

    Unconnected systems mean double, if not triple, data storage. The effort is unnecessarily large and it is not uncommon for careless mistakes and delays to occur. By using one system, data collection is only centered in one place.

  • Manual Processes

    Unconnected systems also require the manual initiation of processes. For example, you yourself have to check meticulously whether the inventory is still sufficient to fulfil future orders. With our integrated solutions, you can receive recommendations for repeat orders at this point or even automate processes completely.

  • Insufficient Reporting

    Moreover, only laboriously meaningful reports can be drawn from unconnected systems. Thus, many of our customers have used Excel to consolidate various data sources before using our solutions in order to obtain key figures with added value. With our solutions (e.g. NAV standard, Microsoft Power BI) this effort is completely eliminated.

  • Unconnected Systems (Silos)

    Many of our customers have previously worked with unconnected systems. One system for merchandise management, one system for accounting and maybe one for service. Very inefficient! With the help of our solutions we network the departments so that you only have access to one database with real-time data.


Horror Stories Become Success Stories

We present the problems of our existing customers – and how we solved them – in detail in our success stories.

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  • Complicated Data Exchange

    Our customer has maintained his documents in several places up to now. Today, thanks to the connection to a document management system, document maintenance takes place only at one point. The interface thus enables paperless transfer from the document management system to Dynamics. After scanning and archiving the incoming invoices, the document data is interpreted and the recognized XML files are exported. These are read in by the interface and displayed as import documents in Dynamics. The import documents can then be converted directly into purchase invoices and posted.

    Add-On Anveo EDI Connect

  • Document Maintenance in Different Places

    Our customer has so far maintained his documents in several places. Today, thanks to the connection to a document management system, document maintenance is only carried out in one place. The interface thus enables paperless transfer from the document management system to Dynamics. After scanning and archiving the incoming invoices, the document data is interpreted and the recognized XML files are exported. These are read by the interface and displayed as import documents in Dynamics. The import documents can then be converted directly into purchase invoices and posted.

    Add-On Document Capture


  • Inefficient Payment Management

    In the past, the management of our customers’ bank accounts was a time-consuming process. Today, all important information (bank accounts, booking sheets, debtors and creditors) is available in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The work takes place in one system.


  • Cumbersome Calculation of the Stock Value

    In the past, our customer spent a lot of time calculating the current stock value for the month-end closing. Today he is able to see the stock value directly in the account due to our adjustment. The big improvement: The customer can now see the stock value at any time and not at the end of the month or year. This enables management or controlling to better assess the success of the business.


  • Cumbersome reporting of real-time data from financial accounting and subledgers

    In the past, our customers had to invest a lot of effort to create analyses based on real-time data from financial accounting and sub-ledgers. Today, they work more efficiently because the data is available in one system and can generate fast, transparent and reliable analyses.



  • Difficult Crate Tracking

    One of our customers packs products into crates, which are then placed in further boxes. Previously, it was very difficult to trace where the respective goods or boxes were located. Thanks to our improvement, both data can now be easily viewed.


  • Manual Route Planning

    Up to now, our customer has daily planned tours manually in Microsoft Dynamics NAV based on the experience of his drivers. Such a solution, based solely on the knowledge of the drivers, became problematic whenever substitute drivers had to take over other drivers’ tours. For example due to vacation or sick leave. Especially the consideration of restrictions – such as delivery at fixed times or in a certain order – presented the substitute drivers with the great challenge of planning their tours independently under time pressure. Today, the best order of arrival points is planned automatically every day via the interface between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the tour planning software of a third-party supplier. The delivery points are transferred to the tour planning software in the form of delivery notes. Optimized route plans are returned, which also allow substitute drivers to deliver the goods without any problems – taking into account all restrictions and specifications. This leads to an increase in satisfaction – both for the substitute drivers and for the customers.



  • No Booking Terminal for Orders

    Until now, our customer was not able to systematically track where each item is in production process and when it was completed. As a result, important key performance indicators were missing. We introduced a booking terminal, which now allows employees to scan orders and enter the appropriate quantity. This provides an overview.


  • No Knowledge of Order Status

    Before working with us, it was difficult for our customer to see at which station an order is currently located. Today, our customer’s employees can see the order status at a glance. There is no need for tiresome inquiries in the company and everyone can provide information.



  • Missing Forecast Options for the Consumption of Production Components

    Up to now, our customer has not been able to forecast his production components. Today, his sales department plans sales via a CRM tool, which is connected to the ERP system via an interface. Our individual customization causes that Microsoft Dynamics NAV analyzes the products included in the sales planning on the basis of the parts lists and derives the required components from them. This can be used to create a realistic raw material forecast and without having to actually create production orders.


  • Cumbersome Ordering Behavior

    The purchasing behaviour of our customer was not optimal before our cooperation. We have optimized the purchasing process. We have used historical data with which future data can be predicted very well. As a result, our customer has improved his ordering behaviour, so that he no longer has to accept bottlenecks or downtimes in production and can make better use of his storage space.



  • Cumbersome Distribution of Limited Merchandise to Customers

    Up to now, our customer had no tool for distributing seasonal goods sensibly among customers. With our customization, he now divides the seasonal merchandise more intelligently: Items that are too scarce are automatically distributed to the most important customers. The basis for these adjustments is an ABC analysis.


  • No Access to Data While Traveling

    Up to now, our customer’s field service never had the current data on debtors, orders and quotations. With the help of the “Mobile App” add-on from Anveo, the customer’s field staff now always have all the important data at their fingertips, even when they are on the move. The app even works offline and thus independent of network coverage. The field staff can easily view current inventory data, quotations and prices and create new orders directly at the customer’s premises.

    add-on Anveo Mobile App


  • No Documentation of the Support Effort

    So far, our customer has not documented support requests and resulting implementations. Due to our extension in the form of ticket management including integrated workflows, it is now easy to record and track support.



  • Inventory Based Solely on Physical Samples

    In the past, our customer has carried out spot stocktaking. Today he relies on a permanent inventory, supported by scanners. This saves costs as well as personnel expenditure on the key date, because he no longer has to hire external employees, since his own employees can quickly and easily take inventory on the side by using scanners.


  • Manual Dispatch of Safety Sheets

    Up to now, our customer has packed the safety data sheets manually with the goods shipments to his customers. During picking, the warehouse employee had to know whether and which safety data sheets had to be enclosed for which risk articles. It was not possible to check by the system whether the safety data sheets were actually packed. As a result of our work, the safety data sheets are now stored as a separate product in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and assigned to corresponding articles. In the warehouse they are physically stored in a separate storage bin so that they can be picked like a “normal” article and can be packed once for each customer delivery and risk article.


  • Manual Posting of Returned Goods

    Until now, our customer had to manually clear the broken goods that came back from the warehouse (process in Microsoft Dynamics). After all, when you receive returns, Microsoft Dynamics automatically creates an inventory. The said customer only receives products back if they are irreparably broken and it would be too costly to prepare them for resale. Consequently, the goods do not go back to the warehouse at all, but are scrapped directly. Instead of booking through these goods by hand, Microsoft Dynamics now does this automatically for our customer thanks to our customization.


  • Missing Key Performance Indicators of Warehouse Activity

    Before becoming our customer, he did not have any key figures about its warehousing activities. We programmed an adjustment that allows for extended warehouse analyses with key figures such as inventory turnover. So he knows how often an item is moved, how many orders are processed and how much weight an employee moves per day.


  • Warehouse Not Digitally Mapped

    Before our reorganization, our customer’s warehouse was unstructured and not digitally mapped. Thanks to our adaptation, our customer can now easily find his products again and is always aware of important key figures such as stock levels. He saves time for searching, can make better use of the storage space (otherwise rows of articles or similar) and reduces training times. Finally, every employee can now easily operate the scanner and does not need to be instructed where what is stored in the warehouse.


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