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Are you still thinking about it or have you already decided to implement the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision)? We are 100 % convinced of the system and have been using it for 15 years, both internally and with our customers from a wide range of industries.

ERP implementation with anaptis: professional support

Some companies are unsure whether the introduction of an ERP solution is worthwhile and how you should manage it. If you want to rely on Dynamics 365 Business Central in your company in the future, you can rely on us. We would be happy to support you in the ERP implementation in your company and ensure a smooth process. We can assure you of this: With Dynamics 365 Business Central you will make an excellent decision.

Trust in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Today Dynamics 365 Business Central, then Dynamics NAV or Navision – In the meantime, we have been working with the ERP solution from Microsoft for 15 years and work with the system ourselves out of conviction. But not only we, but also our customers are convinced of the ERP system and enjoy working with it. The ERP solution has proven itself in a wide range of industries and in numerous companies.

Your challenges:

What's bothering you now?

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    Double data storage

    Unconnected systems mean double, if not triple, data storage. The effort is unnecessarily large and it is not uncommon for careless mistakes and delays to occur. By using one system, data collection is only centered in one place.

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    Manual processes

    Unconnected systems also require the manual initiation of processes. For example, you yourself have to check meticulously whether the inventory is still sufficient to fulfil future orders. With our integrated solutions, you can receive recommendations for repeat orders at this point or even automate processes completely.

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    Insufficient reporting

    Moreover, unconnected systems can only provide cumbersome and meaningful reports. Thus, many of our customers have used Excel to consolidate various data sources before using our solutions in order to obtain key figures with added value. With our solutions (e.g. NAV standard, Microsoft Power BI) this effort is completely eliminated.

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    Our customers have sometimes had to deal with security gaps before working with us. With Dynamics 365, however, it is possible to precisely determine access rights and ensure compliance with the genral data protection regulation (GDPR).

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    Further problems

    Not the right thing yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not the first with your problem. Take a look at this:

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360 degree company view:

Why is the ERP implementation useful?

Do you currently maintain your data in several systems? Do you initiate processes manually? Are you laboriously assembling reports? You do not have to. Network your departments, such as merchandise management, finance & Co. in one solution, make better decisions based on this condensed data and grow at your own pace and with your system. In essence, the advantage is that you can efficiently network the various departments, thus avoiding duplicate data storage and also benefit from significantly higher efficiency. In addition to networking the various departments, the benefits also include better scalability. The bottom line is that you get an excellent basis for decision-making.

This is possible with us as your partner and a combination of the most diverse technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision), Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power Platform, industry-specific add-ons or artificial intelligence. Your advantages are:

networking of departments

better decision-making basis

better scalability

These are the

3 steps of the ERP implementation.

We accompany the ERP introduction in your company in three essential steps. First of all, we help you with the selection of the system. This should be well considered, because you must of course deal with it successfully in the long term. Then the actual ERP implementation follows according to our anaptis project methodology. At this point we place great emphasis on employee acceptance and the selection and installation of the right hardware. In the third place, and thus after the ERP implementation, we continue to support you. We offer training, excellent support via TeamViewer or video tutorials and are happy to assist you with other projects such as individual developments.


1. Decision and Selection

The introduction of an ERP solution is a decision of high importance. As a rule, it remains in the company for years.

Ermittlung der Effektivität

2. Course of the project

We implement the ERP solution according to our anaptis project methodology. Your task is to define key users and give them sufficient freedom.

3. After the introduction

After testing, the solution goes live. We then train your employees. And afterwards? The solution grows with you. We add extensions without any problems.


That's what our customers say.


Hans Christoph Schröder

“We are very happy. The new ERP software now provides us with a suitable basis for precise planning, control and optimization of our production.”

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Michael Angenendt

“All departments, such as CRM and logistics, are interconnected and we are one step ahead of the competition!”

Fliesen Hüning - Logo

Meike Friedrichs

“Anaptis has helped us to be more efficient. We now manage our data company-wide, as well as inter-divisional, in one system.”

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