process optimization for SMEs.


Your processes are not running smoothly? And above all: Your ERP solution no longer corresponds to your real processes? No worries! Because together we will bring a structure back into your processes. We also identify cost reduction potentials. Gain a competitive edge and benefit from our objectivity.

Is that how it looks with you?

Your challenges in the context of process optimization.


Lack of objectivity

Often employees have been in their processes or in the company for a very long time, so it is difficult for them to objectively judge whether inconsistencies or illogical loops occur. Blindness to the company is quite normal.


Lack of experience

Very few people are experienced when it comes to optimizing business processes and eliminating errors.


Lack of time

Processes cannot simply be optimized during day-to-day business. It makes sense for a team to deal with them independently of the daily business. Often the necessary time for this is missing.

Process optimization for SMEs:

Our solution: That is why process optimization makes sense.

Our process optimization pursues one goal above all else: it ensures that previously unused potential in your company is recognized and harnessed.

With our comprehensive consulting, we would like to show you the opportunities that your company has on the market and that can develop into a competitive advantage in the medium term. You will of course receive comprehensive documentation for each consultation, so that the various steps are easy for you to follow. Our consulting is one of the first important steps. It follows a thorough examination of the existing processes in your company. After all, only by analyzing the individual processes is it possible to identify potential and implement improvements.

Action plan

To ensure that your company benefits from process optimization in the long term, we will be happy to withdraw and develop an individual action plan for you. We will show you step by step which measures will help you to develop your potential.

Based on this catalog of measures, we will work with you to implement the individual proposals, if you wish.

Optional: Implementation

Based on this catalog of measures, we work together with you on the implementation of the individual proposals in order to position your company in the best possible way for the future.

Make an appointment today for process optimization consulting and convince yourself of the competence of our experts.


These are your advantages.


The first advantage is obvious: The biggest benefit is the optimization of your processes. Reduce your process times and your process costs.

Objective Experts

Our experience shows: Especially the distance we have to your company often makes it easier for us to discover possible weak points and to work on them. After all, you can rely on our professional and experienced team of experts for process optimization.

Wealth of experience

We have been in business for more than 15 years and have optimized companies from a wide range of industries with the most diverse process structures. Therefore, we can fall back on numerous methods as well as experiences in the context of our process optimization.


At the end of the process, you will receive transparent documentation from us about the discrepancies that have been discovered and our proposed solutions. Thus, even if you don’t want to start the implementation with us, you will have an elaborated recommendation for action at hand.

How we proceed and

how your work becomes more effective.

Step 1: Request
You express your interest in process optimization with us.
Step 2: Qualify
We qualify your request by contacting you to schedule a free initial consultation.
Step 3: Initial consultation
In a non-binding, initial meeting, we get to know each other and see if the chemistry between us is right. You check whether we are the right partner for your project. If you continue to signal your interest to us after this step, we will proceed with an investigation of your processes.
Step 4: Examination of the processes
We then arrange an appointment at your premises. We take a thorough look at your processes and get a picture of them. In doing so, we identify disruptive factors that hinder and delay your actions.
Step 5: Action plan
We then identify opportunities for improvement based on the previous company visit. Our employees work out structured proposals to optimize your processes in the long run. Within this framework, we develop an action plan for you.
Step 6: Realizing the proposals
You agree with our proposals? Perfect! In the following, with your consent, we will put the agreed proposals into practice. (not included in the price)
Convinced by anaptis and Dynamics:

This is what our customers say about their process optimizations.


Sven Reckmann

“With the implementation of the mobile solution of Anveo, we save valuable time and have more satisfied customers.”

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Josef Brüninghoff

“Our warehouse logistics are now much more efficient. We retrieve real-time-data at any time in the warehouse.”
GFS Top Animal Shop - Logo


André Bock

“Our field staff now rely on real-time data! In addition, the tour planning and order processing is optimized.”

Topigs Norsvin - Logo

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