Microsoft Power BI – Business Intelligence from the Microsoft Cloud.

Part of the Microsoft Power Platform:

Microsoft Power BI is the Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft and therefore dominant when it comes to reporting in the Microsoft landscape. With the solution you visualize your data from a variety of sources in individual dashboards and reports. This gives you valuable insights and allows you to control your business.

In the area of customer profitability, you can easily display profit and turnover including development, the number of customers and products as well as all customer shares in turnover in a dashboard.

Valuable data insights:

Your benefits through Power BI.

Multiple data sources

You can link data from different tables (e.g. stock value and item price), prepare them visually and export them to Excel. You are not restricted to one application, but can aggregate data from a wide variety of applications (e.g. Dynamics 365 applications).

view data sources

Identifying the need for action

By taking a regular look at your dashboards, you can keep an eye on the development of your company or department and immediately see where action is needed. A frequent area of usage is sales control or the monitoring of open orders or deliveries. Thus, desired data can be controlled centrally and continuously.

Well-founded decisions or decision papers

Enable everyone in your organization to make compelling operational and strategic decisions based on networked and robust real-time data. You can also convince third parties simply by using data-supported insights. Present your power BI analyses and inform customers and colleagues with meaningful and impressive dashboards.

Visualization options

Create comprehensive tables, interactive charts and easily incorporate mapping services.

Sharing of visualizations

Share visualizations and your findings with your team, other departments or the management.

Fewer manual activities

You relieve your employees of manual activities, as they only have to define settings once within a few clicks.

From anywhere at any time

You can also access all important information and key figures on the move – in real time and via touchscreen.

Numerous connectors:

Link numerous data sources.

  • Azure

    • Azure Analysis Services-Datenbank
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Azure Cost Management
    • Azure Data Explorer (Kusto)
    • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1
    • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
    • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
    • Azure HDInsight (HDFS)
    • Azure HDInsight Spark
    • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Azure SQL-Datenbank
    • Azure Time Series Insights (Beta)
    • Azure Table Storage
    • HDInsight Interactive Query

  • Databases

    • Access Database
    • Amazon Redshift
    • AtScale-Cubes
    • BI-Connector
    • Data Virtuality LDW (Beta)
    • Denodo
    • Dremio
    • Essbase
    • Exasol
    • Google BigQuery
    • IBM DB2 Database
    • IBM Informix Database (Beta)
    • IBM Netezza
    • Impala
    • Indexima (Beta)
    • InterSystems IRIS (Beta)
    • Jethro (Beta)
    • Kyligence
    • Linkar PICK Style/MultiValue Databases (Beta)
    • MarkLogic
    • MySQL Database
    • Oracle Database
    • PostgreSQL Database
    • SAP Business Warehouse Application Server
    • SAP Business Warehouse News Server
    • SAP HANA Database
    • Snowflake
    • SQL Server Analysis Services Database
    • SQL Server Database
    • Sybas Database
    • Teradata Database
    • Vertica

  • Files

    • Excel
    • Folder
    • JSON
    • PDF
    • SharePoint-folder
    • Text/CSV

  • Microsoft Power Platform

    • Common Data Service
    • Power BI-Dataflows
    • Power BI-Datasets
  • Online services

    • Adobe Analytics
    • appFigures (Beta)
    • Asana (Beta)
    • Azure DevOps (only for boards)
    • Azure DevOps Server (only for boards)
    • World – Retrieve dataset (Beta)
    • Dynamics 365 (online)
    • Dynamics 365 Business Central
    • Dynamics 365 Business Central (local)
    • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (Beta)
    • Dynamics NAV
    • Emigo Data Source
    • Entersoft Business Suite (Beta)
    • FactSet Analytics (Beta)
    • GitHub (Beta)
    • Google Analytics
    • Industrial App Store
    • Intune Data Warehouse (Beta)
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Beta)
    • Merketo (Beta)
    • Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights (Beta)
    • Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Microsoft Graph Security (Beta)
    • Mixpanel (Beta)
    • Planview Enterprise One – CTM (Beta)
    • Planview Enterprise One – PRM (Beta)
    • Planview Projectplace (Beta)
    • Product Insights (Beta)
    • Projectplace für Power BI (Beta)
    • Quick Base
    • QuickBooks Online (Beta)
    • Salesforce-reports
    • Salesforce-objects
    • SharePoint-Online-list
    • Smartsheet
    • SparkPost (Beta)
    • SweetIQ (Beta)
    • TeamDesk (Beta)
    • Twilio (Beta)
    • tyGraph (Beta)
    • Webtrends (Beta)
    • Webtrends Analytics (Beta)
    • Witivio (Beta)
    • Workplace Analytics (Beta)
    • Zendesk (Beta)
    • Zoho Creator (Beta)

  • Other

    • Active Directory
    • Cognite Data Fusion (Beta)
    • Empty query
    • FHIR
    • Hadoop-Datei (HDFS)
    • Hive LLAP (Beta)
    • Information Grid (Beta)
    • Jamf Pro (Beta)
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • MicroStrategy für Power BI
    • OData-Feed
    • ODBC
    • OLE DB
    • Paxata
    • Python-Skript
    • QubolePresto (Beta)
    • Roamler (Beta)
    • R-script
    • SharePoint.-list
    • Shortcuts Business Insights (Beta)
    • Siteimprove
    • Solver
    • Spark
    • SurveyMonkey (Beta)
    • Tenforce (Smart)List
    • TIBCO(R) Data Virtualization (Beta)
    • Vena (Beta)
    • Web
    • Workforce Dimensions (Beta)

Power BI in practice:

Use cases for Power BI.

Power BI can be used for a wide variety of scenarios. We have put together some use cases for you.

Exemplary scenarios:


Auswertung mit Power BI

Evaluation with Power BI

  • Dashboard on business development

    As a managing director, it is certainly important to you to increase your market share and to grow as a company. With the help of Power BI, you can align your Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV dashboard in such a way that your favorite success-critical key figures (e.g. development of market share, sales, mood, competition) are visualized broken down by region and period.

  • Evaluations per tenant (e.g. branch offices)

    In the standard version of Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV, it is not possible to make cross-tenant evaluations – for example, across several branch offices.

    With the help of Microsoft Power BI this problem can be solved without programming in Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. Finally, in Power BI – unlike the standard – data of all clients can be merged and a company-wide evaluation can be made. For example, orders on hand or sales can be evaluated according to postcodes and displayed using a variety of display options (e.g. table, map).

  • Evaluation of reasons for complaints

    Microsoft Power BI makes the causes of problems quickly visible – for example when analyzing the reasons for complaints. It may turn out that the complaint rate for a product is particularly high compared to other products – because the article was used more than average or because the material is prone to errors?

    Power BI makes it easy for you to find out – even where the article in question is installed.

  • Overview of personnel figures

    As a human resources manager, it will be close to your heart to track key performance indicators that are critical to success. Use Power BI to generate analyzes – for example, of the number of new hires compared to the previous year, by gender, by age or by percentage development.

  • Procurement analysis

    As a warehouse manager, you certainly want to monitor the most important warehouse key figures. Generate reports on your spend, supplier discount usage by region, city, month or category.

    This allows you to answer questions such as:

    • Do supplier rebates vary by month or remain the same?
    • Do some cities offer higher rebates?
  • Sales dashboard

    In addition, Microsoft Power BI can be used for excellent sales management. For example, a map of Germany with information on target and actual sales figures in the dashboard could be integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Teams for every sales person in a company. In this way, they can see at any time when they are performing and how, and where they still need to take action.

    Of course, settings such as visibility, i.e. whether each salesperson is also allowed to see how his colleagues are performing or only see his figures, can be controlled.

The prices at a glance:

These are the prices for Power BI.

Power BI Pro

mthly. 8,40 €

/named user

  • Self-service Business Intelligence in the Cloud
  • Collaboration, publishing, sharing, and ad hoc analysis
  • Maximum size of a single dataset is 1 GB
  • Total maximum storage size is 10 GB per user
Power BI Premium

mthly. 4.212,30 €

/dedicated cloud computing and storage resource

  • Big Data analyses
  • Cloud and local reporting
  • Enterprise BI
  • Extended control for management and deployment
  • Leverage Power BI content for all users

Subscriptions are subject to a fee and have a duration of twelve (12) months with monthly advance payment. They are also valid for one user. If you do not cancel the subscriptions thirty (30) days prior to expiration, the term will be automatically extended by twelve (12) months. For more information about subscriptions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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